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    "Mummy Make Over"
    Full Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift (with Implants) & arm lipo.
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    Dr Goldman. 20th Sept 2013
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  1. Hi boo2, I was just doing a quick scroll as I don't post as much as I used to. Life's just so dam busy!!! I have a full post here with a break down of ALL of my costs & what rebates I got back. i hope it is of some help to you. Tarnz. http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?17297-Medicare-Health-Care-Rebate-amp-Surgery-costs
  2. No worries DreamBody. I like to keep it honest on here as I kinda expect others to do. Do keep in mind though each state does have it's own "thing". I hope you get more back than I did. Good luck with your "dream body"
  3. & that is her prerogative hanniepie. Unfortunately this kind of info gives the rest of us faults hopes, but I can't talk as I am guilty of it as well. We all do what ever we feel the need to at the time to protect ourselves, make ourselves feel better or what ever. It's human nature. I have tried to be as honest as I can be on here for those who require honest info. Hell, I'm anonymous on here & have nothing to hide from or to be judged for.
  4. This is possibly BS hanniepie. As far as my family are concerned I have told them that between Medicare & Private Health I pretty much didn't pay anything. They would all absolutely freek out if they knew what we'd payed. So I told a huge white lie lol
  5. Hi Usplusthree, Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. To answer your question my surgeon was Dr Robert Goldman (fantastic surgeon I would recommend to anyone. Having said that I have seen a result from his work on someone else that I would not have been happy with as well. This is great feedback I think as some will have better results that others & I'm sure every surgeon has at least 1 patient out there who is not happy with their results), & he gave me all the Medicare numbers at my 1st consult as well. Unfortunately Medicare wont give you the amount you get back when you call them (at least they wouldn't for me). I have to date been payed out in full (this thread need updating obviously). My private health has now payed out the extra @$2004 that I had been waiting so long for them to pay. Unfortunately ladies, I don't believe any of us know exactly how much we get back until Medicare has had their say on your pic's that your surgeon sends to them. From what I have read, everyone seems to get back a different amount. That maybe because of the different cost that surgeons charge for different components of their surgery or (& I'm only speculating here) that Medicare determines how bad your case is to how much they pay out. I am unsure of the whole process really. I then am unsure of how your private funds determines how much they pay out. I suppose a lot of it depends on the amount of cover you have with your private health. There is another thread somewhere here I think about claiming this surgery on tax. As the last financial year is almost over, we will attempt to claim & see how we go. I'm not holding my breath for anything back, especially with this new government in power, but there is no harm in trying hey?
  6. Hi Frangipani Girl, Glad to hear you are healing well & like you have already said we all heal at our own pace. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to hurry on the recovery either. The best thing you can do is take it easy. I had a bit in the middle of my TT scar that didn't heal propally as well, in fact it opened... I don't think these pics have loaded in order The 3rd pic is the 1st pic lol B4 it opened @ 21 days post op The 1st pic is the 2nd pic @ 30 days post op The 4th pic is the 3pic @ 34 days post op & The 2nd pic is the 4th pic @ 41 days post op mmmm yup no order at all & the last pic is 6 months post op. I most certainly hope this isn't what you are experiencing but just wanted you to know that if this kind of thing does happen, it's not really any big deal. We all heal eventually. I even went to Thailand with this open wound. Thankfully at no stage did it actually get infected. *I just thought I'd add that these pic's aren't for the faint hearted. There was no pain associated with this open wound either. Thank god for numbness lol
  7. A week in your new body stella, how's it all going for you? How was the trip home? Tarnz.
  8. My kids were 2 weeks off being 21, 6 1/2 & nearly 3. You shouldn't feel any guilt babe, you are actually doing your family a favor but doing this for yourself. When you are all healed you will have more energy, feel much better about yourself, be able to move & play better with your children. There are so many benefits to getting this surgery. It is not cosmetic surgery it is life changing surgery. I wish you all the best with your up in coming life change. Tarnz
  9. I'm loving this thread too. Thank you all for sharing. The only thing is, it's made me feel so old & unadventurous now, but I suppose that's what this thread is all about.... Memories... I used to live on the wild side... * In the back of a removal van parked up on the side of the road. (b4 hubby) * When hubby & I were dating we hired the "Mile High" plane that we have here in Perth. Was a small plane with all the seats taken out of the back. Only seats for the pilot & his off sider with a sheet hanging in between them & us. I was quite seedy in that the plane was lined with leopard print material & pillows. There was champagne & chocolates. My hubby doesn't drink & I don't drink champa's but I downed the bottle anyway. We were up there for about 90mins, was awesome. I got great positions because my vertically challenged legs could reach the roof, walls end of the plane. OOOHHH the memories lol. * We also got Mile High badges & certificates PMSL We passed!!! * Behind an unused bar at a rave at the Belmont race coarse with my now hubby. We got caught & hadn't quite finished. Biggest kill joy that bouncer was! * In my car at my girlfriends wedding. We fogged & rocked that little Mazda hatch! Hubby & I did have ALOT of fun while we were dating. We were so wild & adventurous. Geez I miss those days. * I was in a a hotel room one Monday morning about peek hour over looking Great Eastern Highway. The room was so fogged up & he had my up against the floor to ceiling windows. The glass was cold, but I was not The people in their cars just had to look up & would have seen it all. It's funny cuz every time I drive past that hotel I always look up. Not sure if it's for my memories (it really was a hot night lol) or to see if anyone else is getting my experience lol I'm such a secret voyeur lol * In the back seat of a Porch. Let me tell you, there is not enough room anywhere in a Porch to have sex, it may seem sexy but it was very uncomfortable lol. Thank you for this tread kiddi, you've most certainly brightened my day with these memories. I might even make hubby happy tonight lol Kids are quite a kill joy for this type of sex though .
