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  1. Mine never completely softened and I had mine over 3 Years. I just had my changed over to smooths last week and the difference is AMAZING!! Although the firmness never particularly bothered me, having the smooths now has made me wish I had the smooths from the start.
  2. way easier! Your pocket has already been created and stretched so you don't get that tightness that you get first time around
  3. Hi you should def go bigger cos it will never leave your thoughts! I went bigger yesterday and I'm soooooooo happy! I finally got the feeling that I was hoping for 1 st time around. I was going to go 425cc high profile but the day before surgery I change my mind to 450cc hp smooth!! I love them so much and I'm hoping that they don't change to much! I was originally 335cc mp furry Brazilians!
  4. Do boobiies always have to drop? Ahh! Hope not!!! I got my boobs done yesterday it was a upsize 335cc to 450cc smooth under muscle and they look so perfect I don't want them to change! Would it be possible because the pocket was already there that they were placed in perfect position and no dropping and fluffing is required?? I want to ask my surgeon so bad and can't wait to see him on Monday.
  5. I did the vector with this size implant and one more size up and it looked nice although the one size up looked amazing, the surgeon seemed to think it looked way to stuck on and fake. I must admit it did look very tight and un natural but i did like it but I'm worried if i go to big them they will sag to quickly. needing revision ill clear my inbox, the dimensions are only slightly different and the high profile ones won't be to much wider as i already have perfect side boob i wouldn't want it any wider!!! Its more projection i want...
  6. Hi ladies, Im finally upsizing my current 335cc polys moderate profile implants to 425cc smooth mentor high profiles. Does anybody have any opinions on this upsize? Like do you think i will notice much of a difference or will it be minor? Apparently i will get more projection and they will look more fuller? I have seen 3 ps who have all recommended this size and implant for my upsize (which is kinda strange considering most ps all have differant opinions and recommendations right?!) LOL. Anyways whats everyones personal opinion on this upsize? Should i push for one more size up or do you think the 425cc will give me a noticeable difference? Surgery is booked for next week so I'm running out of time eckkkkk Thanks
  7. I had my TT with Craig 2 years ago! He has done a wonderful job. I'm very happy with my results. I consulted with a couple of surgeons who all said I would end up with a vertical scar. Craig was the only one that said that there was a only a small chance of getting a vertical scar and reassured me that even if I do, not to worry cos he would revise it after 12 months anyways he managed to avoid the vertical and gave me a beautiful result. My tummy is super flat and tight and i have abs! yay! Although avoiding the vertical scar made my recovery a little harder then most others cos I had a lot more tension and I was extra tight! So it took me the whole 6 weeks to stand straight and feel normal. The pain wasn't bad I took no strong pain relief I only took Panadol and I only took the Panadol because the nurses insisted on me Taking some form Of pain relief. I stayed at vimy private for the whole week and the experience was Great, the room was Huge and clean and the nurses were awesome! I would definitely recommend craig 100% for TT.
  8. If you're not 100% happy with size then go bigger!! Even tho my breasts appear bigger and rounder and fuller after my BL I'm still not 100% satisfied with the size. Ive currently got 335cc implants and would like to go up at least 100cc.
  9. Oh and my breasts actually looked bigger after the bl even tho I didn't change the implant size
  10. I had a ba then 6 mths later had a BL. My implants were not touched.
  11. Oh and I choose not to take Any pain killers from day dot, the nurses insisted on Panadol tho so I did take thatExactly every 6 hours. I have a phobia of vomiting so didn't want to take any pain killers incase they made me nauseas... Panadol work really well...so TT is defiantly manageable without strong painkiller...
  12. Your surgery brings back memories! I also avoided a vertical scar and was made very tight so standing straight didn't happen until 6 weeks! It was hard. I was in the hospital for 5 nights tho so sleeping and showering wasn't a issue! I used a walker to take pressure of my back and spent most days in a recliner chair! Anyways almost 2 years on and I have a super super flat tummy and abs!! yay!!! Well worth it. good luck with your recovery Hun....
  13. LOL flower child we had the same surgeon
  14. It may depend on your chosen PS technique?! I know my PS performs lipo with the TT (if needed)
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