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  1. Sorry, my pics didn't load properly for some reason. They're there now so please have a look and tell me what you think!!
  2. Are you happy with the result? They look great!
  3. Hi Kelfo, I'm looking at going through TCI and I live in QLD so will be travelling there. I've sent my photos through and been told that I would be borderline as far as just breast augmentation and no breast lift due to sagging but that I may be able to get away with it if I decide on "larger" implants. I don't know whether to take a gamble and go down for my consultation and surgery (over two days) or to look into breast lifts. Would you mind sharing your before and after pics? Or could you look at my pic and tell me what you think? Thanks so much and I hope you recovered well! :-)
  4. Hi there, I am looking at getting a boob job at TCI in Sydney but I've been told that by the looks of the photos I've sent through I may "benefit" from a breast lift as well as augmentation due to sagging. I'm an A (if that) and have very little breast tissue so they went on to say that I might be able to get away with a larger implant. It would be really disappointing to fly down there (I live in QLD) and then find out that I won't be able to get the result I was hoping. Would anyone that had sagging and didn't opt for a breast lift like to share their before and afters? Or would be able t
  5. Hi Bec, I've been told I would be borderline as far as getting implants without a breast lift but that it might be okay if I get bigger implants. Can I have a look at your pics?
  6. Hi :-) Well I actually ended up having a tummy tuck on 13 July so I'm now just over 2 weeks down. Very happy that I have done it but it's hard to tell what the final result will be, I'm still really swollen and my belly button just looks weird. I've been assured by the surgeon that it'll shrink down to a normal size over time. I had my girls in August so it's almost been a year since they were born. My gap between muscles had shrunk down to about 3cms and has been stitched up now as part of the tummy tuck Are you just about to have a boob job? Good luck if you are!! x
  7. A to D, I had twins last year and I've got a 7cm separation now and hardly any core strength. Do you know whether I would be able to get a tummy tuck through the hospital system in SA if I don't live there?? I'm in QLD but would gladly travel!! What was the name of the small hospital? Maybe I could try and contact them to find out. Thanks so much :-)
  8. Hi, I've had twins (at full term) just recently and have really bad saggy skin on my stomach, terrible backache and a muscle separation of 6cms. I was hoping to get referred through the public system but my dr thinks I can fix the muscle separation through exercise so she won't refer me Does anyone know where the cheapest tummy tucks in Australia are available??? I've heard Tasmania is good but can't find anything on the internet. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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