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  1. Totally use laser I had my brazilian, underarms and legs done and it has been the best thing ever. Pubic and underarms reacted so well and I was pretty much hairless after the second session. It wasn't overly painful down there, but definitely not painless. It is truly an amazing feeling to be hair free and worry free. I hated worrying about whether or not I had shaved. It feels a little odd to say but being hairless below the eyebrows is liberating for me, I just love the feel and wasn't a fan of hair anyway. My partner said it took some getting use to, but even they love it now. I found a heap of information on this site: http://behairfree.org It said that you should use a medical grade laser and I read that the alexandrite lasers were the best for almost any hair type.
  2. Yep Three months for me. I had the three month check up today and my surgeon said it's fine to stop tapping but to start using Dermatix cream instead for the next three months. So happy to not have to tape anymore, the tape was giving me a rash, but three months flew past.
  3. I agree with dee envy. I personally had issues around my body image, but I wanted to make sure that I got it sorted before having any surgeries. I would seriously consider seeing a counsellor. I don't feel like getting larger boobs will sort anything long term and to be honest the first three weeks after having the surgery was very emotionally taxing for me. I am not saying don't get your boobs done but I think you should try and get your other issues sorted first. Surgery wont fix it for you.
  4. Mine told me 5 - 6 weeks of sleeping on my back. I got told at 6 weeks that I could sleep however I like now
  5. Hi all, I just had my 6 week post op appointment and I am now free to wear any bra I want even a underwire bra. but the thing that makes me the happiest is no bra at all and being able to sleep on my stomach and sides. I finally have the all clear to be me again yay.
  6. Mine are 14cm wide, it really just depends on what looks best on your frame. I have quite a wide chest so it was a good fit for me. I'm currently a 14DD but expecting that they might get a little bigger as the swelling is all gone and the size went down with that. But everyday they seem to look slightly bigger.
  7. It's been a month for me so far and I am still tapping. I think from memory I read around three months but it sounds like it's different for every surgeon. I have another consult in a few days so I will ask then to be sure.
  8. My advice would be to talk to your GP, they will be able to recommend a surgeon in your area. Plus then you can see a surgeon to discuss the outcomes of such a surgery. (Positive or Negative) Unfortunately because I don't have the hardware your talking about it's hard to offer much more than that as advice. Hopefully somebody else might shed some light on the subject. If not your general doctor is a great place to start.
  9. I was told that there should be no problems, but I have unders. My surgeon did say that because I am going under there shouldn't be any issues. Not sure if that means if you have overs there might be issues though. Cupcakes mine said the same about the nipple incisions, he also mentioned that going through the arm pit can cause issues too. Sounded like the fold was the best place to get cut to me.
  10. I use it until a day before, then exfoliated and antibacterial scrubbed the night before.
  11. Yeah I am a month post-op to and they still are a little sore, I definitely notice the tenderness on the sides and around the scars but they are pretty good in general and not really running my day now. I would say that until a week or so ago I was still quite tender all over and my muscles were still spasming which was quite unpleasant. I guess half way through week three was when it started to settle down for me.
  12. I'm a month today and I got a wirefree bar a few days ago, I am now a 12DD but lefty is slightly softer and slightly bigger, and seems to get softer and bigger each day. I would be expecting that 12DD is just a momentary thing for me and that I will be going up a size or two from here. It's is a nice feeling though to be overflowing a cup.
  13. I agree! Way to soon, I am a month PO today and every time I reach for something above my head I feel like I am stretching my stitches or scars. It's so unpleasant that I am unconsciously bending my back so my arms don't have to lift so high. Even just picking a mug out of the cupboard from above shoulder height feels too stretchy. Everyone is different but my experience is that your better off playing it way on the safe side, you wouldn't want to damage anything especially when it costs so much to get done in the first place. So as Ice Cube would say "Check yourself before you wreck yourself"
  14. One Month for me today, how is everybody else doing. I am very happy so far, I have found two little vains sticking out below my scar on the right boob but according to my surgeon it will go away by itself and it's nothing to worry about. As for everything else I couldn't be happier. I have to get about 2cm away from the mirror to even see the scars and even my GP was shocked with how small and invisible they are. So happy that I did so much research before going under the knife as I feel it really turned out awesome and my surgeon is truly and artist. I can't wait to get back to doing some yoga I have a bit of a muffin top going and my flat stomach is pretty pudgy now. Guess I should have laid off the chocolate over the past few weeks. Anyways hope everyone else is doing well.
  15. Hiya, hope you don't mind the friend request. Just wondering how your recovery is going?

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