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  1. I used Dr T a year ago. I'm happy to share my photos if you like, to see how they may settle down the track. I am very happy with the results. I started off quite uneven and saggy on one side. They are not identical now (but weren't to begin with) but at least both sides bit the bra cups evenly now. Apparently the shape of your breasts beforehand will be indicative of the end results so I am very happy considering how they started.
  2. I had to google who this Dr Hollywood is. Now I know, he seems to be famous on tv (current affairs and morning shows) so maybe that's why. ??? But Dr Tavakoli tries to get his head on tv just as often. Strange.
  3. I also know of a couple of ladies who have used Dr Nond over the last year and they highly recommend him also. I am jealous of the perfect results and faded scars that those ladies have. If I was to consider going back, Dr Nond would be one of three doctors I'd choose, based on the photos I've seen. (The others being Dr Poomee and Dr Teerasit.)
  4. People have raved about President Solitaire too, on Soi 11. They have a complimentary tuk tuk shuttle that runs people to the hospital. (I stayed across the road from there.) It was a leisurely walk to the hospital which we had to do almost every visit, and was quicker than getting stuck in traffic. Or Aloft Bangkok is on the same road too. Like other ladies suggested, I'd agree that you should stay at the hospital or their residences a couple of nights first.
  5. And those prices quoted by GHT often include other people in your apartment also. It does seem alot to pay.
  6. I agree, email the doctor directly. Does GHT deal with Dr Poomee? As far as I'm aware Dr Poomee is not one of their doctors unless things have changed. Great choice in Dr Poomee too. I've read all great reviews here on the forums.
  7. So right. I always check out the person's profile, look at their stats, procedures, doctor and their posts to establish who they are. Sorry to say I have rejected some requests because I couldn't see the relevance to me or my procedure.
  8. GHT delete unwanted comments and block people also, as has been shown on this forum. So many companies/businesses do unfortunately. Thank goodness for forums like this where we can read honest opinions, good and bad.
  9. Congratulations on choosing to book everything yourself. Great move! If you think you're travel month is confirmed, then go ahead and book your surgery. Mine was only 2-months in advance but I know of people who've booked almost a year in advance. I didn't book my own surgery so I can't help you with that.
  10. Wowee, I just don't understand why those ladies over there think they can treat paying customers this way. It seems so difficult to find a facilitator who just sticks to the service that they say they will provide without any of their nastiness. If I had to do it again, I would just book everything on my own. It really is not that hard.
  11. I thought I might also chip in here and say that I am not a "troll" either. Although I don't personally know any of the ladies on this thread I am familiar with their real names. They were all active and very helpful contributors on the company's facebook page, back before the time when public pages appeared on all our friend's walls each time we commented. I did find it odd that they suddenly disappeared from the page once they had their surgeries, however I was invited to join another group a couple of months after my surgery where we all accidentally discovered that we each did not have the experience we were expecting with this company. Of course none of us spoke up on the company's page which is why I say we 'accidentally' discovered that we weren't alone in our poor experiences. It was almost a relief to know that it wasn't just me who never had a so-called nurse checking on me daily, who had constant unannounced walk-ins from the housekeeper, who tried to enjoy the poor excuse for breakfast, the missing clothes ...... it wasn't that I did anything wrong at all to cause such a lack of service. So yes, I do take offence to being called a troll.
  12. I had an areola lift 9 months ago. One boob (my left) needed to be lifted more than the other. Even now, I notice the difference between the two boobs. My left boob still appears more saggier even though it has a smaller implant than the right (so it's not the weight of the implant making it sag). I can't help but wonder if I had a lollipop lift if the left would not be as saggy, however my doctor never suggested a lollipop lift, nor did I enquire about it. Feel free to FR me.
  13. Hi Jame12 I agree with mandasudie's response. I wish I could remember where I read it, but doctors recommend you keep your heart rate below a certain point (again, I wish I could remember the number) to avoid the risks of haemorrhaging. I was quite active with lots of walking, including lots of stairs in the two weeks post-op but didn't officially start exercising until 6 weeks post op, although I did have a couple of attempts in the gym from 4 weeks but was too uncomfortable and out of breath.
  14. Hi Boobs2B, You could possibly find it difficult to push such a large heavy pram. I personally found any pushing movements far more challenging than pulling movements which is why I think you may have trouble with the pram, especially if you have to push up an incline.
