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    Breast augmentation

    BA with dr tang at TCI 1/5/14 I had 420cc XHP
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    Dr tang @ TCI 1/5/14
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    167cms tall/ 63kgs pre op: sad a-b cup/ post op: yet to be sized/ 420cc XHP
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    Waitress @ mum to 3 little girls

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  1. I am up to date with smears too. Last one was fine.
  2. They are unsure of what it is yet. I had a abnormal smear come back. Then had a scan and they found a mass with blood flow to it. They also said they can't move my cervix which is abnormal and the mass they found don't kove. So I have to have keyhole first to see what it is.
  3. They have found something wrong. Waiting on my surgery date =(
  4. Umm not really mutal. He showed no remorse for some medical conditions that has just come back from my recent Pap smear after lots of problems with my umm down there lol since having our baby 18 months ago it's painful to get intimate which didn't bother him at all if I was crying in pain or telling him it was hurting as long as he got some who cares. There's alot more to it but don't really want to go I to detail in such a public space. We have been on a break for 2 weeks, he's been staying with his aunt but she has said he has another week there and he has to stand on his own 2 feet. In regards to that he pretty much gave me a ultimatum that he cOmes back home or gets his self a rental and if it's the last one then we are done because it's to long apart to work things out. We have relationship counciling next week
  5. I'll be posting in here in the distant future. Me and the fiancé have split now I'm left with a mortgage and 3 kids yay for me!!! WI'll be a long time before I even think about being on the dating scene but t I bet I'll be posting all my let downs with you girls. Xxx
  6. Havnt you spoke about getting breast implants? I must have been reading that from someone else
  7. How are you going chiwee? Your grand father asked me the other week how you were but I hadn't spoke to you and I have lost your number. Was going to text you. Any updated photos? Your grand dad is a charmer hey hahaha
  8. Funny you say that yes please as I was with Dr tang and mine still sit very high they have dropped a lot but they still look like bolt one unless I stand a certain way
  9. I had nothing before my BA. Also didn't go the biggest I could. I could of went up to 500cc
  10. I had nothing before my BA. Also didn't go the biggest I could. I could of went up to 500cc
  11. I have posted photos finally 6 months on and I'm happy lol. Wish I went bigger though
  12. Ok so most of you would know I hated my boobs hated how perky they were and so much upper pile fullness. Well I have had most of the daytime of work all week so I have been wearing no crop or bra all day with my strap a awesome chick on here sent over to me and guess what I can now say I HAVE FINALLY AFTER 6 months dropped woooooohoooo. I now LOVE the shape of my babies just still to small haha about to upload some photos omg I am still excited haha. I'll always be taking photos now.
  13. I never wear a bra unless I want a little nipple coverage lol I really want my boobs to sag not liking the bolt on look at all and which I asked and paid extra for anatomicals
  14. Just wondering if any of you girls wear the pin up style bandanas? I started wearing one for canteen day and now I'm unsure of how it looks lol any girls have photos of theirselves with a bandana on? Xx
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