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    mayhem got a reaction from pink butterfly in Developed Capsular Contracture 2 years on   
    thanks huni ? finger crossed for no more issues 2nd time round x
    thank you ? I will do x
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    mayhem reacted to pink butterfly in Developed Capsular Contracture 2 years on   
    Wishing you all the best! Let us know how you go.
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    mayhem reacted to boobalicious_melb in Developed Capsular Contracture 2 years on   
    Oh hun, i wish you all the best and hopefully the sizing will be awesome an no more issues ?
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    mayhem reacted to donatella in Capsular Contracture Risk   
    Don't stress the small things, we all get stage 1 CC with implants as it's the bodies natural reaction to a foreign object (CC is the scar capsule, it's the grade of CC that becomes relevant).

    It is unfortunately a risk, but mimimal so think positive

    Or as dee says look as it as an opportunity to upsize for half the price when it does happen (commmmeeee on CC LOL)
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    mayhem got a reaction from Sunshine Coast in Men rant   
    I had a string of different relationships after my first 4 year violent volatile relationship from age 17-21. Spent age 21- 25 single and in & out of short term relationships but loved that time. I focused on ME only, almost got a male attitude and used men for my own needs, chewed them up and spat them out (because they were all shallow, disrespectful and undeserving) so I had very little respect for any of those men (should I say BOYS)
    I totally gave up on men in my own head, had no intention of EVER getting married and NEVER wanted kids! Then my knight in shining armour pretty much dropped from the sky! I was not looking for him but he found me! I was driving dump trucks underground mining and (my now husband) was the fitter who came to my rescue to fix my broken down truck. We hit it off straight away with this instant special spark and feeling like I had known him forever or in a previous life!! Something weird definately happened!! We had the MOST AMAZING sex and the MOST AMAZING connection and conversation and he was completely different to all the other guys I've met previosly! I pretty much fell in love So fast with this man. We were engaged 6 months later (me-who NEVER wanted to get married) could NOT WAIT to MARRY this man AND WANTED HIS BABIES!! HAHA! Got married 14months later and had a honeymoon baby! And 2 more not long after!! I feel so blessed and lucky every day that I found an amazing honest, caring gentleman who treats me like a princess! Definately soulmates!!

    My hope is that EVERY girl should get to have this same fairy tale ending with their perfect partner in life because EVERY girl truly deserves that kind of happiness. It usually comes when you are not looking, least expecting it and when one is completely happy and comfortable in their own skin and can say that they love themselves.

    Sorry about the novel, Don, I truly Beleive you will find ur "mr Right" cos you are a beautiful and honest lady that some special man will adore and appreciate! Keep positive and keep smiling on the inside so it shines through! Xxx
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