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    Dr Ali from The Cosmetic Insitute on 3rd September 2013
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    175 cm/75 kg/B cup
  1. Hi everyone, Wow thank you so much for the response and the support in my little melt down. Unfortunately I don't have the option of my mum joining me as she is in Canberra on a holiday with her partner for 3 weeks after I go for surgery so can't take any more time off work, I think i'll have to be honest with him with my fears about all of this to finally put them to rest as most of my friends are studying and can't afford to have the time off (and would feel a little awkward asking) It's really good to hear other people's thoughts on this as well cause it can really confirm what I was thinking, maybe just didn't want to voice it out loud so thank you guys! I think if the honesty doesn't work with how he is being dodgy it will be time to flick after the boobs because it really isn't a nice feeling being treated this way and to feel as though you're not good enough but I think the timing is a little off pre-boobs. The next day I did receive a call from David from the TCI to check up on me with how I was feeling about this still as he saw my post on the forum - and can I say what the support on this forum combined with the phone call from David really put my mind at ease. He sent me all the information I was requesting and wanted to ensure I wasn't feeling any pressure from their end to go through with the surgery if I wasn't sure about it, really great service and reassured me on why I'm going with the TCI! I think I'll definitely still go ahead and maybe just have some me time until then and distance myself away from certain people and their negative ways, definitely not needed right about now. I think I have to mentally remember I am strong, that I've earned this and that good things are coming my way! Again, thank you everyone for your responses and the support - It really means a lot and is appreciated so much. This forum really is great!! I will reply to everyone individually because I appreciate the time you took to respond xxx
  2. Ah the countdown is on for you as well! When is yours and who are you going through?? Thank you for sharing your thoughts too xx
  3. I know, I think I'm coming to the realisation that maybe mentally this isn't the best decision for me right now but so unsure what to do. As my mum always said getting boobs won't fix my problems, which I completely agree with just thought it might be a starter for myself and my confidence, I never had such negative thoughts until today which has come as a complete shock. I think the partner is being supportive but only for his sake because I think he thinks he benefits most from the post OP? I think I might be a bit better mentally about it if he wasn't coming, as horrible as that sounds.. Luckily, my parents are supportive of this, my mother had hers done when she was younger in the army but she doesn't talk about it so much as she's quite a reserved person which I accept. They asked me if I'm sure and I said I was and that was enough for them. I've always wanted to do this for myself, have said I wanted it since I was 15 and for a few reasons. - I've never felt as though I've had a womanly figure as I'm quite bottom heavy but not top heavy - To start the confidence I've always felt I've never had - To finally feel in proportion with my body - (This is quite funny) I always thought I would get the genetics that I thought my mum had with big boobs, only to find out a few years ago that they were indeed fake and the genetic jackpot of boobs would never arrive.. haha.. I think maybe I've just hit the low with the negative thinking and it can only go up from here, fingers crossed. Thanks Elle xx
  4. Hey guys, So I'm exactly one month out (31 days to go..) until my operation with TCI with Dr Ali. I knew naturally I would start to get nervous about this but I didn't think this far away.. I've just had a good cry to my partner about this but I don't think he really understands.. My brain is riddled with thoughts at the moment about this surgery and I feel as though I'm making a huge mistake in going through with it.. I'll post some of my thoughts and if anyone has had similar please let me know your experiences after. - My body won't look better with a BA since I do have wide set boobs and am a bit of a heavier girl 175cm and 74kg now. - My consultation is the day before, what if it doesn't go accordingly to plan like it did at my last consult?? I was told I couldn't go under the muscle as I have wide set boobs and more of a chance of bottoming out.. Just feel so unsure about the unknown. - I have the worst self confidence there is, that was my main reason for getting a BA to boost it, but what if it goes not according to plan and I dislike them and it does more harm than it does good to my confidence? - I am quite young (21 in a few months) should I not be worried about other things right now? Is this a stupid decision to make at this age? Financially? Physically? - The judgement I will get after that I've already experienced pre op (I understand this is natural and not everyone is so open-minded to breast augmentations) but I deal horribly with judgement. - It will do more harm in my relationship - My partner has seemed quite distant (sexually) lately, sorry for the over share, but he's always said once I get my BA he will put in the effort. It just feels like a bit of a kick in the stomach, I