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  1. Oh God 7 months - I'll go crazy if it lasts that long. Hubby is getting the shits lol cos he can't touch them. He keeps saying you've got these great tits and now I can't even touch them (men!!!)
  2. Did you get sensitive nipples and how long did it last? It is driving me insane. I'm am nearly 3.5 weeks post op and in the last week my nipples have become so sensitive and hurt to touch or when clothes rub on them.
  3. I had 350 round Brazilians on the 12th of November. I wouldn't say I was in any real pain just discomfort really. I only had panadol for the first 3 days on the instruction of the doctor. They still feel quite tight and one side is slightly more swollen (sitting higher) than the other.
  4. My surgery is tomorrow and my doc recommended overs too as I am a fitness instructor.
  5. So good to hear your story Libby - one week for me to go and I'll have new boobies thanks to Dr Fleming.
  6. i am booked in with Dr Fleming for Nov 12. I had my second consultation yesterday and decided on 355 round overs - so excited, can't wait.
  7. Hi ladies. I'm new to all of this so I have friend requested a few of you (hope you don't mind). I am deciding between 330 and 375. I am looking at Brazilian and under the muscle. I would love to see some pics. I am booked for surgery on Nov 12. TIA
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