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  1. Hi guys, i had my second lot of lip fillers (restalyn) as my lips went down heaps after a week and the injector suggested putting in some Botox to turn up my lips. i was worried about them being stiff and duck-Bill like so declined. but now they have gone down again I'm thinking I might try it. does anyone know about this and perhaps care to share some photos please?
  2. I had tummy implants and lift done at once. good to get it all out of the way!
  3. my nipples looked exactly like yours. Please don't worry about them... xx i'm 14 months post op now and they look completely normal have done for ages... xx
  4. thank you gracie.d! will follow you now and have a look! talked with my doc about another surgery - he said he would need to sew a "wall" on the side of my boobs, attached to ribs to push them together and close the gap. he does it all the time, so no biggie, but it makes it more than just a quick "in and out" implant exchange...
  5. Hi guys, just digging up an old thread as we are 12 months PO! Not sure if anyone else is still around but just wanting to see how you are all feeling... I'm feeling a bit down about putting on weight - haven't been keeping up the exercise that I promised myself I would do once my muscles got "put back together" :-( Also disappointed about my belly button scar. There is no way (even if I lost weight) that I would wear a bikini due to the ring around my navel - my husband says it looks like a ringworm - NICE. Anyhow - just touching base :-)
  6. Hi girls, I'm going to see my doc about a revision (can't believe i'm saying it!). I originally asked for 460's but said I didn't want them too big so my Doc suggested 375 and they don't look any different to before! I did have a lift though as well, so they do look a little perkier... I was adamant that I wanted them natural looking but they are TOO natural with no upper pole. My main concern, and what i'm asking - has anyone had a revision with the main goal to close your gap? My doc says "my anatomy" means I have a large gap cleavage but I'm wondering if anyone has had a good result - and perhaps wouldn't mind sharing some pics and experiences? Thanks!
  7. I went with Dr Preketes for BL BA TT MR if anyone has any questions... He is awesome, but i'm thinking of going back for bigger boobs and to close my gap a little.... (can't believe i'm contemplating it!)
  8. I had it done at once, by Dr Preketes in Penrith. he was awesome, although I'm thinking I just have saggy tissue because they now look TOO natural and have dropped quite a bit 😳
  9. Hi BJC, i'm definitely not petite - i'm overweight actually :-( and that is why I was scared to go bigger than 370 as I thought big boobs would make me look rounder! Is Dr P charging you the same for a revision? Do you mind me asking what the cost is? As I got a TT and BL at the same time, i'm wondering what just straight implants would cost with him...
  10. Hi guys How long after your Tt til you could do a sit up? Or even a decent crunch? I'm 10ish weeks and there is no way I could do one...
  11. Hi girls I'm 9 weeks PO and healed well, going great. But I too am thinking of a revision!!! Argh! I put so much thought into my boobs so this drives me crazy that I might go through the anguish and expense again. I'm on no hurry, will enjoy them like this for a year or 2, but sometimes I look in the mirror and think there's no difference! I didn't want the 'bolt on' look, wanted them natural and now I think perhaps they are TOO natural looking. With not much upper pole fullness. Are we never happy??? They are a million times better, and I do like them - but I have that ^ space happening too, without the nice gap in the cleavage. When I asked Dr P about it he said that it was my anatomy - do you think that's true? When I first saw him I said I wanted 460 size but he said that was too big (if I didn't want the big obvious look) and we went with 370... Bummer hey...
  12. Hi trouble I'm really itchy too Skin is so dry - it's all part of healing I guess. My doc says to use sorbeline cream which really helps.
  13. Jaddles did that happen straight away or take time to go back to normal? Bigbooty I've been wondering the exact same...
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