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  1. well dual plane is when part of the implant (the upper 2/3's) is under the muscle and the lower third is above the muscle. He said I had to have this placement because he looked at the distance between the bottom of my boob and the mark the wire from my bra made (which was about and inch) and said due to this gap I had a chance of 'double-bubble'. So the lower part of the implant being over the muscle means this 'gap' is filled out. To be honest, the first week or so I was freaked out by the sheer size and shape of my boobs (flat and wide), but after researching I realised that you can't judge early on coz so many changes occur. When I got back to Aus and showed my bf, he made me hate them even more coz he was freaking out about what his mates would think (pffffffftt!, like I should care). But in the last 3 or 4 days they have changed so much. I just have to keep reminding myself that what my body's gone through is practically like a car accident and it's probably still traumatized. I am mentally strong person so it's frustrating that my body's not keeping up! Also, the first 2 weeks have been very depressing weight wise. I'm a gym goer and always watch what I eat and one night whule shopping in Jungceylon Shopping Centre in Patong I decided to weigh myself on one of those scale you put money into and it said I was 70.4 kg, pre-weigh in I was 64.8 kg, so I'd put on a ***** load of weight in a short time, look 5 months pregnant, couldn't wear makeup coz it slid of in the humidity and couldn't wash my hair. So I was feeling rotten. And regretting everything like I'd gotten a southern cross tattoo or something! But trust me, you have to ride it out and now I'm over the moon and my bf is too hehe. I can't wait to go clubbing and show them off lol. My bf even too me shopping on the weekend and bought me a bikini! haha. So at the moment I wouldn't say they look natural but that is due to the way they're sitting, high and tight and wide. But looking purely at the size, once they're sitting correctly they will look natural, coz I think girls of our height and weight should have at least d's! hope that helps. Oh btw I'm naturally very straight up and down in the waist (ruler body shape, narrow hips and shoulders) but now my waist looks much more defined and hourglassy because of my boobs!
  2. I am 2 weeks post op as of today. I had my surgery at PIAC and booked it all through Beauty Med but I believe it's just as easy to book through PIAC directly. I was originally booked in to have Dr. Boonchai but this was changed at the last minute due to him being stranded in Bangkok with the floods. So I was then told I'd have Dr. Veerawat which I was feeling quite happy about because I couldn't find much info on Dr. Boonchai. I had my consultation at 1pm, was admitted into my room and hung out there with my mum til about 8pm and then I was wheeled into surgery. I was injected with the anaesthetic and next thing you know I was waking up and being wheeled back into my room. To date, the whole thing has gone so smoothly, no complications to speak of. A bit of discomfort but that is to be expected. The worst bit is probably after you wake from a long sleep, they feel really sore especially the incisions. Anyway I am digressing, in all I would 100% recommend them to anyone in Aus wanting surgery. They pay way more attention to detail than hospital staff HERE! Dr. Veerawat was very knowledgable and well spoken with a very nice manner. This was my first ever time out of Australia so it was pretty stressful but my experienc with PIAC was faultless. I got 450 cc high profile mentor silitex implants, crease incision, dual plane placement, and have gone from a 12b to about a 12dd-e at the moment, for anyone interested. I'm 177cms tall and 65kgs. -Elite85
  3. Omg did anyone just see the segment on A Current Affair about Mindy Bouchet, Retored Getaways and Bangkok Hospital Phuket? Just what I need 2 weeks before I'm due to fly out!
  4. Hi, Has anyone heard of or experienced Dr Boonchai Taweerattanasil. I'm booking in for my BA on 26th Oct at Phuket International Hospital (PIAC) and I'm starting to get nervous because the agency (Beauty Med Thailand) are telling me that I can't see any of his before and afters because of Patient Confidentiality or something.... Surely if he's performed a lot of BA's, at least a handful would agree to having their results accessible? Would love to hear from any women who had their BA done by him and if you are happy with your results?
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