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    breast augmentation
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    Dr Pitchit 11th oct
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  1. hi girls, just seeking some advice.. im 6 weeks post op and my boobs have quite a big gap n im a little upset coz i was hoping for some cleavage! my boobs have always been far apart so is there any way i can bring them closer together or im i just stuck with far apart boobs ? they look great in a push up bra but wen i have no bra i feel like their almost under my arms also what does fluffing mean ?
  2. im 3 weeks po and feeling fantastic! i went over muscle 325cc round high profile had no pain day 2 was shopping in bangkok day and night.im loving my new boobies,was adament i wanted mod plus but im heaps happy with high profile and even have side boob im glad i went over muscle coz my main concern was pain as i hav 2 small kids the recovery has been really easy and they feel like my own ...best thng iv ever done xxx
  3. would definately go bak to thailand! fantastic hospitals best surgeons and u can relax for a week or 2 before going bak to normal life
  4. ur stats are nearly identical to mine i got 325cc and they really suit my body im happy with my choice
  5. i wanted teardrops but a few weeks before my surgery found out my surgeon didnt do them as i had surgery in bangkok. i was so upset as i really didnt want round.i ended up getting 325cc round high profile and couldnt be happier they are so natural.i think if u put a big implant in a small body ur gunna get that fake look regardless!so if u stick to a small implant it should look natural.i got overs and had barely any breast tissue and they still look natural
  6. i went to bangkok alone i was fine it was a bit scary at first tho
  7. hated the drains!!!! my surgeon wanted to leave them in 3 days but i demanded he take them out after 18 hrs coz i culdnt stand them .thyre not nessarsary and most surgeons dont use them
  8. i got one last nyt im 3 weeks po i put bandaids over my scars
  9. my dr suggested 350 but i got 325 and i wish i went that little bit bigger !
  10. who here smoked before surgery ? was everythng alright for u after ? finding hard to quit
  11. in thailand mostly all specialise in round not many do teardrop and i wouldnt want to go with someone who didnt use them all the time id rather them stick to wat they know but it sux as i had my heart set on teardrop but from the pics asian tata just showed me mod plus can give quite a teardrop look
  12. 2 weeks for me ...leaving for thailand on the 10th of october and surgery is 11th!!! :) im excited but nervous i jus want it done!
  13. Hi Girls, i really wanted teardrop implants but 2 weeks before my surgery ive been told my surgeon in thailand dosnt do them so now im thinking of moderate plus profile to achieve the natural look ? what do u think ? can anyone on here whos had high profile or moderate plus round implants please show me some pics so i can compare the 2.thanku xxx
  14. sorry gumnut i dont know if im going under or over yet im sick of obsessing so im just gunna go with what my surgeon says
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