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    345cc Brazilian tear drop mod profile unders, width 12.8 height 12.8 projection 4.6
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    Dr D Fleming 31st october 2013
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    169cm 58kg 10AA
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    my family is my life

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  1. i got tear drop and i am 172cm weighed 56kg when i got them so i am slim and had no boobs, just nipples, 2 years on they wobble when i walk and i love it, they are soft and squishy, it took a good 12mths to get their but each month they got better, i understand they are not for everyone but people need to hear good things along with the bad and make there own minds up, the risks for cap etc on textured and smooth is a higher rate than braziliand and for me that was what made my mind up, i no a few other ladies who are over the moon also with dr flemings work. JUST SAYING, THERE ARE HORROR STORIES NO MATTER WHAT YOU DECIDE BUT THERE IS ALSO GREAT STORIES TO
  2. hi girls, i was horrified reading this and all that some of you have been through, i am a dr fleming patient and have tear drop brazilians and absolutely looooovvvveeee them, mine are 2 yrs old since oct 31st 2015, he was an amazing surgeon and i was up cooking dinner the night of my surgery, i was driving within 4 days, my boobs look and feel natural and i have not had any problems, i can highly recommend him from my personal experience, he has also done a few friends now to, we healed superfast and very little bruising, the first night i had a painkiller after that just panadol, me and hubby are estatic with the results, dr fleming changed my life, so much more confidence and love it when i look in the mirror. so not everyone who gets brazilians has bad results
  3. Def do the 285cc remember you lose a little going under muscle. I think round 25cc he suggested 325cc for me and I chose 345cc so glad I did. What are yr stats hun mine are 169cm 59kg wear a size 8/10 top. I was a 12a bra and now a 12e.
  4. I was 12a now 12e or 10f I got 345cc mod profile tear drop furries love them
  5. Hi my furries were done in october last year. They didnt really get bigger they just took more shape over time. Mine are really soft already. I love them. I was driving and doing normal duties with care 2 days after op.
  6. libby1


    I have 345cc brazilian tear drop and my stats are same as yours. Love them
  7. I got tear drops last october. Love them to death. Dr fleming did my furries, set price includes hospital and all consults pre op and post op $12000. Brisbane. He is the brazilian king.
  8. Hi I got furries 350cc last october and are soft and giggle when I walk. Love them
  9. I am 169cm and 57kg I got 350cc and love them. Im a 12dd but look more like a c or d cup. I was flat a pancake after breast feeding.
  10. Did u remove your photos. I went to double check but they have gone.
  11. Seriously. I thought they looked great hun.
  12. Aussiechick you are getting same as I got except I got mod profiles. Youve picked a great surgeon good luck hun.
  13. libby1


    It's sad your feeling like this ladies. I did get boobie blues but found staying away from posts about bignimplants helped. Im happy now with how I look. Yes they do get lost in some clothes but others enhance them so win win. I can't afford to do them again anyway haha I have to be happy..
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