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  1. Haha cosmetic, with what? I'll take that nose, new face etc back if you write something bad?? Lol
  2. Gypsy lane-grey, are you saying you had the surgery 10 years ago? Have you ever asked Dr Nettle who performed your surgery? It seems strange that you wouldn't ask who was performing your surgery on the day if you didn't have the pre-surgery consult with him. My experience was the total opposite of what you have described so I just find it hard to believe. Especially that he gave you a discount because I paid a fortune!
  3. I had my upper eyes done with dr nettle. I love them and I can't even see the scar anymore. Couldn't recommend him enough.
  4. Filmy, sorry I don't really want to put face photos on here as I only told a couple of family members about the procedure and you know once it's on the Internet you can never take it back... I had it done with dr nettle in Sydney. I think he is amazing. It cost around $20000 but I also had my upper eyes done and fat injection. I know it's a LOT of money but firstly it's your face so you can't just trust anyone and also my mum paid - that's how much she hates hers and didn't want me to have this all me life. Like I said it's the best thing I've done, although the recovery was hard, people I meet now are amazing when I tell them my age. It's not a small procedure so you really have to want it to go through it.
  5. hi Philau, I haven't had this procedure, but I have had other face work done by Dr Nettle. He is amazing. Its a long wait to get in to see him but worth the wait. Good luck!
  6. hi guys, just thought I'd tell you my experience. I also had the inherited double chin which i hated all my life. I finally decided to do something about it so I ended up having a lower face lift. I asked about lipo, but with me, it would have only taken the fat out and left loose skin. I think it depends on what your problem is. I had to have muscle repair, so the only way to do that effectively was to have a lower face lift, which is obviously an extreme procedure but is the best thing i ever did. I'm so glad i did it and so happy with the results. Just make sure you go to someone amazing as i have seen/heard horror stories. I now don't have to worry about this getting worse as i get older. My mum was the one who pushed me to do it as she said she wished she had done it and now hates the way she looks.
  7. lou34


    hi deby, i have. feel free to pm me
  8. good luck! i've had this done and there is little info on this site so it will be good to read another story.
  9. hi there, i haven't had rhino work by dr nettle but i have had other face work done and i can assure you he is amazing. i'm about 9 months out and you can hardly even see my scars anymore because they were done so well. it is frustrating that the wait is so long, i had to wait a year from making my appt to the actual surgery. but after having gone with him i would do it all over again. the wait is worth it. maybe you could ask to be put on the wait list or something. good luck!
  10. Your welcome! You are right, it's a massive decision as it's your face and you can't hide it. I had a year from when I made the appointment to when I went in so I had plenty of time to research and get emotionally prepared. I had a bit of hollowness under my eyes which is what the fat transfer definitely fixed, a facelift won't fix those sort of problems. Also my cheeks are plumper and the skin looks much better. I would do this again in the future when the need arises, without hesitation. That's just my experience. Another thing they say is the younger you get it done the better as your less likely to have the 'facelift' look.
  11. hi 2shea, it was about $22.000. which i know, is REALLY expensive but i don't regret it for a minute. i think its an investment in my happiness which will last a long time hahaha
  12. Hi lana360, i had a lower face/neck lift with dr nettle last september. i'm 100% happy. i only had one consultation and once i met him i knew i wanted to go with him. i was so happy with everything, the incision lines are so well done you can barely notice them. i also had upper eye lids done which i'm sooooo glad i did as they have made a hugh difference to my face. i'm not actually sure what type of facelift he did, but he also did fat transfer which i would also highly recommend if you need it. just be prepared for the recovery, its not fun. i seriously looked like an alien for at least 3 weeks. i took a month off work, but wasn't totally comfortable with the way i looked till about 2-3 months. i didn't want anyone to know, except a couple of family members so i was paranoid of anyone finding out. so many people have said how good i look, but no-one has suspected what i have had done which is exactly how i wanted it. i think the surgeons sometimes play down the recovery, so thats one thing i would say, be prepared. good luck with your decision and feel free to ask me any questions.
  13. lou34


    Hi Donatella, I went with local anaesthetic, so it would have been too much to have in one go. i had a number of areas done so he wouldn't do it all at once which was fine with me. better to be safe than sorry...
  14. lou34


    i think it would depend on what work you do. i had 2 lots of lipo, monday and friday. i was back at work the following monday, so only a few days with each. i have a sit down job, so it was fine. i just told everyone i hurt my back which is why i was walking slowly.
  15. hi leesy, i haven't had rhinoplasty, but i've had other facial work with dr nettle and i'm 100% happy. i know what you mean about his time, sometimes i felt rushed in appointments, sometimes i felt he would be happy to sit with me for hours. i just realised thats he very in demand so his time was precious, and an amazing surgeon was more important to me than anything else. when i was doing my research i couldn't find one bad review and once i met him i just knew he was the surgeon for me. good luck with your surgery!
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