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    Breast Augmentation, literally was 10nocup and wanted to feel more feminine and confident...it wasn't fun turning 18 and feeling 12.
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    Dr. Harwood- 28 June 2013
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    162 cm/ 53 kg
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  1. I chose this type mainly for the safety of them from the capsular thingy which I never can remember haha!
  2. Hey all, I don't post or comment often because I'm a wee bit lazy, apologies. It's been around 10 months since I got my brazilian implants and I can't find much research to answer my queries so I figured I'd ask on here! My implants still aren't as soft as I was expecting them to be at this mark as well as the feeling in the lower quadrant of my breast is still a bit numb... normal? This is hard to explain but my breasts are naturally wide set but I don't seem to have any definition in my implants? Ugh it's hard to explain but I feel like I still look flat chested from the front and you can only tell I have anything from the side? Like not cleavage but lines between the two? I don't know how to explain sorry haha hopefully someone understands! Considering just going to see my surgeon about it but I live a bit far out so I wanted to ask on here first thank you! P.S. I do love them though! Feels great having a chest for once!!
  3. Aww that sucks where would we be without medication hahah. Well I hope your recovery continues on well
  4. Ooh that makes sense and sounds intense! Is the healing process longer/anymore painful because of that? I can't wait till I get to wear bras really reeeeaaallly wanting atleast a smidge of decent cleavage haha
  5. Hey nic, Oh thats cool haha! I've definitely had waves of boobie blues on and off lately :/. I've actually been sleeping on my side quite well and only had some pain in the morning on rare occasions so I'm stoked about that but I've had INTENSE nipple sensitivity thats driving me insane haha. We've just gotta hang in there and wait
  6. Mrstag thanks for sharing that cheered me up quite a bit! I'm not too fussed over the jiggle I guess its more the softness for me! I'll definitely look her up thanks . Yeah he told me the same thing
  7. Inde I got rounds but I highly doubt I'd ever achieve a one finger gapped cleavage wide set chests or whatever run in my family :'(. Do you reckon in your case the larger implant also accounted for them being closer together?
  8. Oh my lord I am so jealous haha i can fit 3 fingers and only just squeeze my pinky inbetween...
  9. Haha I'm too scared not to be gentle! I know this post op bra makes me feeel so dowdy I want to slap on a nice push up bra and be like yeah thats right I have boobs now haha
  10. Hey natural, I'm 153cm/53kg and I got 280CC I haven't been measured yet but I'd say I'm a C cup now, I was AA before or nothing at all haha. Even though its not a large number of CC I think the implants look decently big without making me look top heavy atleast on my frame haha
  11. Ohh I see, I definitely did not have substantial breast tissue to begin with . But I really can't wait for the 1 year mark! I can squeeze some areas but like you said I don't want to push it and squeeze too hard Inde, thats good to hear! I can definitely see a difference as my muscles get used the implant
  12. AHH the impatience haha yeah but I totally agree with the long term gains I'm just being a stroppy girl haha! Oh ok yeah I did notice that my boobs seemed to get "bigger" after a week and my boyfriend and I came to the conclusion that my muscles had probably relaxed a bit more! As long as they aren't rocks I'll be happy haha (not that they're rocks now, they are actually decent in my opinion but my friends are shocked when they touch them...then again no one I know has ever had a boob job!)
  13. Just curious as to if there actually is anyone on the forum who has had brazilians for long enough to be able to give information on how long these puppies take to soften up! I've been searching for ages to try and see if I could find anyone but I can't! I know it's silly to be complaining about hardness basically 2 weeks post op but I'm also just generally curious because I've seen a girl I know who I think got silicone? I'm not sure but ugh hers just seems so unstiff and lovely already, I can't wait to be able to wiggle mine around! (slightly wish I went for silicone or whatever the hell she got but I know down the track I'll be happy I went with brazilians). Not gonna lie I'm having mild boob greed (more than mild)
  14. Thanks for everyones replies I appreciated it I definitely feel more comforted knowing that everything happening to me doesn't sound strange thank god haha
  15. Hey jessiee Oh finally someone younger as well haha I felt so left out! Thanks for replying to my post anyways
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