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  1. Hi flora love I'm the exact same stats as you:) haven't had my BA yet. And would be interested to see how you go I myself was hoping to get over 300's but I'm looking for the fake look.
  2. I'm in the same boat I've had clots due to the pill so I will have to see about blood thinners for when I have my BA. Not looking forward to those injections:(
  3. Lorra24

    Hi All:)

    Hi there little L I'm in rural nsw about a 3 hour drive from Sydney so I'm lucky I don't have to go that far:) I'm thinking of doing my consult early next year and then my op hopefully April / May when it starts to cool down a little bit. In the meantime I am obsessed and doing all the reasearch I can lol . I think I like the look of Dr Val's work best but all the surgeons come highly recommended its hard to choose:) who did you go with?. I honestly not sure which look but am swaying towards porn star lol I had my first baby at 17 so I've never really had perky boobies but if the surgeon wants to go a more natural look I'm fine with that too:) I really just want them bigger I'm sick of wearing extra padded push up bras and I don't look good in swimwear I feel like a boy:(. I'm really hoping I can get to a DD I loved my breast feeding boobs and still think I could go a bit bigger:) just getting excited and can't wait
  4. Lorra24

    Hi All:)

    Hi girls. So I'm looking at getting my B/A early next year fingers crossed. I'm looking at going to a consult at TCI and was wondering which doctor any of you recommend? And also what's the process how was the experience etc,. And any advice on how many cc's to go as I'm only 5'1 and 49kg and wanting D's to DD's i think I'm a small B Atm. I'm 30 yrs old got 3 kids who I breastfed and now looking for a fix up lol. Also looking for something round and high if that makes sense? Not really looking for the teardrop shape as I don't think it would suit my body type.So What type of implant or model would I be looking at etc?. Looking forward to chatting with you all
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