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    Breast augmentation - Please send a visitor message with friend request!
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    Dr Michael Higgs - September 11 2013
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    175cm - 60kg - 10C PreOp

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  1. Hey hun. Im going to send you a FR. I have been offered XHP round or HP anatomicals and I don't know which ones to pick! He was swaying me towards anatomicals. Confused! x

  2. Hey Hun I've noticed your from adelaide too and almost have the same statts as me :p I hope it's alright to send a fr :) xx

  3. hi, Im in SA snd getting tt and bl/ba in about a year sent you a fr hope that's cool

  4. Hi Sept Just sent you a FR, Hope thats ok? :-)

  5. Hey Hun have just sent you a friend request. I am looking at my options either behind or overs so just wanted to check out your pics.

  6. Thanks for your responses ladies I've contacted some surgeons (including Dr. Dona) for their opinions. REALLY hoping I don't need a lift and will continue to wear supportive bras in the meantime. I saw my surgeon about a month ago and he acknowledged that the tissues had stretched. It has gotten worse over the last month though, so I'll book another app. I had never really heard of this sort of complication (implants/boobs sagging quite drastically so soon after surgery) so I was never that concerned about having a large implant over the muscle. I've been wearing supportive bras and everything I don't know if it's enough of a complication to warrant a subsidised/free revision. Feeling really dissapointed because I put so much time into choosing my placement etc
  7. Hey SB have sent you a FR hope thats okay :)

  8. hey hun, sending FR if you don't mind :-)

  9. Sending a FR through, hope you don't mind xo

  10. Hi September boobies, I am getting my ba done next month and I am getting over the muscle. And interested to see how yours have turned out. I will send a FR. Cheers

  11. Hi, just sent an FR. I'm also ADL based.

  12. Hey hun, hv just sent u a FR, would like to see ur issues you posted about if that's ok? I'm almost 4 months PO and bit concerned with my nipple position too :/

  13. Hey just sent u a fr.. Profile pic they look great..

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