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  1. would love to hear from anyone whos had a neck lift overseas or in aus??
  2. Anyone had reviision rhino on the tip??? I love the bridge of my nose but want the tip lifted so my nose looks shorter???
  3. What are your stat's hun? I went to TCI with Dr Tang...my bwd is 12 cm and the biggest they could fit is 390cc - With 13cm BWD im sure they can fit a lot more!
  4. I feel ike mine are tiny now too....especially now that swelling has subsided! im totally having boob greed!!
  5. I had the same its fluid build up and the skin is raised due to the fluid and swelling! Mine is pretty much all gone and im 4 weeks post op. So lucky your are close together! I have so much side boob but a massive gap in the middle!
  6. hey girls just noticed this thread...what are these for?
  7. Hey guys, Ive noticed on a US forum a lot of girls refer to a 'death strap' they use after the procedure.. just wondering if anyone was made to wear one??? At my week 1 consult the nurse advised me that i might need one but never elaborated further as to why and mentioned that they are not very common??? I will like i've missed out! xo
  8. Im starting to able to push mine together in a bra but bra free there's a landing strip size of 3 fingers
  9. Im starting to be able to squeeze them together but same...wish they stayed like this!
  10. Mine are so lop sided and one is sitting so much higher and look different sizes!! I cant even take a decent photo of them its so obvious they say everyones different depending on your muscle at the rate tgey d & f... im just worried they will stay like this!! Maynegirl I guess all we can do is wait
  11. Hey girls! I am 3 weeks post op..and ever since I started planning my BA my main concern was my big gap. I know that there is not much you can do about it without risking many potential complications but I still hoped and wished the size and implant placement could create the illusion. I know its early but is it safe to say they wont get any closer? Did your boobs comes closer together as they dropped and fluffed more?? Is there a massaging technique I can use to encourage them to come closer? Please let me know...im ready to accept that it wont be possible but there still is a little hope!!!!Thanks in advance girlies!
  12. Thanks Donatella!! I would love your job <3 Have you ever used Sculptra? What product would you more commonly use on cheeks? Should I start with 1 mil in each cheek?
  13. Thanks Donatella, yeah i might try out fillers first.. do you find they can give a similar result to what cheek implants can achieve?
  14. I went last night and covered them with dressings and was fine I done an 8 minute session just a little colour.. I know im going to get one the fake tans soon .. just hate the smell and the stains it leavea on my clothes. Donatella I seen ur tan machine post im gonna buy it I think
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