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    BA on 29th Oct
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    Dr Val T.C.I Parramatta
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    Approx 155cm 55kgs 10A
  1. Hi sent fr I'm going to Val in March woo hoo

  2. Hi there I've sent you a FR I hope that's ok. We have similar stats and I'd be keen to see how your going. All the best :-)

  3. Goodluck ladies! Hope all goes well, and recovery is as smooth as possible x
  4. Of course! friend request accepted :)

  5. I think it was Libby, I'm not taking the endone now, it's making me feel a bit nauseated.
  6. Woohoo! Maynegirl, it didn't click in until I was laying on the surgery bed lol woohoo Libby!Goodluck hunny. Let me know how you go ok xx
  7. hi there, just read your experience with dr val, thanks! i'm with him in 3 weeks, so i'm getting very excited! is it ok if i add you to see your progress?

  8. All you ladies will be fine! Im on the other side (: and loving it! Pain isn't too bad at the moment (touch wood) I've only had one course of pain killers at about 730 last night and about to get up just to have some panadeine forte, I think I'll be ok without the endone. Apart from not being able to sleep much(which is killing me because I love my sleep lol!) I'm not too bad. I just can't use my arms too much so it's all on my legs when trying to get up. It's hard to go back and forward through posts on a mobile phone but to all the girls who are worried, you will all be ok remember: expect the worst, hope for the best!!!! Take care ladies! Xx
  9. You won't go wrong with dr val gonesouth.. Trust me! I would recommend him to anyone that wants to get BA, he's so wonderful! libby, thankyou.. I've been trying to sleep, I'll get sleepy fall asleep for 10 minutes wake up and be wide awake then get sleepy again. I don't know what's happening. Maybe cos I'm sitting up. Was hopeing the meds would knock me out, but they haven't tonight ):
  10. So it's official, I've crossed I've to booby land! So happy! I arrived at TCI at 1pm today, and was greeted by the wonderful receptionist( I am so sorry I can't remember her name) I said goodbye to my boyfriend and she took me into the waiting room and had a chat with me and got me to get changed. I got changed into my sexy operation attire and started watching tv. The nurse come in and took my blood pressure and checked allergies. After a little while the anaesthetist come in and went through medication then Dr Val come in and took pictures and went through sizes and I got to ask any last minute questions. Everyone was so lovely! And they all made me laugh. Not long after I was taken into surgery and everything happened pretty quick after that. They put the cannula in and started strapping me down then the next thing I remember was the nurse putting a cold sticker on my leg and leg massagers and then I remember saying "I'm in heaven" because of how good the massagers felt and that was it. I was awake in recovery. I don't remember much in there, I remember the nurse kept saying stop moving and shoved a lollipop in my mouth and moved me to a lounge. I felt a bit nauseated on and off so they have me a tablet thing for it and next thing my boyfriend was there and I was on my way home. everyone in there was absolutely lovey from the moment i stepped in to the moment I stepped out. ill try and post pics, I'm still abit out of it. Thankyou to everyone on this forum, you have all been so wonderful!!!! xxxxx
  11. Thankyou chicken sausages! (: ill let you know how I go when I cross over to boobyland! Goodluck with yours Aswell
  12. How close is it!!!!! Let me know how you go!
  13. Two more sleeps for me! I am so nervous!! I keep trying to chicken out but then think no! Any last minute advice ladies? Oh oh my god!!!!! So excited, nervous, scared.. So many emotions lol tomorrow is going to go forever waiting for that phone call to tell me what time and fasting times :/
  14. I will I will! One week from today :/ nerves are kicking in!!! Lol good luck with yours! I'll send you a friend request
  15. Dr Val said I will be going under twilight but then when I asked about chances of waking up he said I will be snoring. He said patients go In saying they don't snore and when they wake up he tell them they were snoring lol. I'm not sure how the qualifications and things work but I know the doctors in the clinic are fully trained by Dr Eddy Donor. All the girls I've spoken to about recovery have told me to expect the worst but hope for the best. So if I was you id plan that you won't be able to do anything for atleast a week and just hope that you'll be alright. I think after a certain amount of time you'd need to get them replaced, due to natural sagging of breasts and things but if they get capsular contracture and things you will have to get them replaced as kiddi said. (:
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