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  1. I have tear drop implants. I had no choice when I had my ba I had shorting of the lower pole so my Sergeon used anitomical implants to stretch the lower pole. Waw I wish I could of had round. I have a 7 week holiday in dec/jan and now I'm going to feel crap in a bikini if I can't get it fixed before then.
  2. Hi lovely ladies!!! Well I'm nearly 2yrs post op and I'm pretty sure my implant has rotated( wow it's not a nice feeling I'm very uncomfortable) I'm a bit sad but I guess on the upside I get a redo. has anyone else had their implant rotate?
  3. I personally think cup size should be disregarded when picking sizes. Natural breast look bigger the enhanced breast.(measure smaller) So if your after say a D or DD cup look,your going to have to get enough cc's to get you to an E or F cup to achieve what a natural D look. I'm now a 12E and I would honestly say that i look more like a c cup/ D at the biggest. You really need to try an stop stressing over size, other wise you'll lose sleep and start to doubt yourself and your decision. Regardless of what size you pick your not going to have much idea of the end product till about 2 months p
  4. Lexi1 when I had my BA I had a chest infection and was on day 4-5 of antibiotics. It's up to your anesthetist if they will put you under. So your best bet is to get there number off your surgeon and ask them if they will still go ahead. My anesthetist was happy to go ahead as long as I didn't have a fever ( thank god my fever broke the night before hand) and I was getting better not worse. If your coughing it's going to make for a uncomfortable recovery believe me and I personal think it prolonged mine but was totally worth it. Good luck
  5. Hi The Fox I think you really need to discuss this issue in great detail with your surgeon, he knows best. You have to remember that everyone has different body shapes and everyone is going to get a different affect from the same size implant, your surgeon deals with this everyday and is going to have a better idea of what your end result will look like. Write down a list of everything you want answered about the size and shape and why. Don't leave his office till you have all your answers. Getting awesome cleavage mainly come down to what you started with. I just want to warn you of that as
  6. Well that's some good new! The pain is more like when you have a bruise and touch it. I notice it most when my hubby is playing with the girls and putting bra's on and off. It's a bit sad the only feeling I have on that side is pain.
  7. Hi ladies Now I'm over 2 months post op and I still don't have feeling from under my nipples down and on my right side ( my nipple) I can't feel anything but pain. I've tried Ice on it and all I feel is the pressure. I'm starting to worry that I'm not going to get normal feeling back How is everyone else going with feeling coming back or is there other ladies that are still numb?
  8. I sleep on my back and both sides just depends on the night.i sleep solid right up till about 3 am and then I feel like the implants are going to split out of my skin. You give me hope I'm 10 days behind you so hopefully in the next week it'll settle down.
  9. Hi ladies I'm now 4 weeks post Op and a little over morning boob, it's starts around 3am and doesn't stop until I drag my but out of bed and move around. In the last few days I've become quite awful to live with. I'm not a nice person when I'm sleep deprived:( I had a really easy recovery,just burning pain. When the burning pain stopped the morning boob started. WHEN WILL THIS GO AWAY. I like my husband and I kind of want to keep him:D, he's a little over me being cranky.haha
  10. Thanks ladies its started driving me nuts I have skin all over my shirts yuk. renkim my burning my burning pains started to go away around week 2 as well
  11. Hi ladies I'm about 4 weeks post Op and for about the last week and a half my skin on my boobs keeps pealing like I've been sun burnt. Has anyone else had this?
  12. How long did everyone wait to go swimming after BA.
  13. My weird dream was, I had my surgery went home and slept on my belly and when I woke my implants had moved down next to my belly button. Heheh
  14. Thanks ladies had about 4 and it was nice just to sit around with friends and enjoy a drink. haha by new years i might be able to have 8 or 9.....Jokes I will look after my new boobies
  15. So im finally getting around to telling my story. I was really lucky and didn't really get to stress leading up to my BA the worst thing that happen was weird Dreams, the night before hand i slept like a baby. My husband had to wake me on the day of surgery i just wanted to sleep in. I had to be at the hospital at 8am and surery was booked for 9:30, i didn't end up going in till just after 10am. the nurse that did all my pre OP stuff was so lovely. When I woke up at 11:30 i was in a fair bit of pain, they gave me some drugs not too sure what. after about 30mins felt better.Once i was in rec
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