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  1. No I never received a refund or any acknowledgement afterwards other than to say that they would not refund me. As there is no governing body that controls these companies they can do what they want. I have had legal advise and it would cost me more in legal fees than it is worth to get the refund. However I believe that there is a governing body getting set up and I will be speaking with them as soon as they are up and running.
  2. I had major trouble with Destiny Meditours. As soon as they received my money I never heard from them again, and never got a refund. I would stay right away from them. I ended up going through Moira at Truly Medical Getaways and she is brilliant. She is an RN in Australia so has all the latest up to date information for you. TMG is the only company out there that is actually run by a nurse, the rest are run by women who have had prior surgery. They think having surgery makes them the expert, and have seen some of these companies give really dodgy advise to girls.
  3. I asked if I could leave mine in and just tape it. They would not even consider it! I had been told during an earlier surgery (not related to my BA)if my heart stopped during surgery and they needed to use the defibrillator on me it could cause third degree burns where there is any metal touching the skin. I was more than happy to take it out after being told that. I have the same problem when I change my piercing it gets infected. During my surgery I left my nose stud in a small container filled with antiseptic for used for piercing's. I was surprise but I had no infection after putting it back in.
  4. I used my debit card to pay for my surgery in October. I just let the bank know that there would be a transaction for the amount on that particular day in Thailand. I had no problems.
  5. My mother was completely against me getting a BA. Every time I even mentioned it I would be shut down and told it was a ridiculous idea!!. I eventually thought stuff it I am doing this for me and nobody else. I booked my surgery overseas and said nothing until about 3 weeks before I was leaving. Mum was horrified not only that I was getting a BA but getting it done in Thailand. I pointed out to her this was for me, that it was my body and my choice. I had done my research and found a reputable surgeon in an international standard hospital. She finally come around, not enough to be supportive, but enough to keep her opinion to herself. After I had my BA done, I made a point of telling her that the only regret I have is that I listened to her for so many years and didn't get them done when I was a lot younger.
  6. I was less than an A cup and am now a DD. I went through Dr Rushapol who was excellent. He was concerned if I had an implant that was to big I would end up with uneven nipples or bottoming out. I ended up getting 350cc and they are a perfect size for me. I look in proportion which is what I wanted.
  7. My nipples didn't get any bigger, but I have been on high beam for almost 8 months now. I am starting to think they are going to stay this way.
  8. My swelling went down about 2-3 weeks after BA. I was told it was ok to go a short time in a crop top or without a bra while I was washing my surgical bra. If you can't use bio oil, trying taking Vitamin C and Zinc apparently this helps with scarring. I also used organic cold pressed coconut oil before and after my BA and have very little scarring now. Do not put anything on your incisions until they are completely healed. As far as internal stitches go I am not sure if they stay there permanently or dissolve on their own, but you don't have to have them removed.
  9. If there is anyone else with money owing from Destination please inbox me. I am getting a group together to go to A Current Affair to expose this company.
  10. I booked through Destination Beauty. After I paid them $500 commission, they organised a surgeon and hospital, but then all contact stopped! Luckily for me I found Moira from Truly Medical Getaways who rebooked my surgery as Destination had cancelled it for some reason. They get their $500 and then you hear nothing back from them. This company is well worth staying away from. I am still 9 months later, trying to get my $500 back! Their response is I became to aggressive therefore they would not refund....well who wouldn't when flights and accommodation is booked and paid for, and the idiots you are meant to be going with cancel your surgery without notifying you. I have heard of a couple of girls who went through Destination and were happy, but I think they were just lucky. I will not give up on that $500. It is the principle of it not so much the money now. I have notified Destination that if they would not refund me I would go out of my way to let everyone know how they operate. Doing it this way destination looses thousands not just my $500.
  11. If you contact Moira from Truly Medical Getaways she will lead you through step by step with no fee. She has a facebook page you can contact her on. She is a registered nurse in Australia and also owns TMG. You know the advise she is giving is up to date and Australian Standards. Other companies have nobody with a medical background working for them and are charging hundreds of dollars to organise your surgery. Moira is up to date on surgeons and hospitals in Phuket.
  12. I went with Dr Rushapol last October. He is excellent. He is straight up with what you can and can't have to get the best results possible. I am happy with my end result, my boobs look natural and my scarring is healing exceptionally well, 7 months post op and my scars are almost completely gone.
  13. Zodee was very cheap for post surgery bras but I am not sure about other compression garments through them.
  14. I agree with Mum2907. Moira from Truly Medical Getaways is just wonderful. She will make sure you have all the correct items to take with you and all the correct information regarding post surgery care and she doesn't charge you anything. The peace of mind I had because I went through Moira was invaluable. I have also noticed her patients do tend to have a better recovery, perhaps it is because she is quite strict with what you can do after surgery. She takes no risks with her clients and is a registered nurse here in Australia.
  15. I went in October last year and went through Truly Medical Getaways who have a facebook page. Moira is the lady that runs it and she is a registered nurse here in Australia, so you know all advise given is correct.
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