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  1. I am looking at booking my BA with TCI as well, they have some good before and after photos on their Facebook page at the moment.
  2. Hi al Just wondering if anyone knows anything at all about Dr Shaz Musavi at Australia Cosmetic Clinics Bondi, he used to be with Total Body which no longer exists ( wonder why??) I have surgery booked for Wednesday for Laser Lipo? I cannot find any reviews about him at all on the net. This is his website: http://www.australiacosmeticclinics.com.au/australia_cosmetic_clinics
  3. I want to go with TCI as well but am having trouble getting an appointment for a Consultation. I wanted to have my BA done for Christmas.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Dr Shaz Musavi at Bondi, Australia Cosmetic Clinics. I don't know how long Australia Cosmetic Clinics have been around or if they are a newly opened Clinic. There seem to be a lot of Clinics opening just to take advantage of the $$ in Cosmetic procedures. I have a consultation with him on saturday for Laser Lipo for fat under the chin area. I look forward to hearing from anyone or any opinions about him or the clinic. Thank you
  5. Hi E Michelle I am having the same trouble, I am currently only a 10C and trying to decide what size. I am thinkinh maybe a 12D or 12DD and I don't want to go to big either but still want a good size. I am only a small frame too so don't want them to look huge and fake! I have been looking at lots of boob pictures too, constantly googling boobs, haha! Every before and after picture I seem to like ends up being 350 or 360CC not sure what size that will make me after the BA.
  6. Hi scaryspice Coincidence! I actually called his surgery yesterday to inquire about BA, he only charges $8500 which includes GST. I am seriously thinking about him too as he is at Macquarie Uni Hospital, I think it will be between Dr Merten and Dr Dona at the moment. I called Eden Institute as well but they charge $!0,000 so they are off my list.
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Dr Steve Merten (Pure Aesthetics) at Macquarie Uni and Macquarie Street Sydney. I have heard he is very good and called his surgery today to make inquiries. Would be interested to hear from any girls that have had BA surgery with him.
  8. Congrats on your BA Kristykiana, hope you are not in too much pain and get a good nights sleep tonight in your pillow fort!
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Sydney Plastic Surgery on Broadway. I am interested to know more about them in particular Dr Kohout. Thank you
  10. Mary2565


    Well, she did say just email her and ask as many questions as I like and that she was happy to help!
  11. Hi Klumpzy I would be very interested to see how you go with Dr Kohout. I am just looking into having BA. Best of luck with your Consult.
  12. Hi scaryspice I did type his name and then edited it to type it again and it turns to *********. Weird, he must have something to do with this?
  13. Mary2565


    No I have not been for a Consultation yet, have just started thinking about BA and am trying to find out as much info as I can!
  14. Don't know much about this Clinic - Australia Plastic Surgery on Broadway. They are advertising Breast Augmentation for $4900 - offer ends 30th August. Not sure if there is a catch. The Surgeons are Plastic Surgeons not just Cosmetic Surgeons. Dr ******** and Dr Kohout, I will have to do a bit of investigating.
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