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  1. He has been known to message other girls a few years ago . I don't think he has taken it further though. That's the other issue...
  2. My fiancé of 5 years has taken my credit card not once nor twice now three times and used it. I have him permission to use it last week for a new clutch for his car that's $800. And today I found out that he used $1200. He lied and said that the clutch was more then he thought. I rang and they said he had a balance owing from a previous time and he has paid that off aswell . He says he will pay it back I'm sure he will. But it's the fact he has abused my trust. Do I end it? The second time he used my card I strictly said "do it again and we are over" And he has. What do you girls think. Should I move on or am I being unreasonable? I'm sick of giving him chances
  3. I lost 5kg after mine probably more 'size' as I have been weight training more and they look just as good as the time I was heavier
  4. I have different size and profile implants and they look amazing I got 460cc and 520cc. If you want to compare feel free to FR me
  5. If I can recall correctly I think I took mine out but stressed so bad to my partner to remind me to put it back in when I got back to the hotel room. But for my c-section I left mine in and had a tape around my nose. Which is pretty stupid cause now I have first baby pics with a large piece of tape on my snout :/ lol
  6. Is it me or everyone? I have tried to log on to here for a while now and today I finally can... But every link I go to it's a error...I can't even search to find out if any other of you ladies are having trouble or if there is a reason behind it
  7. Sorry for the long long reply...for some reason I could not log on here. I've shown her your replies and she is having a think about it. She doesn't want to have a lift but i say to her if it's what you need get it done cause there is no point spending $$$ on something that won't have full potential
  8. My friend wants some new melons but she is unsure of what results she will get. She is 161cm 70kg and broad across the shoulders. She us not sure if she needs a lift, she wants to have a fuller look rather than the deflated 14c/d cup
  9. Hey, just sent FR I'm booked with TCI next week and would love to see any before and after pics if you have any. Soo excited!

  10. Thank you, yes they are my own, fantastic twins I got...lol everyone keeps asking if it's me. I'm blessed to have been given a great set by tci
  11. My reasoning was I felt bottom heavy with my little girls. I was sick of clothes not fitting right or being filled out in bras...but I'm ecstatic with what I have been given
  12. No worries, my experience with them was exceptional, my results are everything I had ever dreamed I highly recommend them. Feel free to add me and view my progress
  13. Maybe ingrown hair??? I'm just throwing that idea out there. Go to the doctor and they will be able to find an answer for you
  14. I found it easier for me to get a personal loan from the bank. I chose variable so I could pay it off faster. Plus it works on getting my credit rating up. And it's the same bank I get my pay in. That was my personal choice and worked well for me.
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