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    Dr Huy Tang- Dec 2013
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  1. Okay i will try and pull up at the start of my workout. And cable flys I have yet to try ....too scared of separating my implants lol. Thanks darl
  2. 15 WEEKS POST OP UPDATES - when doing assisted pull ups, I experience excruciating pain on my scars under the breasts. That area get stretched real bad when I pull up. argh frustrating! they pulsate with pain for a while after stretching them. - my right nipple (only the right nipple) started getting sore around 13 weeks post op, and it's still sore. Anyone else experience this? whats going on? does it mean the feelings are coming back? why does it hurt?
  3. massages! nice strategy. I hope recovery is heaps fast for you and definitely start light cardio first good luck!
  4. Hi girl! Thank you best thing to do now is to slowly get into training and see what you can handle, don't be too quick to strain your body as your breasts need to heal without high heart rate
  5. Hi! i'm glad youve completely stopped chest. I trained all body parts (except chest) up until the day before my surgery, surgery only affects your pecs. No worries hun feel free to send FR Also dont be afraid to stop training for 6 weeks. It felt like hell not to train for 6 weeks, felt like forever, but it is a small price to pay to allow your body and pecs to recover and let your implants drop and fluff properly . 6 weeks go by fast too so dont worry about loss of gains
  6. Progress Best investments I've ever made for myself are lifting heavy weights and getting implants
  7. Hi Christie! I have been lifting heavy, and progressively adding heavy weights since 8 weeks post op. Most important thing to know is when you get back into training 6 weeks-8 weeks post op, you must take it easy, by that I mean start with bodyweights, 1kg dumbbells instead of your usual 5kg lateral raises etc. You will feel foreign movements, stretching, tightening of the chest, skin and pecs. Not necessarily always painful but they are new to you and youll get used to them. One thing that is so PARAMOUNT to do is to stop chest training at least a month prior to surgery. Otherwise you w
  8. 10 weeks post op update Right breast slightly higher than left , very minute detail, not too obvious. Workout is per normal now , but absolutely no strenuous chest exercise. Right scar throbs when weather is cold. Freaking love my body! Fitness + heavy weight + cardio +implants.......... Road to Perfection!!
  9. my breasts looked high, square and flat for 10 days. im 2 months post op and they are bloody sexy. your body needs time to heal and let gravity do its work..also soften the scar tissues inside the chest
  10. Good luck! A nurse who had breast implants before her pregnancy and already breastfed had fabulous breasts, perky and tight, no sag at all, ... so never worry about pregnancy affecting your results
  11. YES GLUTESSSSSSSSS FOR DAYS! And triceps slightly hurt my pecs indirectly...I dont know if i can take light chest workouts like you. I am only 2 months post op
  12. I intend to be an IFBB pro one day And anything worth having does not come easy. If everyone didnt have to go through pain and surgery and recovery, then 100% of women will get implants. lol. The pain subsides after several days, each woman is different. Some dont even feel pain coz theyre on top with their meds. But what is 1 week of pain compared to a lifetime of self-esteem, self-confidence and respect and love for yourself?
  13. yup definitely ask about how your pecs are looking. I dont think any drastic change will happen if you lightly train chest. interesting rear delt cable made you uncomfortable. I found any delt exercise (not over the head) alright
  14. You will have to take it easy, my pecs looked fabulous when i trained them but now you have to think of what training pecs can do to your body, it may distort your chest or may enhance it.
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