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  1. They will change heaps and heaps - wait at least 3 months you will love them then.
  2. Go the bigger size, I have 280 and regretted my decision straight away, back within 6 months. and love to death the size now
  3. Hi, I have Nagor and am very happy with them. Good luck
  4. Congrats to you, all the best in your recovery
  5. Confidence in an understatement in the bedroom - you and he will love them
  6. I would go bigger and maybe if a bit bigger again. Yes even though you live an active lifestyle you don't want to be like me and take to goes to get the result because you are scared. It depends on how much you have already and the result you are looking for. Go to the shop buy a an unpadded bra in the size you want to be and try out rice sizers. Also I think (not sure if everyone agrees with me) but implants measure 1 size bigger than natural. So evern though I am now a DD, I think they look like an awesome D. and from the beginning I only want to a good C - but realised that really isn't that big at all. good luck.
  7. Hi. It is not about MP, HP or XHP. You need to look at the dimensions as each brand is different. In one brand what is medium HP is XHP in another. What brand and dimensions are you looking at?
  8. Hi be honest. Try not to get emotional although that is very hard. Ask how the 9cm was determined. Say that you don't like them. My Dr was great and said you are young want you to be happy. I had to pay for hospital and anethist. But he didn't charge his fee and also paid for the new implants.
  9. Just been to my Dr, and they can stay one for 1,2,3 weeks, when they are ready to fall off then off they come.
  10. Hi All, Well I got to have the strapping off today and saw but upgraded additions and all I can say is...... I LOVE THEM...... thankyou Dr Theile and all the ladies on this forum you are the BEST. I will post up some new photos of day 5 soon.
  11. Hi, I have stri-strips over my incisions, and I will only change them with the stri-strips are ready to come off themselves, so that wouldn't be every day it will more like once a week. Hope that helps.
  12. Agree with Bec Bec, it is a personal choice. There are ladies on the forum that have had fantastic experiences and some not so good both in Australia and overseas. For me personally I need the peace of mind that if anything went wrong I could get to them without having to worry about a passport etc. What about TCI in Sydney - what are the flights like from Perth to there? I'm 7 hours drive or approx. 1 hour flight to my Dr.
  13. Hi, I just went from HP to XHP, haven't seen them fully as I'm strapped until Monday, but I love them so far. go the XHP.
  14. Hi yes it will go, mine stayed around for 8 weeks.
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