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  1. Jack I went ahead with my surgery with Mark and he was amazing. And I am so happy with my results. Please don't let that stop you from having a further appointment with him. He is brilliant :-)
  2. I have 450cc natrelle tear drops and love them, no issues with rotation here either
  3. I had my BA done 4 months after i finished breast feeding. My surgeon said it was fine as long as my milk had all dried up and i felt as though my boobs were back to normal. I know a few girls on here who have had them done well before 6 months and no issues either. There are a few girls though that have said the same thing as you about being made to sign a waiver with PIAC and then had to back out at the last minute.
  4. Im going to sounds like a nana too. Solariums are being banned because they kill people. Fastest way to get skin cancer. Stay away from them. go get a spray tan and just cover ur incision with some thin tape. Solariums will also damage your incisions
  5. I have pretty similar stats 170cms, 64kgs and started as a 12B. I got the natrelle 410 teardrop. i have 425cc in one side and 450cc in the other side and one is XHP and the other is HP due to the same thing as you being uneven and creases different. My dr also said if i went much bigger the double bubble risk would be there. Feel free to check out my before and afters. Im really happy with what i went with
  6. I heard that the become a lot more saggy and deflated from my surgeon from being stretched. And severity can depend on time the implants have been in for.
  7. Ill send you a FR so you can see mine. Im 170cms 64kgs and a 12DD
  8. Great news hun, glad it all went well and SCORE on the 2 new ones! Heres hoping these ones are problem free for you and for a speeding recovery! xx
  9. tll11

    what the??

    Sounds so similar to what ive been having with my right boob. I saw my surgeon a week ago and was told its most likely the implant pocket has lost adhesion to the rib wall and the 2 are rubbing together. Was also told it may or may not repair itself and if not its something I will jist get used to? Your only early days though do it could even be just excess fluid
  10. I have natrelle 410s and love love love them. your welcome to have a look at my before and afters, just send through a FR if you want to see them.
  11. No i havent heard of this either. Very strange ur normally given oral medication to have when you leave the hospital. My canula came out about an hour after i woke up from the GA.
  12. I just wore denim shorts and a button up top that was the next size up so it was nice and loose. It was perfect and comfy but didnt look like a bum haha
  13. Im not allowed any push up bras or anything with underwire until 6 months post op but i know other are allowed what ever from very early on. If your really concerned maybe shoot ur PS an email and ask him if a few hours would be ok.
  14. Ive heard the same about soy too. Although most things I have heard have been about babies having soy milk and how its been linked to homosexuality later in life because of the estrogen being so high. It certainly was the xase with my brother, soy milk formila as a baby and he is gay now. If it were me I would find another alternative
  15. Im the same, i dont scream it out to the world but most of my friends and family know and if someone asks me i tell them the truth - i am proud of my boobs now!
  16. Yep! My sister is a photographer and have done a few shoots with her and her team. Its good fun just go in with an open mind and be prepared to laugh and laugh. If its after lunch maybe have a little drink to take the anxiety edge off but you prob wont need it. Lap up being pampered if ur getting ur hair and make up done too! My next shoot is going to be a boudoir shoot in a few months once my boobs have settled and ive tonned up a bit more and will be my husbands anniversary present
  17. Im only 10 weeks post op but I dont wear one to bed. I find it really uncomfortable and surgeon said I dont need to either.
  18. I was the total opposite to the other girls. Majority of my dresses and tops wouldnt fit and were tight tight and just looked silly so i bought pretty much a whole new wardrobe!
  19. I would be ringing your surgeon back and kicking up a huge stink until they get you in NOW! And i would just keep demanding until you get what you need. Being a major complication like that they should be jumping to get you in and get it fixed. Ive just had a minor complication with mine and my surgeon fit me in within days and stayed back late to see me.
  20. Hahaha Kieran we have been out for drinkies tonight to celebrate! To funny!
  21. Saw my surgeon today about the flat spot that had developed on the underside of my right boob above my scar and the issues i had been having with the feeling of the implant moving inside the pocket today. I got the good new i was hoping for! The flat spot is scar tissue that will soften and go round again in a couple more months and the moving feeling seems to be the implant pocket has un-adhered from the rib side and will either repair itself on its own or will become something so minuscule that in time i wont even notice it happening. All in all a good result and no revision surgery needed o
  22. I attacked mine with body scrub (well actually hubby did) and then what didnt come off i used a rubbing alcohol. There was still a bit left after that didnt come off but was very fadded and not really noticable and just came off after a few more days.
  23. Bahahaha Donatella! Thats hilarious!
  24. I love what boobiliscious said, if my kids were older and i had to explain to them thats the approach i would take as well. Lucky for me though my kids are 3, 2 and 6 months and dont know any different nor have they even noticed at all. Good luck
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