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    taniya7130 got a reaction from MISSRAV4 in Medicare/Health Care Rebate & Surgery costs.   
    Hi ladies, I was sure there was a thread on here somewhere about about this topic but from my search it seems to be in dribs & drabs or mentioned in others threats. So I'm sorry to those who have mentioned this topic before & I hope you don't mind repeating your self's. I'm going to be very specific with this.

    OK, as some of you know I had my surgery 5 weeks ago. I had a TT (with muscle repair), a BL/BA & arm lipo all in a 9hr op. I had 5 days in hospital. My surgeon is a cosmetic surgeon & not a plastic surgeon. I am EXTREMELY happy with his work!
    I personally had to pay everything upfront.

    $ 150 for my initial consult (back last November)
    $17,300 to my surgeon
    $ 5,230 to my anaesthetist
    $ 450 to the hospital for private health care excess (Private Health will the rest of my hospital/theater)
    $ 365 for the compression garments I took to hospital/theater (Compression bra, body suit for TT, compression for arms & compression binder, that I'm not allowed to wear yet)
    $ 235 for the 2nd set I got when I got out of hospital (I needed to wear something while I washed & dried the other lot. I just got another bra & body suit with legs)
    updated 14/12/13 for compression garments $100 back from HCF

    Since surgery I have also had to pay out;
    $ 28.30 for take home medication
    $ 404.20 for pathology (my surgeon had a mole on my tummy tested) Updated 14/12/13 $117.05 Medicare & $38.95 HCF

    So to date my surgery has cost me (or should I say, my hubby) $23,752.50

    I have put in to Medicare &/or my health insurance everything I have a receipt for (which is all of the above). To date I have received;
    (from memory) about $65/75 of the $150 for initial consult & I got that back as soon as I put my receipt into Medicare last November, immediately after initial consult.
    $ 675.10 from Medicare of the $3703 for anaesthetist costs I could claim for. (the other $1500 I couldn't claim as, I believe that component was for the arm lipo which was cosmetic). Updated 14/12/13 $212.85 back from HCF

    I have to admit, so far I am a little disappointed as to what I have gotten back, but not really surprised, as I have read some of what others have said about this. I will keep this post updated by editing it when I receive more. My hubby is even more disappointed as he was looking to use the rebate to build the retaining wall we much need out the front of our house. Time will tell.
    Hopefully this will give others exactly what you are looking at getting as far as rebates go. I do believe however there could be differences in what you receive from your health fund depending on your level of cover.
    I would also like to add that when my hubby did his tax the other week he asked about claiming this surgery on his tax next year & they said he could so a ++.
    And I have to keep telling myself & hubby, I am so happy with my new body (even though I still can't use it properly yet) that anything we get back is better than nothing at all.

    PS: As I'm on the topic of costs, & 1 which I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning, but I also just payed out about $165 for some dressings, extra chlorhexidine surgical scrub & some waterproof dressings my surgeon has told me to take to Thailand with me, for the open part of the TT scar that I have developed. I believe that I got a really good price for these through a wholesaler. I doubt I be able to claim these, in fact I wont even try.

    I hope this is of help to others & those that have had their rebates please feel free to add to this as I am still interested in what I may receive yet. Again, sorry to those who may be repeating them selves.

    14/12/13 update refund so far from HCF $351.80
    refund so far from Medicare $862.15

    As of today 14/12/13 I still have not received ANYTHING back for my surgeons costs. Its been 12 weeks since my surgery.
    UPDATED 29/03/14 I have now received $1416.20 from Medicare for my surgery costs from item no. 45558
    I have also received $472.05 back from private health for item no's. 45558, 30177 x2

    UPDATE payed on 15/05/2014
    HCF $2004.02 for theatre costs. (I kept getting a nasty bill from the hospital asking ME!!! to pay this amount. I nearly cried when I got the 1st bill as I thought we'd payed out everything)

    I think this is all my refunds I'll get back from this surgery.
    Total out of pocket cost of surgery for me $23,752.50 (+ the $2004.20 for the theater fees which I personally didn't pay out for. I thought paying the excess was it...& as it turn't out, the excess was all I personally had to pay)
    Total refund from HCF $1175.65 (physically refunded to me + $2004.02 went directly to the hospital)
    Total refund from Medicare $3140.50 (all physically refunded to me)
    Total refund I received $4316.15
    Therefore my total cost of surgery $19436.35 & honestly the best 20K I have EVER spent!!!

    I hope this helps others with a realistic view of what you actually get back. It isn't a lot but it's better than nothing.
    I wish you all well on your own surgery journey's.

    :-x Tarn's

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    taniya7130 got a reaction from ittybittytittys in Perth surgeons for fake look   
    Hi cupcake my surgeon in Perth was Dr Robert Goldman. As far as I'm concerned he is a miracle worker. Mine are only 300cc (by my choice) but I'm sure he does much bigger than that. I'm sure you have already checked out my pic's but if not go for it. I took some more yesterday that I have to upload.
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