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    Hamish Farrow November 1st 2013
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  1. "Should be ok" that's reassuring. LOL
  2. I had sex on day one right after I got home and again on day 2. LOL
  3. Wow lots done!!! All the best for your recovery
  4. I have Brazilians and I am so so so happy I chose them! I love how they look, feel and sit. I love my boobs and still stare at them nightly in the mirror lol. I had a super quick recovery and my boobs felt fine the whole time. Being someone that works out daily and runs for one hour a day, these implants don't Bounce and in a supportive bra I don't even notice them while running. I love that I can lie down and they stay up and I have super side boob
  5. I'm so glad your consult went well! If anyone knows what they're talking about Craig does for sure. It's so unfortunate this happened to you. That's interesting what was said about brazzies, I went brazzies cos of their lesser cc rate.
  6. Can't help on those but I used hamish farrow in hawthorn and was exceptionally happy with the whole experience, his professional manner, experience and my results. I put my trust in him and was not disappointed
  7. My BA surgery was easy as pie and I was only on panadol AND got a big size implant. I've had everything pierced when I was a teen and about 18 hr of tattoo so think I'm just good with pain. Hopefully if I pop out a baby down the track I deal with that ok too..lol
  8. My implants are almost five months old and totally part of my body now!! I forget I even had surgery. I run for one hour every day and my boobs do not annoy me at all. I am a 12e. They sit lovely, don't bounce around if I crop top them well for exercise, and I can finally sleep freely on my sides, stomach etc without waking up a bit stiff. I have furry brazilins and they are softened lots but still a bit firm. It doesn't bother me and I love them and have been told they will soften up even more in the coming several months I just love my boobs to death and it was the best thing I ever did!!!
  9. My co workers think my boob surgery was the bomb!! The word spread like wildfire on the first day I was back at work but I didn't mind. I was proud!!
  10. Mine are 4.5 months post op and if I sleep funny on them or something they can still have little niggles of pain. Often upon waking and sitting up they can be slightly stiff too but not bad at all
  11. Wow don congrats!!!!!! I've also had a few dates with a guy, I used to know him briefly like 7-8 yrs ago, he worked in a bank across from my shop so we talked here and there etc. We caught up a few times during that era but just as friends. We have been on each other's face books since then without any chats, so many years! Then a few weeks ago I liked a few of his posts, he sent me a message saying how are you long time no speak? And we've been texting and chatting every day through each day since then we've had a few meals out, seen a movie, I accompanied him to his friends BBQ and I've gon
  12. I personally wouldn't bother lol but it's up to you. Your just walking into and off the plane you'll be fine just be aware of whos around you
  13. I have Brazilians but I'm only 4,5 months post op. Brazilians are a firmer implant to start with but do a lot of their softening from months 6-12 so even though mine are semi soft now, I'm excited to watch them soften further. Their firmness has never worried me. Only right after surgery when they were swollen and rock solid and sitting so far apart I had like a 4 finger cleavage gap lol. Now they sit together nicely (they don't touch but my boobs didn't beforehand either, that's just my frame)
  14. Yup silicone is the mainly used type now although saline was back in the day
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