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  1. I had crease incision. It was what I would have chosen and also was my surgeons preference. I had my surgery 7 weeks ago and so happy I went with crease. The scar is so small, smooth (wasn't raised right from the beginning.) and it isn't very noticable at all. I feel this is a great incision site if your surgeon is very skilled as I've definitely seen crease incisions that were very raised, not straight, alot longer than mine etc. xo
  2. Aww so sorry to hear that you feel like this! It is completely normal to go through the 'boobie blues' after surgery. My friends warned me that the first few months after breast surgery that I would have days of thinking they are too big, too small, want my old ones back, regret, too fake, too natural, love them, hate them, crying, emotional ect. It's completely normal! I cried the whole of the second week after having mine done and was told that it is also a side effect of the general anaesthesia. Stick in there hun, you are very early days yet. It will take a months for everything to settle down and is definitely a process. (Would be lovely if they were just perfect straight away wouldn't it? Lol) After they settle down you are going to love your new boobies! I loved them in week 3, i'm over the moon and I feel it's the best decision I ever made. Take care and hope you feel better soon xo
  3. Definitely agree with the others. I have a few friends who have also had breast surgery and our surgeons have told us different things, so see what he says xo
  4. Wow how exciting. Definitely sounds like a perfect decision for you as you've been thinking about it for so long. So exciting! It's an exciting journey and you will LOVE the results Can't wait to hear how you get on. xo
  5. They look big, but in proportion with your body. They look amazing on you
  6. I agree with Donatella. My surgeon and I discussed the two different options, although I had already made up my mind before my consultation after looking at hundreds of different results using both round and teardrop. I chose rounds because although I wanted them to look fairly natural and not too big, I still wanted them to look as if i'd had them done when I didn't have clothes on. You can get a very natural result using both. I personally think it's just down to the individual and what kind of look you are going for. The only risk that I know of is that the teardrop ones may turn in their pocket making the breasts look distorted, but this risk is very rare. My surgeon said he only had 4 cases of that happening in the 11 years he has been doing breast augmentation. xo
  7. Good luck with your surgery! Exciting!
  8. So glad you've had a great experience xo
  9. Ahh yay that's so amazing that everything went great for you! He's such an amazing surgeon. I am now 13 days post op and LOVE the results so far. They are perfect size for my frame and are softening/dropping a treat I would also HIGHLY recommend Dr Merten aka Merty! Lol. Be interested to hear how you go. xo
  10. Only 1 sleep now for you! How exciting! Really glad it's easing your mind hun! You will be fine! xo
  11. Hi Ladies, So... The first night was ok but I found my back got really sore from trying to sleep upright and it then gave me a sore back all day. I was taking my painkillers for my back and not my boobs. Lol. Day 1 post op was great. Took all my meds as instructed. Last night was the 2nd night since the surgery and I found a much better way to sleep and thought i'd share in case you ladies want to give it a try and find it helps! First of all make sure you have everything you need in reaching distance to you, because as soon as you are down that will be it for the night and you will need to be lifted up. Lol. The first night I was so scared of lying flat on my back because I was worried I would roll over etc but actually I've found it is so comfortable for me. I lay my pillows flat under me so the whole of my back is supported, then another one under my legs. Also put a flattish pillow under the lower of your back to also help with support. Then I put my u-pillow behind my head and lift the sides of it over my shoulders so that if my head rolls to either side it is supported aswell so that it doesn't get sore. The first night I was waking up every hour or so and having to move around a but last night I took my valium before bed, went to sleep, then the next thing I woke up this morning feeling great after a fantastic nights sleep. Just beware that when you wake, as it is only day 2 post op for me, that you will not be able to get up from a lying flat position. My Fiance had to scoop his hands under my back and lift me up. Do not try and use your arms to lift yourself up. So as far as the boobies go they feel great. I am feeling no pain as such but more tenderness and slightly uncomfortable. I just feel like I've done a million sit ups. Also.... Laughing and coughing is a little uncomfortable so maybe no comedy movies. Lol. My Fiance was laughing at me in bed this morning because I could only move my head and I couldn't get up and he was making me laugh and... owch!! Lol. I'll do another post tonight to let you know how my 2nd day post op goes and if any changes occur. I will also post some photos one week post op. Can't really post any at the moment because the tape doesn't really allow me to see much. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask xo
  12. Good luck!! Hope it goes amazingly for you!! Let us know how you get on. xo
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