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    Dr Luke Stradwick 13/1/2014
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  1. Hey babe! I don't know if you remember I sae Stradwick too for tuberous boobs... Thinking of getting them re done as j have snoopy boob as thee implants aren't big enough, if that makes sense. How was dr M? Thought I might go see him. Haven't been on here in AGESSS!!
  2. Oh yay I'm glad you sent it babe! It needed to be done. That's really good that he rang you too, to talk about it rather then emailing you or something. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and things can get sorted for you xx
  3. Hey babe, I don't no. I just remember her saying she joined this forum
  4. Hey love! Sorry I can't seem to access my messages on here as it's all different and new... I had my appt and I know exactly what you mean about the personal assistant- very hot and cold. I would also be careful as she's a member on here now she told me... My appt was good- nothing can be done about the placement- the whole tuberous thing but next time he suggested a taller implant... He said as this was my first implant he wasn't sure how my skin out hold and adjust to having the implants and now that he knows I've healed really well and my body has taken to the really well we can get a bigger implant in there and a taller one next time. I asked about rounds but he said he wouldn't do them on me as tear drops look so good.
  5. It's so odd mine were jiggly within 4 weeks- maybe it's because I had breast tissue? I get guys (yep haha) ask if I really have fake boobs cuz they bounce... Could be different style too and I got overs? It's good seeing how different women a just to implants
  6. Thanks girls. Yeah he's super nice so I'm sure he will understand my concerns and it's not like I hate them I love them it's just one particular thing and it's an anatomical issue because my chest muscle is higher I don't feel like the implants filled out that space like I thought they would. Yes I put up a new album
  7. Hopefully, he's a really nice guy and it's obvious things too hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg to fix up
  8. Heyyy! Yeah I think a part of me didn't want to "admit" that j wasn't happy on here, sounds weird yeah. Yes hopefully. I have no clue what the go is from here though? I will just raise my concerns with him. Like this sounds silly, but can they reposition implants after having them put in? No clue
  9. Hello all, i know i have been absent from here since I got my boobs done. Taking on a double degree basically means I have no time for anything. Anyway, I had my surgery on the 13th of jan and I love my boobs... 80% i have concerns with them and I see dr Stradwick next Wednesday. Basically on the day of surgery he changed his mind about the positioning, we went overs rather than dual plane and I feel like my upper pile crease isn't "filled out" like I was really hoping for. I have tuberous breasts and my chest muscle was always quite prominent and stuck out but now even months after surgery I feel it was the same as before... And it's making me not love my boobs like I should, I kinda feel I spend $11k and still have the same issue. When they are in a bra and pushed up the look unreal but naturally you see think curve in from my chest muscle and then out for the implant... I dunno maybe I'm being picky? I feel like if we went dual plane it would have just helped full in that void more...
  10. I saw your friend request so I will add you. I had anatomicals overs three months ago- I haven't got any recent pics as I'm back at uni and so busy but I can out some up today. People don't believe I have implants they look so natural I couldn't be happier and the fact I for 360cc means they are pretty wide and "full" giving me cleavage and side boob too
  11. Lollll "I don't hang out with girls with great boobs" what a joke! Was it the round unders that he posted?
  12. kashka


    My friend said the dream bra is a push up bra? I think I'll get one push up and one tshirt bra and the rest will be Kmart hahaha
  13. Omg I saw that pic and liked and commented hahahaha! I really don't care what people think, my life, my choices- they can voice their "opinions" doesn't mean I'll care what it is. I do think i do think it was rude of her to say all those things especially in "the way" she said it you know?! Honestly dr Stradwick goes over everything so you'll be completely aware of risks dr google doesn't compare haha dont let it affect you tok much she just seems nosey
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