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    Breast Augmentation 2013 475cc anatomical implants, revision 24th Sep 2016 different surgeon with BA 450cc round HP also had a TT MR and HR
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    1st BA oct 2013 475cc anatomical, 2nd BA sep 2016 450cc Round Smooth HP plus TT, MR, HR
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  1. @Wowbcscott so good to hear the revision went well and you are content but most of all your surgeons care has been great that counts for so much these days..and yes second time round there is minimal pain and recovery will be a lot quicker, rest up take care
  2. Kazza

    September 2016

    Hey I'm still around so good to hear your happy with your results they do after time just become a part of you and you forget what it was like to not have em I love my ( . ) ( . )'s and new tummy and exercising now is far more rewarding in many ways for me not having my excess skin flapping around is the biggest bonus not to mention having my core muscles back and then with the boobs I feel I now have that lady curvy figure curves in all the right places I'll upload some recent pics to my album for those to look at my scars have faded so much and so glad I did the lift as well those scars you have to really look to see them now everything stands tall and perky
  3. My first set of anatomicals 475cc rotated 90degrees outward toward my armpits and the look prior to this happening with anatomicals didn't give me the upper pole fullness I ultimately thought I would get that was back in 2013 i now have had revision with a BL and have 450cc rounds and love the look I have I am still active at the gym and outdoors and I have no issues oh both implants were/are under if you like the round don't let your surgeon try to persuay you seek a second opinion
  4. Hi ladies I'm now 8months post my TT and getting back to the gym has been slow due to the hideous swelling after each session..I can remember having to take it back to doing 1 day on and about 2 days off to ease back into it..I can now however go everyday and mix up my weights and cardio yes I swell still but not as bad as before where it was noticeable to the point I looked pregnant...I did do a isolated ab workout about a month ago though and WOW!! The next day I looked as swollen as I did 3 days post op so for now I'm not even going to target these is a isolated manner again for a while ? I thought by now I would have been fine but obviously not can't believe how long it actually takes to repair but nonetheless I'll give it another go I reckon closer to 12months for the abs apart from that it does feel so much better working out now without that excess skin shaking about ?
  5. Hi ladies thought I would chime in i am now 6 months post op I had a Brest revision with new implants plus a breast lift I also had tummy tuck hernia repair and muscle repair all done in one operation... i regret not having done my tummy earlier as I love my new body shape everything was worth it, the night before my op I was ready to pull out with fear of the unknown and nerves but I knew from all I read that short term pain for long term gain and it is so true.. my breast recovery was a breeze being a revision I knew what I was in for and if was less painful than the first time my tummy tuck hernia repair and muscle separation repair was a different story, first 7 days couldn't stand for anymore than 10minutes due to bring hunched over and back pain but in saying this by 2 weeks I found I could stand straight in the mornings but found myself hunching over by mid afternoon just as it takes time to heal by 4 weeks it was like I turned that corner standing straight walking smaller distances but by afternoon feet had to be put up... I actually was driving by end of first week note my choice purely as had to drop kids off to school and live regionally so not a lot of traffic and was in the car for Max of 25mins I drove with a pillow in between my seat belt and tummy for added support... house duties were a very minimum for first 4 weeks my mother helped me for first two weeks then I found I could potter around after that for about 1/2 in the morning and again in the afternoon i have pics in my gallery if you wanted to send me a friend request and happy to offer any info advice ?
  6. I was the same as yourself, I was borderline lift with my first ba and like you I was happy to have the lift originally but for whatever reason said surgeon did not perform and 3 years later I ended up with my teardrop implants rotating and less than desired results, l looked like I had a saggier bigger version of my pre op boobs... september last year I had revision with a breast lift and round implants with a completely new surgeon in Melbourne, very happy with my results and my new surgeon. i do understand your frustration and dissatisfaction with your less than desired results, some great Sydney surgeons as suggested dr t and also Melbourne with dr Rubinstein... ☺
  7. @donatella you are recovering now but damn girl I just watched the snap and they look ? gorgeous just perfect you will love em xxx
  8. Yep ?? I just saw this as well...they look ? AMAZING ? you are going to love them xx
  9. @donatella ⚽️⚽️Your day is here wow so excited for you I know how long you've wanted this size revision, hope you got some sleep last night and your well rested this morning thinking of you and remember pain meds and pillows are your friends ? xx ?
  10. From previous experience stop all upper body now!!! The tighter your pec muscles are the harder recovery one will have...I trained right up to my first BA and went hard on chest thinking I was doing the right thing in fact my pec muscles were that tight that they clamped down on my implant which gave it the frankenboob look in the first 5 days and took longer for the drop and fluff process to take place because they were tight and swollen as the pec muscle went into shock clamp down mode lol hideous but then again everyone is different..this is just my personal experience...
  11. Same no drains for me second time round and there was no pain it was so much better but then again you are getting ? melons baby hahaha xx ?
  12. My sundresses have the elastic thick straps so they hide the bra strap itself and the swelling I wasn't concerned enough to try and hide when I went out, not an issue at all but you also have to be comfortable as well during the healing process as will take a while to all settle and calm down younsound organised anyway ☺️Not long now
  13. Hey Don surprising I found that the first with drains was more painful second time no drains and it was so so so much better recovery even with my lift I thought it would hurt but nope breeze through you are having third time round I reckon you will be absolutely fine and they will look divine ? ( . ) ( . )
  14. Hi ladies just a quick chiming in here @donatella not long now so freaking excited for you can't wait to see your new girls ? And also ladies the button up tops are overrated two breast jobs for me and my recommendation is those simple boho style dresses the ones that you can step into and pull up especially this time of year I also wore long singlet dresses around the house as easy to step into as well remember button up shirts with big boobs will hang loose from your boobs down and you will feel very round wearing these and recovery you want to feel comfortable but still with a little sas ?? good luck girls
  15. ?? Me I had rotated anotomicals.. first BA October 2013 and at 3 months noticed changes...got worse overtime and I ended up experiencing some pain in my upper pecs...mentioned to my current surgeon at the time long story at 3 years post op he confirmed they had rotated...i just had these replaced in September 2016 with a completely new surgeon...both implants were rotated at a 90 degree angle hence the heavy part of the anatomical was sitting in line with my armpit on the outside which was causing the pain...amazing how much pain we live with and thinknits normal until we are longer in pain...I now have a lift a new set of round smooth 450cc mentor implants and couldn't be happier and or healthier...but I knew it was wrong at the 3 month mark I could feel a bubble off to the side and overtime it kept obviously moving round...
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