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    Beautiful new boobies :) BA for me!
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    TCI Dr Ali is who I am looking to book with
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  1. Hey ladies x I haven't been on here in some time.. I have booked!! So excited ) I have 56 days to go before I will be on the other side xx I am booked with Dr Ali from TCI on 15 April 2014! Was just after some ladies who have has their boobies done with her if ya don't mind me seeing some pic? I have done extensive research and love her work.. But I am boobie obsessed right now lol x
  2. I am booked for April next year too who are you going with? Eep isn't it so exciting ?
  3. Thanks chicky xx I am feeling rather anxious to be honest but I have been so lucky to have my partner be so supporting and my boss has just been so understanding! Also blessed with my lovely friends trying to be positive xx I hope ya lawyer has some good advice for ya and puts in place a good plan of attack x keep us posted..
  4. Thanks Zoey and TCI I have emailed Jessica, the cosmetic consultant I have been in contact with. If I don't hear today I will call Monday Happy weekend x
  5. Hey xx ) I am ready to book now - yay! Does anyone know if TCI are open on Saturdays? Happy weekend all x
  6. Sounds like an pretty cruzy experience and yay!! Woo woo if ya don't mind a FR? I would love to see how ya heal x
  7. Yup Cin3 rather scary! My op has been booked in for Friday 4 October.. How did you cope with the lead up? Xx Hope you get through soon they have to answer eventually.. Have you been in contact with a lawyer? (Sorry if I missed that you have) Thinking of ya chicky x
  8. This is totally CRAZY oh my goodness your poor thing xx thoughts are with you!! I got my results back yesterday myself, being CIN3, so know the horrid feeling of all of the lead up to Lletz and to hear this has just made me really clench! I can't understand how the doc could get this wrong! What a fool! Take them down chicky! And good luck - I am so happy for you that you have the all clear, however it doesn't change the fact that they have done an unnecessary procedure on you! I am frightened to think that they will be taking about 0.5cm off my cervix let alone that much for no reason xx I am feeling for you xx all the best xx
  9. Think I can speak for most when I say that is what we and the forum are for xxx best of luck and keep us posted on how you go... I know this may be a bit much but have you thought to look into ya rights? Not too sure if what they have done wrong you can seek some sort of legal advice x just a thought as you may be able to get some compensation it sounds like they have really stuffed up!
  10. Hey and welcome xx this forum is amazing! It has helped with so much with many of my questions! Good luck with your search
  11. Good luck inde ya poor thing it is always hard to be 'straight up' in a nice way xx I think what you have written above is a really nice way to say it x let us know how you go chicky x
  12. What an awesome experience love the long stories as I get to read how the whole thing went! So cool for you to have nice boobies now chicky xx best of luck for the healing and I do hope your nipples start to come down! And get hard haha x
  13. Hey chicky x that absolutely sucks what has happened! I hope you find the right dr to help you have you looked at the links on here that are specifically for face surgeries? They might have some stories and advice more specific for you x best of luck!!
  14. Sounds like you had a really good day how cool you now have boobs x keep us posted on recovery! It still amazes me how fast ya in and out lol
  15. My lil cuz (girl) had trouble with nights.. My aunty gave her an incentive.. Started with a star chart and once she got a whole month with no accidents she was allowed to get her ears pierced not sure if something like that will help with your lil girl x best of luck!
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