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    Perth, AUSTRALIA
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    Breast Augmentation.. 600cc overs, very high profile, textured Cereforms :)
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    Dr Goldman.18 July 2013
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    6ft.. 70kg.. 12b (deflated!)

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  1. I got 600cc's a year ago and can remember thinking even in my big baggie hoodie walking through the shops that people would know and be judging me lol! It doesn't take long to get used to the size and want them out on show all the time! Why pay all that money to hide them?! lol. I was so afraid of what my dad would say as he is also my boss at work, that I ended up txting him to tell him on a Friday arvo of a long weekend so I didn't have to see him til the Monday! Turns out he was fine with it & respected my decision .. And yeh I have 12f boobies now and they can be hidden a bit if nnecessary
  2. Cereform textured XHP.. Love them! So soft & natural feeling & just keep getting better!
  3. I'm currently a 12A, getting 465cc implants December 9. Very excited and cannot wait!!

  4. Oh cool! How exciting :).. What size are you now? And what size are you getting? xo

  5. Hi, just sent you a FR as I read you have overs. I am getting overs next month and would love to see your results as overs seem hard to find on this forum

  6. Hey Gotawesomeboobs!! About time for some boobie photo updates please! Lol xxxx

  7. hey hope you dont mind the add! my ba is 24th of this month for 560cc ehp and see yours is sortof similar stats! getting scared so just want some friends who have similar expectations x

  8. I have a heap of ear piercings & stretchings, I just changed my stretchings to plastic and then was allowed to tape all the others.. Not sure what the go is with face piercings though? Maybe quiz your surgeon .. Oh and I had a nipple piercing that had to be removed 24hrs prior & was allowed to put back in 24hrs after but my nipples were ridiculously swollen and they wouldn't go back in!
  9. Hey trixiepixie, I've got overs and LOVE them! Went from basically nothing to huge lol.. Feel free to add me and have a squiz x
  10. If I was you I would call your surgeon and speak to him about it. Mine were ordered in especially for me, but other girls confirm the size on the day, your better to delay your surgery date & get the size you want than just going ahead with what you had previously chosen and end up not happy with your final result .
  11. Hello! Added you as a friend, not sure how to see your pics. I am getting a BA with Hamish Farrow (Melb) in November and want large implants but I'm scared..thought seeing some pics might help as yours were successful! Did you find recovery really painful?

  12. Hiya, I saw your post on sophieschick tall girls post we have very sinilar stats so figured I would send you a FR too.

  13. Hey Sophieschick! .. I'm 186cm & 70kg, got recommend 450-500cc, but I wanted big boobs lol.. So he said he could squeeze 600cc's in .. So happy I went as big as possible, I was a deflated 12b and now I'm 12f, they dont look huge on me with clothes on, just when you see them naked! lol.. I want the 800cc's now hahaha, but feel free to have a squiz at my pics xo
  14. Hey there, I heard you had similar stats to me so sending u a FR

  15. Thats awesome news huni! Must be such a relief for you .. Get those hands massaging! lol.. And thinking of mini tummy tuck?! Exciting! xo
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