  10. Hi Frankie, I'm reading your recovery & re living mine lol It's so frustrating (especially if you the only 1 that does it all usually) just sitting around doing nothing watching your home get messier, the washing mounting & things changing around you because there's not a dam thing you can do about it. Your staying positive which is great. Did you do b4 photo's? If you did just take a look at them when your having a frumpy day. I felt that it helped me to realize how far I'd come & you have come along way babe. I found from probably 3-6 weeks I struggled really bad. I knew I was recovering & feeling better but it took bugger all to exhaust me. Keep your chin up Frankie & enjoy those drinks with your girlfriends, I'll even have 1 for ya Tarnz;)
  11. I read your post jjgirl & feel for you, as all those b4 me have already said, you will get through this & love your new beautiful assets. I am not just a BA're I did the whole kit kaboodle & did the TT, BL/BA + some, so have come from a completely different place to you. I wish you all the best in learning to love what you now have, I'm sure that you & like Miss Bec said "once ur used to the size they will start to seem too small". Somehow, I doubt you will ever you are think you are too small but, hopefully, you will love your new look. Feeling the way you do after surgery is normal & you are in the best possible hands to vent such issues, as WE ALL get how your feeling. All the best babe. Tarnz.
  12. Sounds as though you are recovering amazingly well Frankie, well done. My thoughts at 1st sight of my belly button was "OMG! it looks alien! Where did that come from?", funnily enough when I look at it now (which I don't really notice any more) I still have the same response. Congarts on your recovery. May it keep on being nice & easy for you. Tarnz.
  13. If anything Stella back pain has reduced for me. Tarnz.
  14. Hi Stella, I'm with Frangipani Girl, I was also in hospital gowns for the 1st few days. I went to K'mart & got a couple of drawstring pants I think at the time I payed a mere $3 for them, sure they were miles too long for me but at that price I just cut them to length. I also got some cheap, light, zip up tops. I found zipping easier than buttoning. I wasn't in a binder (have I already mentioned this?) I was in full surgical support garments which I brought & was fitted for b4 surgery & I took to hospital with me. I'm not sure why some get binders & some get surgical garments, it could be because I did have muscle repair along with my TT or it could just be surgeons preference. I did buy a binder, it went with the rest of my surgical garments into theater with me, but it wasn't put on me or given back to me until I asked my surgeon where it went to? He said that he didn't want me wearing it just yet but gave it back. I had heard of so many others wearing their binder & did put it on a few times over my other surgical garments when I would go for a walk down to my local shops. I did feel it gave me a lot more support BUT I have a feeling that I had it too tight (?) or something, as I believe that is what caused my TT scar to open & around 4 weeks post op. Imagine when you make something too tight & it puckers a bit... I couldn't see or feel this under my garments & binder but in IMO I think that's what did it. Your surgeon should tell you what he wants you to get babe, unless it's part of his package & he is supplying it for you. As for 1st thoughts when I came to...OUCH! Pain meds please & OMG I can't see my tummy for these boobs lol Surreal??? VERY! To feel for my tummy was amazing to say the very least. Not to have that flap hanging from my front (I used to call it my front bum ), laying on my thighs & hiding my vjj... Your going to LOVE your new look Stella I guarantee it! It's a total feeling of freedom. Haha I laugh with you talking about it all being gone in 6,5,4,3,2,1 days. I remember the countdown myself. Make sure you get those b4 surgery pics babe. It's great to look back on, even if it's just for yourself, to see just how far you have come. From my experience, when you are feeling better in yourself you forget how you were. I look back on my b4 pic's from time to time & wonder who that person is??? lol So glad its all gone. Life is great! Tarnz.
  15. Stella I slept in our recliner lounge for just over 6 weeks. I couldn't lay completely flat, as I had a painful pulling sensation. + the telly was in front of me which I fell asleep in front of often lol I was in hospital for a 5 night stay then stayed at my parents on the other side of Gidgegannup (about 20 mins out of Toodyay) for 2 nights b4 I came home to finish my recovery. I did seem to manage to sit ok though & still spend many hours on this forum, quizzing all those b4 me on every little thing I felt lol, so sitting wasn't a huge problem for me & neither was swelling a huge problem (I say this 6 months post op & we all know how quickly the memory fades...) When you leave hospital I recommend you get heavily dossed up on your pain meds & have a nice light soft pillow to sit on your belly between you & the seat belt (do your kids have pillow pets by any chance?) & tell the driver to take it very easy & not to hit ANY bumps. You may also like to have some ice packs at hand, just in case. This time next week you will hopefully be on the table having your life transformed. How exciting . Tarnz.
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