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    Dr Paul Quinn November 27th 2013
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    5'3" 50kg 3 Babies -all BF for roughly a year. 8-10DDish b4 kids, FF cup when BF, deflated B/C now
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    Mummy; U/G dump truck driver
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    Family, weight lifting (heavy), fitness, photography.

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  1. thanks huni ? finger crossed for no more issues 2nd time round x thank you ? I will do x
  2. I have to have a revision in a couple of weeks for CC, and my surgeon always uses new implants, so since I was paying for 1 I decided to pay for 2 and upgrade in size also..
  3. So I had my original BA back in 2013 and havnt been on the forum for AGES!! Trying to get my head around the new layout of the forum and I'm lost! Haha! I recently developed Capsular Contracture in my lefty, which is only mild, but I noticed its sitting higher than the other and taking on an odd shape. I get slight sharp pains occasionally on the side of that implant. My my surgeon was Dr Paul Quinn, and he has been wonderful! I'm booked for my revision surgery with him on the 5th November in a few weeks. I'm also increasing from 480cc round, textured gel XHP, to 590cc round XHP's. My breast feeding boobs were actually bigger than my current implants so I do have a tiny bit of loose skin on the underside of my boobs at the moment, so I'm hoping the bigger implant should fill them out better and also bring my gap in slightly.. Very nervous about having to go through all of this again!
  4. That a awesum to hear libby! Wish mine would soften a bit more!! Lol
  5. I'm almost 5 months and also still numb from nipples down, feeling coming back in my nipples, but more a sore feeling than a nice feeling! Saw my surgeon yesterday, he said if it's starting to come back now that I should get full feeling back, it can just take quite a few months! I hope so, cos after pregnancy & babies, my nipples were amazingly sensitive in the best possible way when my hubby licked/sucked them!! Now they just hurt! Sorry for the too much info but I'm desperately missing him atm, FIFO and still 5 weeks to go!! Lol!
  6. I had dual plane, so the top half of implant is under the muscle but not the bottom half.. My recovery was quite painful, just remember not to do anything such as lifting etc, even when u think ur ok! Cos u will feel it the next day and could do some damage.. Lots of rest & pain Meds!!
  7. All the best Inde for a fulfilling & happy life! Thanks so much to you for all ur fantastic advice!! Xxx
  8. OMG! WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That's truly amazing news! All the best! X
  9. Thought we were already friends but were not! Just sent u a FR
  10. Hey Sophieschick! I'm like you, very missing in action on here lately too, I'm almost 4months PO now too.. How are urs going? Do u still have numbness on underside? Mine r still bit numb & hoping like hell the numbness goes away eventually!! X
  11. Very similar stats to you, I got 480 EHP rounds, I'm an F cup. I would go 400's!
  12. My guess is a D- DD. They never feel or look as big as what the tag on the bra says remember.., I'm an F and they look more like DD's in clothes. Hope u get the result ur after!
  13. Similar stats to you but also BF 3 bubs so had a deflated starting point! Feel free to send a FR, good luck
  14. Almost identical stats to u, I'm just a few kg heavier, I got 480's EHP, dual plane, textured mentors. That was the biggest implant my surgeon was comfortable fitting without any risks, and they are big but not ridiculous looking on my frame. Feel free to check out my pics, I'll send u a FR. Good luck!
  15. That's so beautiful and so special Libby X
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