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    Dr Tang, 5/6/2014
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  1. I am also wanting a bbl, did you have any luck finding someone?
  2. Has anyone had their rhinoplasty with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast? Would you recommend him? Im after good and bad experiences please ?
  3. MummaH

    Teeth filing...

    That's good that you didn't have to pay, I have a dentist appointment Friday so I will ask then, thankyou ? That's so good to hear, thankyou. Now hopefully my dentist will do it for me ?
  4. MummaH

    Teeth filing...

    May I ask how much it cost to get them filed? Did you just get them shortened? I want one shorter as its higher and then 2 kind of curve at the end and I want the edge slightly filed so they look straighter... Not sure if that makes sense lol
  5. MummaH

    Teeth filing...

    Has anyone had their teeth filed to do slight corrections? I am interested to see how it went and if you felt anything? ?
  6. Anyone seen someone amazing on the Gold Coast or Brisbane that doesn't give that duck look ?
  7. Hi ladies, can anyone recommend an amazing plastic surgeon (not cosmetic) on the Gold Coast or Brisbane that is good at rhinoplasty? I want someone who can give natural results and can fix my bridge and make the tip smaller. Thanks ?
  8. Hi ladies, can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon (not cosmetic) on the Gold Coast or Brisbane that does liposuction?? Would love to see pics if anyone has them ?
  9. It really depends on how you feel about it all. TCI don't take any responsibility for surgeon error until its to late (like going to the media), what they perceive as an acceptable result and what actually is are 2 completely different things, they seem to have a constant problem with 1 or both breasts not dropping then claim its your body so charge you for revision (if they see a difference). Alot of their revisions are also coming out wrong resulting in girls needing more then 1 revision to fix the problem. The list goes on. I would never ever recommend this place to my worst enemy not just
  10. I know, I think after my experience with TCI it has really put him off surgery all together. Hahaha you make a good point though about them turning men into women though, its very hard now its not just thinking about who can do my revision but are there work any good, what are there reviews like, how much experience in revisions do they have, have they done a revision as complex as mine, what is there policy in regards to the revision not working as perfect as expected, I would need to obviously fly back to wherever I go if a 3rd revision is needed, although it may look like a holiday with 4 k
  11. TCI claim there revision rate is 0.02% and there are plenty more girls then that, that need revision. I am a perfect example of surgeon error, I walk into a plastic surgeons office and they take 1 look and instantly say way to big. Dig a little further and tell me 100% surgeon error, I believe wherever you go plastic or cosmetic if its surgeon error all fees should be waived. Its not just that but TCI don't take any responsibility for there errors then threaten you if you speak up about it to anyone. That in itself is just disgusting behaviour from any surgeon and would be a massive red flag f
  12. No that report was on 60 minutes, I was on a current affair and have severely wonky boobs Exactly!!!! TCI claim there revision rate is only 0.02% hahahaha
  13. I was one of the girls on the aca story so I had an extremely bad experience with TCI. Also there so called 'revision' rates arnt there complication rate, keep in mind a LOT of girls don't go back to them for revision but rather a ps which is why they say its so low but its not that low at all.
  14. Unfortunately hubby isn't going to settle for anything other then amazing and a 3rd world country is a huge no for him ?
  15. Im not sure if your asking me or not but ill answer anyway lol no I don't need a lift, I'm just a mess! I have looked into Dr Revis also but take into account the currency rate difference, flights etc it adds up to a lot.
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