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  1. Hi everyone, I am nearly fourteen days post op and my friend (who is a burns nurse) gave me some cica care silicone sheets to use on my scar to aid with healing. I'm not sure when I should start using them though? At my checkup last week Dr Harwood gave me the all clear to start using bio oil on them and they don't seem to be open - so should I wait for a few weeks or can I begin straight away? I want to do anything to minimise scaring because I scar pretty bad. Does it make a difference that I have dissolvable stitches because the instructions say not to use on stitches (removable ones). Any advice? How long have you guys waited to start scar therapy? And do the silicone sheets really help? Thank you!
  2. I know! I still can't quite believe it, especially when he refused any payment for the second op. I am going to take the office a bunch of flowers for my check up on thursday, the least I could do!
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first post but I just had to let everyone know the fantastic experience I had with Dr Harwood. I saw Dr Harwood for a BA to give me some boobs due to my underdevelopment in puberty because I had suffered an eating disorder which is (thankfully) in the past but left me with absolutely no breasts to speak of. The only bras I could fit into were training bras and ones with tweetie bird on them! Needless to say a lot of trips to buy bras ended in tears. I decided enough was enough, and booked a consult with Dr Harwood. He was the most understanding, kind, respectful dr I have ever met and listened to my concerns and fears and what I would like to have done - I only wanted to be a B cup, look totally natural, just have some boobs to put into a bra and allow me to feel like a woman! He listened and we decided that because I am still small and wanted to look as natural as possible then 185cc under the muscle would be the best and give me the B cup I wanted. Surgery was only two weeks later, and I cannot fault anything that he nor his nurses and staff did - they were perfect and so kind and understanding and lovely! Anyway, things were great and I healed really well but three weeks after I had to go by a bra (no wire) to wear to work and the only bras I could find that fit were A cups. I was devastated and cried and cried - I had spent nearly 10000 and was still small chested and couldn't find a bra to fit. I rang dr Harwood who listened to me sob on the phone and told me to come in the next day monday for an appointment. At the appointment he said that he could see how devastated I was and said he would replace the implants FOR FREE for bigger ones because he had promised me a b cup result and unfortunately did not achieve that. I had a revision the next day and again could not fault his bedside manner nor care. He is a true gentleman and would not accept any payment I offered for his time or new implants. He held my hand while I went to sleep and acted like a father the whole time. please, if you are tossing up between surgeons in Brisbane DO NOT hesitate to go with Dr Harwood because he really is the best out there. I am so grateful for his compassion and care, and my self esteem has soared thanks to his kindness! AND MY BOOBS LOOK PERFECT!
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