know he's joking to an extent but it feels as though I will only be good enough once I have the BA to get someones affection. He's also mentioned girls who get a BA often turn into a slut of someone of my age (That really hurt) as I was previously in a 4 year relationship and have been in this relationship for the past year, I'm not that kind of girl and I know most aren't so why even say I would turn into that? He's coming with me down to Sydney for this surgery but I feel as though it might be better if he didn't come at all? (Accommodation is all paid for though..) His idea of a BA is completely different to mine (thanks to porn haha) just so down about all of this. I just feel as though I'm not good enough to get this done? It won't change my thoughts on my confidence (I know I shouldn't rely on a BA for confidence but thought it would be a start if I started to feel womanly with a figure) Bleh... I don't know, just feel so unsure about this. I have clinical depression so I think maybe this is just getting the better of me and just need reassurance about all of this.. Sorry about the rant guys, just needed to get it off my chest (lol) x
  5. Helloooo I'm Laura, 20 yrs old and studying Criminology and Criminal Justice and work for a Queensland government organisation dealing with victims of crime and photographer on the side I honestly hate stereotypes, I understand it's sometimes hard to pass judgement on people but I feel as though people that think of women with BA's automatically think zoo girls and have had dealings with people of when they found out I was getting mine done, they assumed it was for male attention (Despite being in relationship... geez) I always get the automatic response if they've found out saying "Really? But you don't need it!" Thanks guys, If I thought I really didn't need it don't you think I could be putting this money towards something else then? Some people... really.. I also had to apply for 2 weeks off with my government job, they asked why and I said I was going in for surgery (didn't say it was for a BA) they were completely fine with it but when I slipped it was for a BA, my supervisor stopped and stared and said she wouldn't be going into talks with me about why (I get along really well with her, but she is doing her masters in psychiatry so I'm assuming she thinks there is some deep dark reason as to why) but honestly feeling over having to justify my reasons when in actual fact, I shouldn't have to justify it to anyone but myself.. Sorry about the novel on that one guys, Silly article none the less! x
  6. Thanks for all your help guys, it doesn't seem to over whelming now xx
  7. This is awesome to hear!! Thanks!! Do you have any photos? x
  8. Dr Ali which and there's been a lot of great feed back on her work which is SO reassuring!! Who did you have and how are you feeling now?
  9. Ahh how exciting that the girls are still growing!! I bet they look incredible! I don't think I want to go anything under 400cc so we'll see how it goes!
  10. Hi Tayo83! I know - I really don't want people to see that and think I'm deterring people from him, I just don't think he was the right surgeon for me. I had 2 friends that went through him and he had said the same thing to them which he had said to me about the results I wanted - He said he wouldn't be able to do any of the things I had wanted (Under the muscle, round implant etc) Just felt it as all bad news but my mum really raves about him and is going to be going to him for her face lift and his before and after BA photos are incredible!! Yeah I'm am flying down, fly in Sunday September 1st with the consult on the 2nd and surgery on the 3rd and fly back Friday with my partner - nerves are really starting to set in now though I've been so emotional about it whether it will go to plan.. ahh.. When are you booked in for yours?
  11. I think I saw your photos and they look really great!! I think it was a bit over whelming as I thought they looked huge on me - unfortunately I didn't take any photos with them in and I just felt quite awkward about the whole consult so I wasn't really concentrating I guess! My consultation is on September 2nd so yet to go to my consult - going to try the ricer test and use the virtual 3D camera to get an idea!
  12. Hiya! Bombarding this forum with questions (only because everyone is really great on here!!) Does anyone have the similar stats to me pre op? If so, what size did you end up going? I'm quite tall so I'm thinking they won't look huge on me or did people have the opposite where they look quite bigger? I don't 'look' 75 kg so to speak I'm more toned I guess? Just wondering for people's input I had a consult with Dr Szalay in Spring Hill in Brisbane a few months ago and was completely dissatisfied with his service and with the money I paid for the consultation as I felt nothing was explained to me and he didn't suggest what size would suit my body (don't get my started on the other issues - I was in and out in ten minutes, was completely rushed then asked if I wanted to book in for my surgery.. I think not!) He put 460cc's in my bra and didn't really give feed back to my body shape with the amount of cc's, there was a lot more confusion then there was answers! Whole thing was a mess, SO glad that the TCI have been more help! I guess what I'm wondering is what was the maximum size you ended up going for your body shape?? (I understand everyone is different though) Laura x
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