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    Dr Tang 24th October 2013
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  1. HI Deedee please accept my FR. Would love to see more pic of your girls! They look fab!

  2. HI DEEDEE- I have been offered XHP too. Are yours round or anatomicals? x

  3. I'm also booked in with dr tang on the 8th August and hearing that your happy with your results makes me feel great that I've chosen the best surgeon ! I've sent you a FR

  4. Hi deedee90.. I'm having surgery with Dr Tang 27th June.. Sent you a FR, hope that's ok!? :)

  5. Adding you as a friend deedee after seeing your results I'm 4 days po and hope my results are as gorgeous as hours

  6. Hi, I just FR you as I'm booked with Dr Tang at TCI next month for my bookies yay.

  7. Hey hun, Just sent u a friend request. Would love to see XHP :)

  8. Thanks everyone =] and they're Nagor, 390 cc extra high profile. I think the diameter was 12 [i think sorry I can't remember]
  9. hey, yep I am, just one I got from trade secret =]
  10. thank you! And I got it from kmart ageees ago, it's just one of their plain long sleeve basics =]
  11. Thanks ladies!! I'll accept all friend requests =] I'm going to put a new album with photos of what they look like without a bra too my ladies! xoxo
  12. FR sent, would love to checkout your pics. I'm 7 weeks post op and have 390s as well

  13. Hey girls!!! So today I was having a "I love my boobs" day and had to share! Any girls on this forum thinking about whether or not to get your boobs done, do it!! If it is something you want, go for it! Every day, I wake up and am sooo happy with my decision. I was never self conscious about my small boobs before but always had [lower] curves and felt my body at times looked disproportionate, so now I actually feel a bit more 'womanly' and my body looks that much more proportionate. Not to mention that even the simplest tees look so much better!! I got 390, extra high profile. Woo for boobies! xx
  14. hi there, sending a fr as I'd like to see dr tang's work, as I'm seeing him and have similar stats to you. thank you! :)

  15. Hi deedee90 I have sent you a FR as I have similar stats and I'm interested in seeing your pics :-) cheers!

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