  15. I do know of a lady who had 600cc inserted by Dr T. She's 6 foot tall.
  16. Hi Cathy, I've seen some awesome results from Dr Nond and Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad too, Dr Nond in particular. Unfortunately though, those ladies are not on this forum (I don't think) to offer you their photos (for BA's). If you want to go to Bumrungrad, you could have a look at Global Health Travel's facebook page for their photos. I, myself, wouldn't recommend GHT due to the lack of service that I paid for when I went, however I'm sure you could gather more info from their page. Beware though, it is a public page so depending on your level of privacy, you may like to make up a new profile for yourself if you post comments on their page, otherwise your posts will go onto your friend's newsfeeds also (I learnt the hard way). I haven't heard of Dr Sarovath.
  17. As I read your comment MissJulzie, I'm feeling your excitement. There's nothing worse than a long long countdown to get something you've wanted for so long. I'm like you, booked it and had surgery two months later. That was long enough. Everything seems to be going smoothly for you at the moment so I'm sending my best wishes for an awesome outcome.
  18. Great question. Mine are smooth and round and I'd love to know how they may fare in the coming years with maintaining their upper pole fullness. For your question, I work with one lady who has had her anatomicals for 6 years and now does not have any cleavage in a normal bra. She wears underwire bras day and night and has only ever spent a day or two braless so she seems to have looked after her assets. Another lady, my hairdresser, has had hers for over a year and also says she has lost her cleavage, but can have it in a push-up bra. Hope this helps.
  19. I'm a big believer in following your doctor's instructions. If, knock on wood, something were to go wrong post-op, you can honestly tell your doctor you followed his instructions to the letter and know within yourself you did everything you were told. For me: 1. What compression/after garment did you wear? My doc suggested no bra post-op however after a couple of days I couldn't bear the weight of the new additions and had many extremely unomfortable nights so I was allowed to wear an ahh-bra type (Lorna Jane), the same as 'janeybaby' above. 2. How long did you wear it for during the day/night? Wore it until I was ready for underwires, and continued to wear the LJ crop every night until about 5 months where I decided it really wasn't supportive enough overnight. I've since bought sports crops from Target in the exercise clothes section (not the bra section) where the material feels more like a compression feel so they hold me in much more comfortably. I am completely uncomfortable bra-less at night. 3. How long untill you started wearing bras with NO under wire? Never - went straight from the LJ crop to underwire. 4. How long untill you could wear underwired bras? My doc said it was up to me. He said that when I felt the position of the boobs was right for me, then to start wearing an underwire. For me, I was three-weeks post-op (areola incisions, small lift) when I decided I didn't want my boobs/implants to drop any further down. It may be different for ladies with crease incisions and having the underwire rub on their incisions. 5. How long untill you could wear push up bras? Still haven't, and don't feel any need to. 6. When did you know what size you were going to be.. Did you go up from Week 2 when you "dropped & fluffed" or down. Did you buy bras early on & not fit now? I went into Bras n Things and was fitted at 3-weeks post-op. My size has remained unchanged, I'm 6 months post-op now. I bought Victoria's Secret, Berlei underwire sports and Triaction sports and all are the same size. My boobs are heaps soft and jiggly, have changed in looks but still fit into the same size bra as way back then, even though they look bigger.
  20. Absolutely, and I think you'll find your confidence will soar after surgery and I'm sure you're friends will be eating their words. FR accepted too.
  21. For me, the doctor came and saw me late afternoon on the day after surgery then gave me the all clear to discharge. For the many women I've spoken to who also went through Bumrungrad, it's all been late afternoon and even into the evening before they were discharged. I certainly felt no pressure to leave any earlier. I'm sure you'll be fine staying past 4pm in your hospital room.
  22. If you're interested in more photos I'm happy to share mine with you too. My album is open to friends.
  23. Correct. Bumrungrad Hospital increased their prices for most/all their surgeons from what I hear, and Bangkok Hospital has remained unchanged. So, are GHT saying you can book Dr Preeyaphas with them now? They went through a time when they weren't referring patients to him anymore.
  24. Just in case you don't know, there are two Dr P's mentioned throughout the forum. It can be confusing. One is Dr Preeyaphas that that the ladies mentioned above, in Bangkok. BM and GHT (facilitators) have access to him. The other one that you mentioned may be the Dr Piyapas in Phuket where you are going. He may be the one that DB uses. I'm not sure if I spelt those the right way though.
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