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  1. Hi I had DR Pongastorn at Bangkok Phuket Hospital, he's amazing and apparently the guy to go to for reconstructive surgery.
  2. Hehe! He said the same thing to me, I pushed for the 350 highs aswell!
  3. 350 hp must be his go to Jyssika, your the 3rd person I know of that's had the same implants! He's amazing though and I'm so glad you had a great experience, in 3 weeks they'll look and feel natural and in 6 weeks you wouldn't realise they were fake if it weren't for the scar!
  4. Maynegirl, i'm in the same place as you, I was with my ex for 9 years and married for 4. I've been single for 7 months and the whole dating scene freaks me out! I'm sure we'll know when our heads and hearts are ready to be back in the game!
  5. Hi ladies, Im six weeks post op and am feeling that my scar isn't healing as well as it was within the first few weeks after my BA. I have gone back to work in the last 3 weeks which I definitely think has been a factor. I've uploaded a picture and i'd love your thoughts on how it's healing. I wear crops 23/7, rub bio oil/ cocoa butter into my scars daily and have just ordered some fixomull tape to place over my incisions, do I need to be doing anything else? thanks in advance Kate
  6. You won't be disappointed Goose, he's an amazing surgeon! My boobs have looked natural from day dot! He is on the more conservative side though so you may need to really push if you want a bigger implant.
  7. Sorry to hear Maynegirl, it does take some getting used to being on your own again! Like you I found that I had all this free time and got bored very easily especially the weekends. Joining the gym sounds like a great plan, maybe check out some hobby groups and take on something new. Another social avenue is the meet up groups, google it and see what they're up to in your area. Chin up and stay positive, it gets easier
  8. I took the tablets starting as soon as I was coherent after surgery, I had no bruising, minimal swelling and no franken boob, I normally bruise so easily so I definitely think the arnica helped.
  9. Haha Megz, loved reading your post-op story! So glad you're happy with your results, it's the best feeling looking down and realising you have cleavage!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. It's disgusting what some surgeons/hospitals will do to people these days. Sending all prayers your way and hoping that a shining star will look after you and help to heal your physical scars. It's absolutely appalling that you were laughed at by the Aussie doctor, can you write a letter to the Australian surgical board complaining about your treatment?
  11. I think it just depends on your body composition and the shape of your natural boobs, I have 350 high profile rounds and mine look very natural, most people haven't even realised that I've had my boobs done.
  12. Hi ladies! I attempted my first fitness class after 5 weeks of mild exercise, I strapped my boobie in 2 tight exercise crop tops and was so worried the entire time! Thank goodness the instructor was a lady I knew and she's also had her boobs done so she just gave me a heads up when I needed to alternate my exercises. Hopefully I won't be too achey tomorrow and I can start back with my regular fitness routine.
  13. Kiki glad to hear everything went well with your surgery, enjoy your revised assets and keep resting up!
  14. I haven't heard of Dr Visnu but lots of girls on here have had very lovely results with Dr Piyapas
  15. I'm not petite but I have 350cc high profile unders, I've got pictures up too so you can send me a friend request if you like
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