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  1. Hey love, I have similar stats, I was 43 kg, 5'0 and prob a a/b cup when I had my op with Dr Lim. I am 19 months post-op and he recommended textured round implants. I went a 385cc from memory thinking I'd be a d cup. I've ended up a 10E/F depending on the make. I haven't been on here for a while but logged in after I got the email, saw your post and wanted to say I was very happy with Dr Lim. He was great pre and post op and good at recommending what is best. He uses a great anesthetist also I felt great post op. I'm happy with my results wouldn't change a thing size wise and the textured have settled to a nice firm shape but still soft. My b/f can squeeze them and they have a little bounce and great cleavage now. I think the hard part is waiting for the results it does take time to settle at least 12 months so you need to be patient! Good luck x
  2. Hey I have had filler under my eyes twice, I have dark circles and a little hollowness so my PS recommended the smallest amount of filler to smooth out this area. It is only noticeable for the first couple of days as it does bruise a little but with a little makeup you can cover it up successfully I haven't done lips but I think they are more noticeable because they do swell. For me the only comment I got was that I was looking more refreshed I have had dark circles since childhood so people would always comment how tired I looked when I wasn't lol. So it wasn't a dramatic overdone look because my PS was careful to only plump the area minimally it looks natural. It lasts about six months and each time less needs to be put in so I haven't been back for a while.
  3. Hey there I had mine on for two weeks also. I was the same I had to take it off for a little while particularly towards the end of the two weeks as I was in a lot of pain. It was pressing down on a wonky nerve which meant I couldn't really move around upright for more than 20 mins without being in agony. I did keep it on tho as I was told for the two weeks Was so happy to have it gone tho felt heaps better after I got to take it off and start taking neurofen made a world of difference!
  4. Yes indeed the first two months I think have the most changes as they settle in. As One Day has spoken about that sensitive period can drive you mad! I think at three weeks I felt more like myself again moving more and going out. The nerve pain went on a little longer for me but the little twinges and electric like shooting pains all nerves regenerating from what I was told. When you first get your period after surgery my boobs swelled up a little again and were sore but they were like that before surgery. My boobs still kept getting a bit swollen by the end of the day probably rather first eight weeks. At eights weeks they felt more like a part of me. The incisions can get irritated by the bra which could be why it is a little sore they stay red for a little while but I did gentle circular massage with bio oil to break down any scar tissue from week three. (haha have to stop and giggle at my cat snoring at my feet lol!) the numbness underneath did stay awhile a few months from memory. That's all I can think of for now but let us know of anything else along the way I'm glad you have only had minimal pain that's great hopefully means a speedy recovery for you! X
  5. Aww best of luck Beck! It's finally here and it will all go so quickly tomorrow you will be home before you know it with new boobies! Have a nice bath tonite to relax or something to make you feel good we will all be thinking of you and here for you in recovery. xo
  6. Hey Kitty, glad to hear your trip is going well! I'm sure once things settle more and your back in your own environment things will feel different so enjoy the rest of your travels and look forward to seeing your pics lovely lady
  7. Hi lyyl, I know it's tricky so much info out there and types of boobies you can have! Similarly to Beka my stats and implants are the same. I had thought to go teardrop for a natural look but my PS felt round would be better to give upper pole fullness. I had a little bit of boob so the implant size was comfortable, this is what your PS will look at as well as your chest width in recommended size. Textured implants from what I can tell are not as moveable as smooth but can still get soft and bouncy. I got textured as recommended by my PS for reduced CC and forming shape. I can't comment on the rotation aspect sorry as mine are round. Round implants can look different depending on the look you want, all the ladies on here have their ideal of how they would like them to look, if you can find pics that might help. You can have different profiles/projectionfor a more fake look or natural depending on what you want. Mine point to the sky when I lay down hee hee, I'm five months post op. though when I roll to the side they do move across and create cleavage. happy for you to add me if you would like to see my pics as I went for the more natural look
  8. Hi Miss SJ, the only thing I can add to what the girls have said is that it is good to work out how you are going to sleep beforehand. Some girls have used a recliner the first few days as its easier to get up and sleep in. I got a stuffed upright pillow with arms I could use to rest with and sleep sitting upright the first few days. I am a side sleeper and have def gone back to it prob about eight weeks for me. I didn't lie flat until three weeks later. It is tricky getting up and down so if you have someone around to help you the first week it is great. I did bruise a little underneath where my incisions were and a little up between my breasts but it went pretty quickly. Nothing too much at all. June 7th not too far at all!! xx For me I used the Pand Forte a bt longer because I had a nerve issue and also neurofen at three weeks after approved by my PS as my nerve wasn't settling. Then just went to Panadol if I needed it.
  9. Hey I went on my own for the first consult and then when I went for my second to to final sizing I brought my best friend. She is very honest and I wanted her to tell me if they looked too big or too small etc. it was helpful after looking at boobies all the time your perception of them change so I wanted someone else who knew nothing to look at me and tell me what they saw
  10. Yay!! Wishing you lotsa luck and I am sure you will definitely look even more awesome and sexy than you already do
  11. Hi Jooellgee, you must be so excited that time will fly by! I know what you mean I also wanted to find the right PS to work with and have him advise me, I felt really confident in my doc to let him guide me and he really listened to what I wanted. So I too left it in his capable hands probably a little more than others have. Good luck to you both now your on the countdown!!
  12. Hey Alice, I believe my crease was lowered to fit the implant and give me the look I wanted. It really wasn't a big discussion with my PS he just said that's what they do so I thought it was part of process. I have had no problems thus far five months on. No bottoming out issues, I used to workout a bit so I had tighter muscles it took me a bit longer to drop... Sorry I can't help more I have my check up in a couple of weeks so if I find out anymore from my PS I'll let you know. Hopefully your PS can give you good info on both
  13. Hi there Sydneymum yes I had my BA there five months ago. Given my stay was not as long as yours is to be ( I had day surgery) they did take me up to a room for lol ten/fifteen mins! The staff were great I can't complain at all, very professional and efficient. I haven't been in Nepean Private so can't comment. So sorry can't be more help but compared to some other private hospitals, I found Westmead great!
  14. Hey ladies, I have posted a few times on my size as there are quite a few petite ladies asking the same question. I am 5'0" or 152 cms tall, 43 kg so a size 6. I had my BA five months ago and I ended up going 385cc under the muscle, textured, incision crease. I was offered 345 first and my PS said if I wanted slightly bigger I could go the 385cc. I am very happy I went bigger I am loving my boobies my PS was honest and said for my proportions that was what I could get away with. Anything bigger he said I'd look out of proportion and not as natural as I was wanting. I think it is important to let your PS know what the look is your after, cup sizes don't look like they sound and it can be confusing. As a lot of the girlies on here suggest doing the rice test is a great way of seeing how a size feels for you. I don't feel mine look too big, and I'm now a 10E - starting off wanting a C but having only been small we think C is huge lol! Hope that helps and good luck ladies!
  15. Sorry was meant to be a big smile!
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