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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Witoon surgery on 12th November
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  1. shan94

    not happy :(

    thats okay! i will find out on tuesday if thats what they decide to do
  2. shan94

    not happy :(

    will try not to use it to much, thanks x
  3. shan94

    not happy :(

    i have the transaxillary incision!!! is it as easy to drain with that incision donatella?
  4. shan94

    not happy :(

    i know!! and now im kicking myself that i didnt get it drained when it first happened but i wasnt going to have another op if he said it would fix itself... just forgot to tell me about the bloody complcations that could arise if i didnt grrrr makes me mad just typing it im appointment is on tuesday so i have to wait 4 more anxious day arghhh
  5. shan94

    not happy :(

    not the whole boob just the side where i had the hematoma and its quite hard on top aswell i have my appt with a ps on tuesday... it was a referral from the hospital so im not sure if they told the ps i got them done in thailand haha Dr witoon did say that the hematoma will increase my chance of cc... but im really pissed of because when i was in thailand dr witoon was in icu when the knock happened so i had to see Dr piyapas or whatever his name is and he never told me that the fluid build up could potentially lead to a hematoma or cc he pretty much said well u can have it drained if you want and when i asked if i should he said it will go away in a few weeks so its up to you not stressing the importance of getting it drained... he was absolutely no help at all and every question i asked he would just nod his head and say ummmm... yes i hope it is nothing serious and that it all sorts itself out
  6. shan94

    not happy :(

    i was down bangla road and got a huge fright with those stupid lizards and jumped with fright right into someones shoulder, straight after that it started to swell so i went back to my dr who gave me some anti inflamatorys and told me to keep icing it which was 2 weeks ago and it is alot better then it was but still not right! i am more worried about the rock hard feeling on the side of my boob :/
  7. So im now 3 weeks post op which I know is still early days but I am wishing I had never got them done right now I have had a few problems as a week post op on got knocked and started to swell up like a balloon after having no swelling at all post op I freaked out... a week later I got back to perth and found I had alot of bruising and a hematoma near my armpit on the knocked boob.... I still have alot of swelling not much bruising anymore but I know that something is just not right!!! It sits so much higher then the other boob and has barely any movement, when I do my massage the left moves freely but the right barely has any movement I also have quite abit of pain in my right breast especially on the side of my boob if I put pressure on it... it feels hard when I push it whrre as the otherside feels fine I cant even shave my armpit because I cant see it!!! But can shave the other one fine and see it fine I know im not going to get the final result straight away but I dont feel like something is right and am constantly stressing, ive got an appt on tues with a plastic surgeon in perth and am dreading it I have attached some pics so you can see what I mean
  8. i have the same thing in 1 of my boobs haha how many weeks post of are you??
  9. shan94


    Hi Maddie! i was in the same boat! i was a 10c and lost a fair bit of weight and ended up an a-b im also 19 and am so glad i decided to go through with it, if its something you really want to do i say go for it dont let him make your decisions for you
  10. i feel ya!!! i love looking down and seeing cleavage hehe
  11. hi Lou These are awesome results I have some ugly bad bruising on my boob, i have just bought some of this cream how often have you been applying it for these results?? thanks
  12. congrats hun!! i was also busting for the toilet and they tried to make me use the pan(eww) i refused aswell, unluckily vomited everywhere after standing up to quick(i think) but it was worth it in the end when i finally go to pee..in a toilet haha hope you are loving the new toys
  13. Hi ladies I have an ANNA carefix post op bra for sale, it is brand new still in its original packaging it is a size M if any of you are interested i will sell it for $30 here is a link to the bra http://www.statina.com.au/annazipperpost-opbra-1.html xx
  14. good luck girls!!! dont stress before you know it, it will be over and you will love your new assets
  15. shan94


    i keep forgetting to massage aswell!!! and am so scared i will get cc aswell haha
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