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  1. Thanks everyone =] and they're Nagor, 390 cc extra high profile. I think the diameter was 12 [i think sorry I can't remember]
  2. hey, yep I am, just one I got from trade secret =]
  3. thank you! And I got it from kmart ageees ago, it's just one of their plain long sleeve basics =]
  4. Thanks ladies!! I'll accept all friend requests =] I'm going to put a new album with photos of what they look like without a bra too my ladies! xoxo
  5. Hey girls!!! So today I was having a "I love my boobs" day and had to share! Any girls on this forum thinking about whether or not to get your boobs done, do it!! If it is something you want, go for it! Every day, I wake up and am sooo happy with my decision. I was never self conscious about my small boobs before but always had [lower] curves and felt my body at times looked disproportionate, so now I actually feel a bit more 'womanly' and my body looks that much more proportionate. Not to mention that even the simplest tees look so much better!! I got 390, extra high profile. Woo for boobies! xx
  6. Thank you ladies! The complete comfort ones are sooo good! And any time, I was so happy when it was 3 for two!
  7. Hey ladies! Just thought I'd let you post op ladies know that bras n things is having a two for three sale at the moment!! So those of you who are fresh out of post op, you guys can grab a couple of the complete comfort bra. It has removable underwire so you can take out the wire and put them back in when you're good to wear underwire! That's what I did when I was still newly post op. Also, I just bought two super cute bikinis! I went citybeach to look at some supportive bikinis and nothing [with underwire/support] fit me very well. Must be the implants? So I found these from bnt and they fit soooo good, the cups fit perfectly!! Not to mention super cute! I don't work there, just love a good bargin and thought I'd share haha I've attached photos =] xoxo
  8. Thanks ladies, friend requests accepted! =]
  9. Hey girls! I've uploaded some pics for 3-4 weeks post op. If anyone wants to have a look, feel free. Friend requests welcome [would love to peep some other people's progress too!] I got 390 round extra high profile. Was a 12A, currently a 12DD =] xx
  10. I think it depends on how big you go. I live at home with my parents, got a boob job and no-one has noticed. I even went from an a cup to a dd lmao but that's also cause I wore a super padded bra at all times when I decided on getting my surgery. Also loose/printed tops easily hide curves. When I want to wear something fitted to go out, I just throw on a loose jacket or a scarf over it and take it off when I'm out =)
  11. Hey girly! Yay how exciting! I was a tad bit worried as well, mostly reading from what other people said and the fact I've never 'gone under'. What they do is strap your arms down onto the table and then it's just an injection in your arm. Next thing you know, you're awake but super drowsy in recovery. I was totally asleep, I remember talking to the nurses about how cold it was in the op room and how I liked that they had a radio haha when she injected me with the needle, no joke like two sentences after that I was asleep. I remember asking "is that the anaesthetic?" as she put it in and then nothing haha
  12. That the same with my friends when they say they're big but I'm like, but the feel tiny!! haha
  13. Soooo true!! I guess we never realised these things before we got implants cause our boobs were so small we hardly paid any attention to them anyways haha
  14. Oh that's reassuring!! Thanks raven!! I'm sooo jealous of your side boob! Give me some! haha
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