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  1. Thanks hun, about to log off but will upload a pic tomorrow of how i'm looking and work out how to put my details down the bottom like i see all you ladies have .xx night night xx
  2. Oneday we sound so alike i was the same its such an emotional thing tgo go through. I was sitting there waiting for my surgery burst into tears my head was telling me yes and my heart was telling me no dont do this. When we flew home i looked at our farm, kids loving hubbie and burst into tears again, i was so happy before why did i do this i said. Its all normal and i'm seeking professional help about my worries i really hope i get through this. Its normal and your not the only one who feels all these things its great that you relaise all the good things in your life. We are all here every step of the way before and after xx
  3. Dont stress to much about using Dr P anyways i found him to also have bad bedside manner. He was quite rushed with me (must admit i was late though) He didnt talk to me much and now going through my own issues wishing i had of had more time to process everything through. Dr T will be a better choice i think when heading overseas your in a bit of culture shock when you arrive so a surgeon that is comforting etc..is just what you need. Good luck
  4. Dont stress i know a few ladies that went over the same time as me and were perfectly fine with the anaesthetic my mum mentioned she was the same as me when it comes to anaesthetic so it might be in my genes dammit!! lol I think if you have gone through everything from the good bad and the ungly about your surgery you will come out feeling good. My depression was due to a number of factors from culture shock, to being rushed, my fear of needles, my fear of not waking up, fear of silicone etc... i had so many people telling me i was being silly and i'll be fine. I decided they were right as i'm a bit of a worry wart but even today i know i made the wrong decission and want them out now going through this process again and more surgery aggghhhh.... Just think it all through if and when your 110% sure just be happy about your choice and you will be fine. Hope you get a good nights sleep x
  5. Yes i think thats the key when heading overseas you must understand they have different rules than the aussie surgeons such as the cooling off period. Many aussie surgeons will agree there are fantastic doctors overseas and the implants used are good but you need to consider everything its a major decission to make really go over the pro's and con's you will have to do all your home work before heading over as illak said it will all happen so fast over there, their english isnt perfect and if your not use to the lifestyle you will also be a bit culture shocked. If your 110% sure this is what you want and you have gone through all the risks and still want this then do feel safe trusting Dr P. A aussie surgeon i know here even did a background check on hime before i left as he was worried for me. He emailed me and said i made a good choice in surgeons he was on the Amercian board of PS, be prepared for him not to talk to much but know thats normal if you do have any questions at all make sure you ask and he answers you fully. Surgery can go wrong anywhere for all sorts of reasons this hospital and Dr is world class if i wasnt such a worry wart about umplants i would be loving mine and very happy about the whole process.
  6. Hi, I know it's scarey the cost for a BA here compared to over makes the trip worth it "if" your 100 percent ready for implants. I spent a year thinking its what I wanted but now after I just can't accept them and am now investigating getting them out already. I come from a rural community so i had huge culture shock on top of my surgery worries. I arrived late to my consult due to my flights and kids so dr p was in a rush to get my bloods and X-ray done so he could start my surgery. I cried getting all this done it was a very scarey time for me but dr p is experienced can't fault his job on me but still only early stages like two weeks ago. You may take Bangkok in all fine especially if you don't try to get out and do to much sight seeing as the streets are crazy and it's full on out there. There are ladies however that loved all this so whilst I'm here saying all this remember it's my experience and you maybe much different to me. In Aust by law surgeons are to give you a cooling off period in Thai you don't get that so just be aware of that. I think us Aussie girls need a initial consult with a Aussie ps then decide wether to book our surgery in overseas. Just so you get that time to ask a surgeon everything possible and think about it all. Don't go over there getting you consult and surgery at the same time if it can be avoided. Feel free to pm me any questions....hospital and dr p are great as for me I just can't accept the fact I have silicone in me even though studies say its safe it's just a personal issue i have and prefer them out for peace of mind. X
  7. Hi, not to scare you but its good to hear the pro's and con's :-) I'm one of those ladies that gets very sick i wasnt to bad the day after surgery but i had about a day and a half of vomiting when it must have been getting out my system. On top of that i fell into deep depression as a side effect but in saying this i also had a very rushed surgery plus culture shock all rolling in my head so that all contributed to that. If the sickness is all your worried about then i think stress not its only temporary and will pass. :-)
  8. Thanks for the info, ive searched for Dr Revis and think ifound the right guy to ask my concerns to. If this is true then i'm back to being in a really confused state again if this 3 month rule aplies. Me being a worry wart i think i would be best then getting them out now than waiting 3 years for peace of mind. I keep getting told en bloc is only for ruptured implants would be good to hear from a well known explant surgeon about the ins and outs of this... will let you know what i find out from Dr Revis
  9. Hi I had my ba with this surgeon, he did a good job but I arrived late due to my flight and was rushed which resulted in me getting quite depressed afterwards. Do as much research prior to arriving re size profile texture etc... Dr P didn't really talk to me much seemed very busy but that could have been due to my lateness butive also heard another lady had the same problem. As far as his skill goes he seems fine I think the key is just prepare yourself as much as you can. I didn't go with a company my hubby came with me thankfully as I had a major culture shock had no idea Bangkok was so busy and hectic. If you can it's best to have someone with you when the GA was coming out my system I was quite sick and needed help. Good luck with it all x
  10. Hi bicardi thanks for you post, interested about the fluid in the capsule is the fluid a possible health concern? If I waited three to five years until the removal am I then stuck left with fluid. Surgeons have been telling me only ruptured implants need the en bloc. At this stage I don't know what to think of most surgeons they all seem to be for implants but at the end of the day we are just a number to them I wonder if they would give their own daughters and family the same advice.
