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  1. Hi DivaMoo, You have similar stats to me and I'm booked with TCI too. Will send you FR okay? Love to follow your progress.
  2. Hi ladies, i'm booked for consult on 26 march and operation on 27th March with Dr Tang at TCI. Excited but scared all the same. Coming from Melbourne.
  3. Hi Taya, i too am concerned about having mine done since i have defined chest muscles from pt. I've sent you a FR if thats okay.
  4. Hi there, i'm booked in for 27th March for my op with Dr Tang. Less than three months and counting down ....
  5. I'll FR a few too. My consult is on 26th March and op on 27th March with Dr Tang.
  6. Hi Jean, How did your surgery go? i was booked with Dr tang but decided to postpone my surgery as was having last minute hesitations. I spoke with a friend from work who had very negative experience with her surgery from Melbourne and the whole conversation made me rethink. since i was having second thoughts, i figured i should think about it more. at times i wished i went through with it, at least i wouldn't be yearning for boobies every day! please keep me posted on how you went ...

  7. Hi, I'm also booked for 25/10 with dr tang! 36 sleeps

  8. Hi Ladies, i'm aiming for a natural C since i'm small framed, current AA after breastfeeding two bubs and want to just look proportional. I'll send some FR so hope you all accept
  9. Hi Phoenix, I actually haven't met with Dr Tang yet, My consult will be the day before my surgery as i am flying in from melbourne. From all the reviews and pics I am confident he will do an excellent job. I want to go for the really natural look, large B or small C as i have a small frame and doing it more for proportion of having something there vs. nothing. I'm getting excited ..
  10. Thanks ladies for all your input. I too have a 13 month baby and she will be 15 months by the time i have my BA (25 Oct). I have been worried about lifting her in and out of the cot/bath and wondered if i would do damage. So its nice to know that around 2/3 week mark its okay to lift her.
  11. Hi Tummytime, Thanks for putting together the October list. Just wanted to correct my entry. I'm only having a BA on 25 Oct. thank goodness!! lol BTW, does anyone know where i can get some arnica cream? I've been reading up on it and it says it shouldn't be consumed internally? then i read here some are taking it orally? confused ..
  12. I'm having my BA on 25 Oct. I might look into getting arnica as its been mentioned alot in my readings. also Kiddi recommended vit e oil. will look at getting some post op bras too. three more months for me! dont think its set in just yet.
  13. They look awesome Kiddi! So glad all went well.
  14. Hi Philipina, i too am looking to book with Dr Tang in mid Oct. I've sent you a FR
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