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  1. Thanks ladies!! Seems to be easing slightly now. Strangest thing!
  2. That's comforting! I can actually squeeze out what looks like colostrum!? It's so strange! I've actually been nauseous the last 2 days, I'm wondering if my surgery has triggered a slight hormonal 'thing'??
  3. Dr Quinn did some mole removal on my face. He seemed VERY knowledgable and was very precise in everything he did. I think you'll be in great hands
  4. Please tell me 2+yrs after stopping breast feeding that this is normal!!! Im 3 weeks post op today and It's just a few drips every now and then... Mum and dad (whom I'm holidaying with) are freaking out my implant is leaking out! But I'm 99.9% sure that's not it!!
  5. Recovery has been easy as! No pain meds, not even panadol after surgery. Iv'e had the easiest time and have been able to do everything (helpful seeing as though I had surgery 5 days before Christmas!!) Dr Rastogi is awesome, uses the best techniques and anaesthetists and its just been so much easier than I had prepared myself for. dont be anxious!!! You will be so happy with everything
  6. I'm 2wks post op with Dr Rastogi and was offered 360 HP - I was SHOCKED. I thought after being on this forum that he would offer only a 250cc or similar. I'm very tiny, and didn't want to be too big. I (and my anxious hubby) are so STOKED with the results. He really is amazing. My advice would be do whatever he thinks, he is so amazing at knowing what suits each body. he even cut into my cleavage slightly so I have a CLEVAGE!!!!!! We are beyond happy with everything!!!!!
  7. The skin on my boobs is ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! I need to be topless, I feel like I'm going to go crazy!!! I'm 2wks post op tomorrow.... Can't wait for the burn to stop!
  8. Hi girls! I had my op yesterday with Dr Rastogi!!! everything went perfectly, no pain at all and have needed no pain relief! Have had such an amazing experience with him. i have one question though... How do I get the purple marking texta off??? Nothing seems to work! thank you!!!
  9. Thanks girls! I'm so nervous I'll have these crazy boobs, one pointing East and one pointing West with a massive canyon in the middle! I think I'd probably feel better if I could have had my consult sooner with my surgeon.... I'm sure he'd relieve or my worries!
  10. Hi Ladies, I've mentioned before that I have a slight sunken chest and what appears to be quite a big gap between boobs (though even when breastfeeding I didn't have much boob, so I actually don't know?!) I'm worried getting implants is going to accentuate this gap and I'm going to HATE it. Has anyone gotten implants and ended up with quite a big gap? Any regrets??
  11. Hi ladies, with the crazy amount of personal loans out there I was wondering if anyone had already done the research! I'm looking to borrow approx 13k, and would prefer a loan that doesn't charge a fee if we pay too quick/early. We can pay off loan quite quickly and don't want a years worth of interest! The commonwealth personal loan interest is 13.9% while my credit card is only 12.9% ... So I'm even considering just getting another credit card! Would love some recommendations! Thank you!!
  12. Oh yay! The things I have to look forward too :/ What sucks for me, I'll be doing major family and friend catch up first day post surgery for the whole week and a half after surgery Ii want to look booby hot, not frumpy mummy!!!! Booooo!
  13. I have a similar shape to you (big booty!) and I find my seafolly bottoms have good coverage. I thought I was going to see a huge kim Kardashian butt!!! Your not actually big at all!
  14. I'd actually love to know your height and weight if that's ok Ellebee? I'd love a comparison for myself
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