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  1. It was pretty accurate for me. the difference between the two is a shot glass full, not much, so if you're unsure then go for 330cc. I didn't have to change my outfits too much since I don't wear a lot of strappy/revealing clothes anyway. I have a lot of shirts with sleeves and dresses that cover my chest and shoulders.
  2. Ohhh I see. Well hopefully it resolves a bit sooner for you. At least it's good to know, I'm sure you'll keep a very close eye on it.
  3. They're not as big as a lot you'll see on the forums haha I was pretty spot on with my estimates. I played around with rice sizers for a while and even took them with me to try on bras before I had surgery to see whether it would look ok under clothing. Sports bras are great and all but I wanted to see how a proper bra might look with it all filled up, you know? Have you had any other consultations? The size your surgeon chooses is dependent on your bwd as well as your existing tissue and size so you may not be able to go as big as you'd initially like, but seek a second and even third opini
  4. I would wait a few weeks before spending too much. The shape can change quite a bit and something which was comfortable when you bought it, may not be so later on. I'd recommend some soft bralettes, cotton on has pretty lace ones and cotton ones, and you can get cheap wirefree bras at kmart and big w.
  5. I can see the difference, have you sent the pics of the right one as well? . My right scar wasn't as curved as the left since the right one is taking longer to drop but I haven't had any pain and it's pretty normal so far. I would wait to hear back and see if you can book a time to see them.
  6. I've sent you a friend request so you can see my pics. You're smaller than me but it might give you a bit of an idea, my stats are in my signature. I'm happy with my size, I think they look natural for my body but everyone has a different opinion of what "natural" looks like. I tried on a range of bras last night at a couple of stores and I seem to be 10DD in everything, some brands and styles are even a little small in that size.
  7. My BWD is 11cm and I got 275cc. I have no idea how big I could go with that since I only wanted smallish ones.
  8. Hmm so the right one is nothing like the left at the moment? Is it hot to the touch? Have you been able to get in touch with Carly or Dr Richardson about it?
  9. Yay boobs! I was researching it for a couple of years before I had my BA as well, I felt such relief once it was done. Good luck
  10. Your stretch marks will be from growing, just more visible now that you've lost some weight. The good thing is when you fill them up again with impants you won't really notice them, mine are so much better now Projection refers to how far they stick out from your chest, i.e. looking at a side view of a breast a high profile implant will protrude further foward than a moderate profile of the same brand. Keep in mind that a moderate in brand A may be the same as a moderate plus in brand B. The projection you end up with will also be influenced by your BWD breast width diameter which will det
  11. They are pretty similar to mine! Depending on the look you're going for anything in the 300-400 range would look great. Have you tried on any rice sizers to get a feel for it? Although I got only 275 the nurse thought it was a much bigger implant lol keep in mind the projection will have an impact on how they look, and your surgeon might also recommend dual plane to help perk them up a little more. You're still young and your skin looks to be in better condition than mine which again can affect your results. Have you booked in for a consultation with anyone else? As good as Dr Stradwick is I
  12. Good luck Lover!! They will be awesome (and HUGE haha )
  13. The waiting can be draining at times that's for sure, I was getting super obsessed before my BA but the time flew by, it will be here quicker than you think
  14. Yep I put up with it for over 10 years until I finally did something about it lol you'll find a wealth of info on the forums here, it will give you the best confidence to go ahead with it I got dual plane like bozogirl did, and I got 275cc round high profile textured mentor implants. I am at 6 1/2 weeks now and am loving them.
  15. Hi hanniepie I've sent a friend request if you'd like to see some of my pics, though I didn't go with Dr Stradwick I've heard nothing but great things about him. My breasts had no upper pole and sat quite low on my chest as well, and like bozogirl says for some of us it's not all about going really big in size, just the fact that they don't sag anymore is fantastic
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