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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Val, 25th February 2014
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    h 165cm, w 50kgs, 12B
  1. Hi ladies Im booked in for surgery on the 25th with Dr Val, TCI. Best of luck to everyone and happy healing to those already on the other side :)
  2. hi girls, im booked in for 25/2/14 at TCI with dr val, soo excited counting down the days, im staying in Sydney for 2 days after my Op at the meriton apartments.
  3. Im so sorry for your loss Thoughts are with you and your family
  4. Oh thank you so much! Ill have to give it a go, my mum is the same, she stopped eating dairy products and hers went sway she also has a allergy to latex. Yeh its hard to find a product that isnt so oily so thats stuff sounds great!! Thanks again for your help On an unrelated topic - we are very close BA gals haha Im booked in for the 25th Feb with Dr Val!! Its getting closerr :)
  5. hello helpful hunnys im just posting a thread to see if anyone else on here suffers from dermatitis on their hands? its very dry, itchy and red and is embarrassing as i am a receptionist and having to put cream on my hands all day is a bit of a pain. wondering if anyone has any ideas to get rid of this hell
  6. Thanks so much for your quick response ladies!! I dnt no If my reply worked so im doing it again) If you were to put 'available upon request' how would you go about telling you employer? I guess im just nervous at if I dnt get the job it'll be super awkward afterwards. I guess my employer knows Im not going to be there forever so the time has to come at some point.
  7. Hi everyone, So im a bit of a pickle, I have been at my current job for over 3 & 1/2 yrs now and am looking at applying for the same job in a different industry due to no interest in climbing the ladder at my current job, I really need your opinion on whether to put my current employer as a reference on my resume or what do I do.. I havent told them I am looking for a new job but I have been there for so long now and would love to move industries. Would love your opinion !!! Thanks ladies :)
  8. Oh thanks soo much! Im booked in for surgery on the 25th and having consult the day before :)
  9. So glad to see this! I am booked in with Dr Val in Feb also! So wish you all the best and so excited to see your journey! Thanks for posting!
  10. im booked in for a consult at TCI on the 24th Feb, then surgery the day after as i live in Queensland. didnt think time could go this slow haha!!
  11. thanks for that, so was that you total cost for the surgery? how come it so cheap there? did you have to wait ages for a booking?
  12. thanks RachelB, it is reassuring to hear of how many girls actually choose thailand over aus, hoping i can make a decision soon!!
  13. I have been considering a BA in thailand purely because of the price.. there is a company called the cosmetic institute in aussie which I have recently come across and now im unsure weather to brave the overseas option or not.. If you could share some advice/thoughts/experiences I would really appreciate it!!
  14. Hi ladies!! Ill be heading over to Thailand in Feb, surgery is booked for the 23rd with Dr Worapong at Bangpakok9 hospital. im actually going thru a company just to help organise everything, glad to see im not the only one madly reading these forums already haha
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