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    BA - anatomicals deciding between brazilians and textured silicone
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    Deciding between Canberra - Dr Taylor; Sydney - Dr Tavakoli or Dr Rastogi. Hopefully this year
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    170cm 58kg 12/14 A cup

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  1. Thanks so much everyone. As I said it's still very early days so we don't know what will happen, but it's so heartwarming to read your lovely messages! Kazza, thanks for the advice about the treadmill, I definitely need to get fitter if I'm going to be able to deal with this. Have a great day everyone! : )
  2. After a year of ivf at the age of 40 following the birth of my little boy the year before - after fostering a baby girl who will stay with us for life - after having a BA done 5 months ago, somehow I find myself pregnant 'naturally' at 43. It's only early days (5 weeks) so anything could happen but I think I'm still in shock! There is no room in our house for another child, I was starting to get excited about the kids getting older so I can have more time to myself and to get back into running my own business, and of course I have no idea how this will affect my new boobs (I think they'r
  3. Hi Lover If it was me I would send them an email saying how excited I am about coming to their wedding and that you have the accommodation, flights, hire car etc all booked and ready to go. Then I would say something like "I'm really sorry but I don't think we will be able to contribute as much money as we would like to in the wishing well as a fair bit of it has gone on the other expenses - really hope that's OK". You'll probably get a reply back saying that that's no problem at all and that they're just happy you're making the effort to come. They will probably even say don't worry about
  4. Dear Libby, what a difficult time! I think the tattoo is very honest, showing all the sides of your sister - your embracing and loving her as she really was. I've been to psychologists many times, the great thing about them is that you can completely offload, you don't have to worry about seeming negative or talking about all your problems too much, like you might with friends - their job is to be there for you and help you through those difficult times. We spend a lot of money and time at the gym to get our bodies into great shape, a psychologist is there to get your mind in the best shape
  5. Hi Hayley Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable filling in your questionnaire because I don't think having a breast enlargement is related to looking youthful - not for me anyway. Also, in your questionnaire you mention many times going to 'extreme lengths' to change our appearance, to me it makes it sound like what we are doing is excessive, the term has negative connotations for me. That's my personal response to the questionnaire, but I do wish you good luck with questionnaire and with your project. Merlin
  6. On another note Lindy240, I think accusing Loz89 of working for Dr Rastogi and "scouting" for Dr Rastogi's reviews was quite out of line. It is particularly an odd thing to say because it is exactly what you have done. For example this particular thread was started and finished in 2012, in order for you to find it you must have done a search for Dr Rastogi and Dr Liew, from that you decided to resurrect this thread in order for you to make your comments. But Loz89 has not done that. Because you replied to the old post means that this thread became active again, and appeared in the 'ne
  7. Hi Lindy Sorry you are so unhappy with your breasts. Do you know that it's not actually the implants that are firm? The firm feeling is due to the shell around the implant, this shell is what helps the implant adhere so well to the chest wall. Over time the shell comes away from the implant and integrates with the surrounding chest tissue creating a netting around the implant, which continues to hold it in place. During this process the implant becomes softer and softer, and once the process is complete the implant is just as soft as other textured implants - although it will neve
  8. Thanks for starting this off again Kazza, good to hear how everyone's going! I haven't booked my 3 months follow up yet, but will soon. Have been putting it off because my boobs still haven't changed since 10 days post-op. But the appointment will be good because it should help me understand why. I emailed them photos and Dr Rastogi says it is taking me longer than most, possibly because my muscles still haven't relaxed or because I have a smallish distance from nipple to crease, it may be that I need to wait for that area to stretch a bit more so that the implant can settle into place. Any
  9. Hi Ottie I am 3 months post-op now and had my BA with Dr Rastogi, I also had 420 Polytech hi profile. My breast width is about 14cm. I am about 170cm tall and weigh about 57kg, I started as an A cup and now look like a full C cup. My bra size is now 14D. So my guess is that you will end up looking like a D cup but may take a bigger bra size. Feel free to send me a friend request if you'd like to see my photos : )
  10. Dear Kazza There's not much to say that others haven't already said, and it warms my heart that people on this forum have flocked around you to give you the love and support you need at this time - how beautiful!! Special friendships are very rare, it's so sad that this one ended, but so wonderful that you had her in your life, and that she had you! It must have meant so much to her. There is one thing I'd like to say though, and I hope you will take it in the way it's intended. Try not to feel too harshly toward the other people in your friends life who responded to her issues in a differe
  11. Happy new year to you guys too! My birthday was on the 30th (43 years old now - how is it possible?!), so we had a night our celebrating then. So yesterday all I wanted to do was stay home, get cosy in my new pj's in bed, with my glass of champagne and my book. It made me remember years ago when new years eve was so important to me, and essential that I was out on the town with my friends, but last night I thought, my two beautiful little ones are here in bed, my wonderful husband's at home with me - why would I want to be anywhere else? It's a good feeling to feel so content and not be sear
  12. Libby, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, I really hope he makes a good and fast recovery! You have had a full-on year, I hope next year will be much better!! Sez_92, I do feel for you, when things like that happen to me I also doubt whether I'm being too sensitive or not. I'm going though something similar to you and Libby with a friend and I've decided to back right off. I guess we just have to value ourselves and believe in the fact that we are good people and deserve positive friends in our lives who appreciate who we are and the friendship we offer. In the end life is too shor
  13. Hi AlexV : ) in answer to your question there were two reasons I didn't go to Dr Miroshnik, one was because he doesn't have as much experience using Brazilians as Dr Rastogi who ONLY uses Brazilians, the other reason was that most of the photos on Dr Miroshnik's website show a lot of upper pole fullness (convex curve) whereas I was after a really natural look with a slightly concave curve to the upper pole, which Dr Rastogi specialises in. But you're right, there are heaps of positive comments on this site about Dr Miroshnik, I believe he generally does a great job and has lots of happy pati
  14. Because BA boobs don't move at all 'width' wise you need to make extra sure the bra is big enough so that they are comfortable and don't dig, whereas natural boobs can handle a slightly smaller size as they are more malleable. I am only wearing non-underwire, non-padded bras as they are very comfortable and because after a BA we don't need a good bra to give good shape - we already have good shape. Sass and Bide (like in my Avatar), Oroton and Calvin Klein make beautiful, sexy, lacy bras with no underwire. Good luck, hope you find something that doesn't dig in : )
  15. Hi Evelyn That's worrying isn't it. You would think that after 8 months with no issues you'd be in the clear. I googled your issue and came up with the following info (see below) http://www.realself.com/question/dent-in-cleavageboth-breasts1 Almost all the doctors suggest that it has occured because some muscle was released to bring the cleavage closer together. Do you know if Dr Rastogi did that for you? I know that he does it quite often (he did it for me). So that could be the cause. I know that not all doctors think it's advisable to use this technique. It seems strange that
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