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  1. Hello!!! Im a bit late to the convo but I had my BL and BA and TT on 26th August. Im 4 weeks Po and having so many sutures spit out, so worried about it getting infected and infecting the implant. Anyone else getting the disolvable stitches coming to the surface??
  2. I wanted to have a BL and BA with Dr Boonchai and he said to postpone to Dec 2015 instead of June because I have weaned my daughter in Nov 2014. How long did everyone else wean for before having their BA?
  3. haha we are opposite, my priority is my tummy! My tummy is so bad I look pretty fat even under clothes and I have abs underneath the skin! On the sides you can see my obliques etc so the skin is really hindering my progress with my tummy and weight loss. Its incredibly frustrating to put in so much effort and not have much to show for it. My boobs are deflated too though but I can hide them pretty good with bras (even though they slip out of most bras since theyre almost just skin). My ultimate goal is to wear a bikini again. My fav part of my body prior to the twins was my tummy so it upsets me so much is so destroyed. I havent heard back from PIAC yet, she asked me when my last breastfeed was but hasnt gotten back to me with Dr Boonchais yes or no or whatever.
  4. Anyone had a TT with Dr Boonchai??
  5. I think im looking at going with Dr Boonchai in June next year. Ill be having a TT, and maybe a BL and BA. Im planning on going through PIac directly. Not sure about finances tho!
  6. I think I am looking towards Dr Boonchai
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