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  1. Thanks for your responses ladies I've contacted some surgeons (including Dr. Dona) for their opinions. REALLY hoping I don't need a lift and will continue to wear supportive bras in the meantime. I saw my surgeon about a month ago and he acknowledged that the tissues had stretched. It has gotten worse over the last month though, so I'll book another app. I had never really heard of this sort of complication (implants/boobs sagging quite drastically so soon after surgery) so I was never that concerned about having a large implant over the muscle. I've been wearing supportive bras and everything I don't know if it's enough of a complication to warrant a subsidised/free revision. Feeling really dissapointed because I put so much time into choosing my placement etc
  2. Hi ladies, It's been a while since I last posted. In the last few months I've become increasingly dissatisfied with the results of my BA (see pic on my profile). I really wish I went under the muscle they really are heavy and it looks as though the weight is causing my skin to stretch, meaning visible+palpable rippling and assymetry. My right breast actually looks like it's bottomed out If any of you ladies have ANY advice on this, recommended surgeons for a revision or have experienced similar - PLEASE let me know.
  3. You are NOT selfish, he is the one trying to control your life. I have also been in this type of mentally abusive relationship before. He broke me down until I thought I was nothing. It started with controlling what I wore, to what I should do with my life (he wanted me to be a maid/baby maker for him but I wanted to study law). I'm so happy I left before it got really bad. You won't ever know freedom if you stay with a guy like this. This type of guy thinks he can have all the freedom (to cheat and look at other girls tits) while having their little loyal "pet" on the side. He thinks he owns you. This is why I'm glad that I jumped ship while I still could (almost 3 years into my abusive relationship). I hope you find your freedom GoneSouth - its never too late to make a new start in life. You work hard and you & your children deserve the best without some guy leeching off of you. All the best.
  4. Yeah I am worried about fees etc. I'll ask at interviews and hopefully that's not the case. I do know a couple girls making bank here, but they said they had to stick it out until they were experienced to see real money. Ah yes that's another option being paid to party with your top off! That sounds pretty appealing too
  5. I think dancing is something you can learn - I was so uncoordinated and clumsy before I started pole dance for fitness haha
  6. Hey Harlow, I can do basic-intermediate pole work so I think that will work to my advantage I do it for fitness currently I like the idea of going in and seeing the clubs in person.
  7. Good to hear he's ok and that it didn't cost you as much as well.
  8. Personally if I made a mistake like that, I would help pay to cover the costs. Not pet related, but I once spilled alcohol in the boot of a friend's car and offerred to pay for it to be fixed. She didn't accept my money but I think if you're at fault the least you can do is offer to fix it/cover some of the cost. I feel so bad for your doggies I know how horrible it would feel to see your pet go through the pain as well. It's not just the money - seeing a loved one go through that would be the worst. It's always good to give people a list of concerns if they board your pet though. I usually write up a really strict feeding schedule and everything because I'm super paranoid Don - how horrible! Your poor little pom was it a kid who dropped your pom? I hate kids around my little guy. Toy breeds are NOT teddybears that can be dropped/played rough with! My pom hates kids and growls, so at least I don't have to worry because he scares them off
  9. Hi ladies, I've decided that I'm going to become an exotic dancer. I love attention, money, dancing and dressing up so it's a logical move for me while I study. I know I've seen some ladies mention here that they are dancers/previously were dancers. Is there any advice you can give me? I'd appreciate any advice - I've been reading stripperweb forums but that is very American and I'm not sure it all applies here. What are the boundaries for dancing in Australia? Is contact allowed? I will be working in Adelaide and at the moment I'm looking into The Firm (classy but can get hired with no experience). Hopefully I get some replies. Thanks ladies! p.s. I'm not expecting anyone to be judgey but if you are thinking of posting something nasty - keep it to yourself.
  10. Hi ladies, I haven't posted for a while because overall I'm really happy with my new boobs and haven't felt a need to update on my progress. I am 2 months post op now and stretch marks are appearing on my boobs. They aren't bad and I've been using bio oil & massaging which has helped a lot to keep them minimal. I just wanted to say that I really thought I was safe from stretch marks even though I got them elsewhere (during puberty). If you already have them, set your expectations so that you aren't devastated when you do get them - because there's a huge chance you will. I had a little cry when they first appeared but they really aren't that bad as long as you massage and oil them. With a tan they dissapear but I STRESS, massage and oil them! I left the ones on my thighs during puberty because I didn't know what to do about them. They are now noticeable, indented and shiny white. I also moisturised my boobs all throughout pre op and post op, which did nothing to prevent. I do think that it has helped MINIMISE though Just my 2c for those who are prone to stretch marks. Good luck with your surgeries ladies!
  11. Thanks Inde. I totally agree, it's just common courtesy to introduce yourself. Think about how you would feel putting your body and personal information out there - surely we deserve at least a hello before we allow you to view something so personal. I have been accepting FRs without messages but I will not anymore.
  12. Depends on what you wear. If I hop into a looser t-shirt or jacket the dissapear. I personally HATE this but it seems it will be good for you when you want to hide them
  13. I was able to submerge my incision/bio-oil it after my 1 week appointment where I got my stitches out. I waited till the 2 week mark though because I was nervous I'd say massage would be fine after 2 weeks. I was back to work lifting 30kg bags of seasonings at the 1 month mark. As for sex, I got back into it within 2 weeks. It really depends on your partner/client though. My boyfriend always forgets and puts his full weight on my boobs when he's on top :x which is not pleasant! I'd say for sex you'd have to be quite restricted so it depends on if your clients are ok with that. Maybe go the sensual massage for a month until you're fully capable? You're not going to be judged here. Hell I'd become a stripper/camgirl if my boyfriend wasn't so against it
  14. For something to be an addiction, doesn't it need to be destructive? As in having negative effects on mental health, finances, family, work, relationships, physical health etc. I think that mostly, ladies undergo surgeries and put a lot of thought into it. We do engage in some obsessive behaviour but that's because we are making a huge expense and want to be safe and happy with the outcome.
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