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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Ellis Choy 6th Feb 2017
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    65cm, 57kg, 375cc UHP Round
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    Laser Technician

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  1. thanks ladies, i went 375cc round overs! i was a deflated b/c before op!
  2. they haven't dropped and fluffed but I'm happy with how they look right now anyway! but i think it can take up to 6 months!
  3. Hi ladies , just wanted to join in on this thread i had my ba on the 6th of feb with dr ellis choy, went 375 uhp round overs! super happy with my results. hows everyone feeling i am now 10 days p/o slight incision pain but no pain otherwise, I was having the WEIRDEST dreams for the first week, some really scary ones too, i wasn't getting any sleep either- what meds are you on?
  4. hi ladies i had my ba on the 6th missed out on joining this earlier! how is everyone recovering. im 9 days p/o and suffering more now then before with my incision pain and rib pain! anyone else the same??
  5. hi ladies I'm wondering if anyone can give me some guidance I'm 9 days post op today and finding these days to be the worst of my recovery my incisions and rib area are giving me quite a bit of pain and i can't cough etc going to see my ps tomorrow to get my dressings changed but wondering if anyone had similar pain..
  6. Hey lovely I was also a borderline case I'm only 23 and have never breastfed or had children - tci told me the same I had my surgery one week ago with dr choy who said I didn't need the lift and am so far over the moon with my results , get a second opinion from a plastic surgeon
  7. Hi lovely ladies have been reading posts for a while but wanted to share my after photos I'm currently 1 week post op first photos are 3 days p/o one in bra is 1 week p/o do you think the cleavage will build more as I'm concerned they're far apart
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