  11. Hi ladies, sorry late reply tried to stay away from the computer for a few days to clear my mind. Well my feelings went from bad to worse to the point I was unable to sleep and rang some surgeons in Australia to talk about it. My local surgeon was great i just couldn't afford him to do my implants but he suggested I come in for a talk. They made me take home an implant and explained the ins and outs. He thinks my mixed emotions are due to the pre surgery rush as I had a fast consult then off for the surgery. Apparently in Australia they need to let the patient have a certain amount of cooling off time before surgery is allowed. He was trying to also explain ruptures are safe but I'm not convinced I read in mentors booklet they still don't know the health consuqences of ruptured implants. This scares me but I will try to accept the implants for five years then remove them rather than a replacement. I found a great Facebook page called explant info which is great support for us ladies when the time comes. The photos of implant removal looks much better than I thought it would. My surgeon found out I had cohesive I not cohesive III which is what most Australian surgeons use apparently I don't think I need to worry to much there considering ill be getting them out in a few years. Read all your posts and had a big smile you ladies are truley an amazing bunch.
  12. Thankyou so much BodyResolution that was well said, i've emailed the hospital to ask what meds etc... i was given so i can do some research on the side effects. My husband has been so supportive, hugs at 3am in the morning from him has been very sweet. He has been trying to research as much as possible as well, he loves the boobs but wants them out if there is any risk of harming my body no matter how low the % is. i have a appointment with a PS in my home town this week to discuss the removal, i am thinking *-maybe just maybe keep them for two years and remove them i wonder if that short of time is 100% safe that there wouldnt be enough time for silicone to do anything to me. Then i think no just get them out asap for peace of mind its such a hard thing for me right now my mind is stuck on this. Bit confused by the removal some surgeons are lax and say we can remove at anytime no problems then there are ones that say leaving them in i'll need a en bloc to completley remove the implant so then i think well i better get it out now so i dont need the enbloc. Will let you all know how things turn out thanks for your comments they sure do help.
  13. Thanks ladies, i've left some messages with surgeons i've 100% sure i want them out i've even now had to seek help from family to see if i can get the funds to have them removed. I want them out asap thats all i know at this stage. I also hope i have not contracted anything from all the needles in Thailand i've always had this fear even as a child. Trying to find out the price for implant removal and if i'll need an eblock will keep you all posted and thanks for being there i really mean that.
  14. Hi, thanks for your reply when i got home i just relaised how perfect my life was i have a beautifull home, gorgeous kids a loving husband and the thought that i've gone and put a foreign object in my body was over whelming i want to live a fit and healthy life i will feel much better knowing its out of me :-(
  15. Hi ladies, Back in Australia now from having mu surgery in Bangkok bot if feels good. After wanting boobs for so long all i want now is to get them out!! I am so scared about the silicone harming my body its keeping me up all night and i've been crying so much about it all. I started to read into the removal of implants which has really scared me as well. I read to fully 100% remove the implants you need an enblock done its a longer surgery and a risk with the anesthetist which worries me i have such a fear of not waking up. Has anyone ever gotten their implants fully removed? If so what was your reasons and are you 100% confirmed to have no trace of silicone in your body. Thanks so worried
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