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    Breast Augmentation, Dr. Richard Rahdon 350 cc overs
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    Dr. Richard Rahdon
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  1. My apologies I read wrong! My surgeon is actually richard rahdon! Sorry!!
  2. Hi i had my BA with dr. Richardson but just haven't had time to post pictures... Will try and do so soon!
  3. Goodluck!! everything will go brilliantly dont stress!! xx
  4. Hi ladies I'm at Day #4 and have changed into a seamless cotton pull over crop bra top that I got from Kmart at 2 for 12! It's super comfy but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be wearing it? My man accidentally left my 2nd post op (more comfortable one) at the hospital in Geelong which is over n hour away for me and I've been wearing the post surgical compression bra since Thursday morning! It needs a wash (I feel unsanitary) and I'm hoping I'm not doing any last damage??! My surgeon said to keep it on for 24 hours and I intend to put it straight back on when I get up tomorrow... Does anyone know if me doing this is okay? Thank you!!!! P.s where else can I buy good surgical bras in Melbourne?
  5. Hi there, I'm Day #5 post op and feel a bit like a whale... granted i really havent been doing much so naturally the extra-largeness.... i am hoping this fat feeling goes away soon enough and i'm eating properly to ensure it happens sooner rather then later! 50 grams of healthy cereal with only cranberries as a sweetener is not that fun. boo
  6. Hey ladies, So Day #4 and things seem to be going blissfully well. Hopefully it stays that way! ATM the only thing i am worried about is sitting on my arse all day and its going to get huge! I've been reading up on other people's BA and its so different person to person! I dont have a strap to hold down my girls but hopefully it'll still drop nicely... lol in other news, I have heard my first official BOOB FART. LOL.
  7. hi Deedee, I got mine done on thursday too and i have the same odd feeling in my arms but if i stretch it and move it around it gets better. Feels stiff if i dont move too much but otherwise its fine... my partner accidentally grabbed my arm and i shrieked but it was fine in the end. lol
  8. i was told 24 hours - have the same surgeon as kristy... I think i am a bit weird because I had to tear myself out of the shower... was loving it! lol
  9. Hi lovely ladies, It's all done! OMG I can't believe it! I am lucky because I sleep on my back and so slept well after my morning op... I actually slept the whole day with the help of oxycodone and apart from some general expected swelling and tightness, am feeling okay. Have also been guzzling fluid to help with water retention and drinking this miracle formula my doctor gave me to keep regular Question for u ladies, when do you start putting bio oil? I'm worried about stretch marks so I want to get onto it as soon as I can! Also I have to say that my experience with Dr. Richard Rahdon and St. John of gods hospital has been amazing. If you live in Melbourne or Geelong I highly recommend him! Now fingers crossed for a good recovery and no cc. Good luck to everyone else lined up for surgery this month!
  10. Sorry chiming in a little late but hopefully everything went swimmingly and you're tucked up resting with a gigantic gorgeous rack!
  11. Ok freaking out a little.... I can't rem what time I have to start fasting from and does that include water???? I've got post op bras, jumper, extra pillow for car ride neck pillow and lollies... What else do I need???
  12. Just bumping this thread up! has anyone heard of cityskin at kew or armadale? They've got good reviews on womo: http://www.womo.com.au/reviews/Cityskin-com-au-Armadale/2# and their prices seem reasonable?
  13. My surgeon emailed me back this morning saying unlikely as the implants sit behind my breast tissue.... So hopefully that is right ;( I'm still worrying
  14. Hey ladies, Quick question, will I be able to breast feed after my over the muscle BA? I'm thinking we might have kids in the 4 years and would like to BF.... I was so excitable at consult I forgot to ask and my surgery is this Thursday! Thanks!
  15. Thanks girls - you guys are all so sweet. I have heard some really inconsiderate people tell me its just a dog and I really just want to throw something sharp at them. Its been a really difficult week and ive been doing odd things like eating his fav food... green apples and carrots namely.. but everytime i see his picture i go to pieces. He was a beautiful boy and will sorely missed. Have taken your advice and will postpone his tribute to 6 weeks after just to make sure there is the all clear. new boobs and new ink soon. omg new boobs in... 2 days. EEKS!
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