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  1. Ok so me and my partner want to watch porn together but I'm very jealous and dont know if I can watch it with him am I totally in the wrong here shud I just let it go and enjoy?.. Mind u that is easier said then done.
  2. I had surgery in December and ha ve just starting using some weights nothing big just 3 kg dumbells and just noticing a little numbness and faint pain around where the implant is i will take it easy though! And my nipples are still numb and there is no sensitivity at all in them is this normal too? I had surgery on the10th December so it's been a while?
  3. How much does it cost to get a good nose job by a good plastics surgeon? I want to get one done but have no idea what the price is or if it's even affordable.
  4. ok the only problem I have with you is that you're not speaking up to your friend! You should have the guts to say this to your mate because I don't think she is aware you feel so angry at her because she is pretty fucked up herself lol so to make things better you have to tell her what you just told us regardless of her feelings or you will have resentment towards her and it will ruin whatever friendship you have left . You should be able to tell her things like this cause youse are friends. I hate people that don't speak up especially when they're pissed about something she can't read your mind and is a bit of a mess you need to remind her of your feelings too and if they don't matter to her then maybe you need a new friend sorry to be blunt but I had a friend once that didn't speak up and would tell everybody else her problems towards me instead of me so now we aren't friends and I knew her since I was 14.
  5. Wow an E cup that's awesome I am about 4 weeks post op and at first I thought they looked a bit too small but now I'm thinking hey they look a bit too big ha ha can't win no but mine are starting to drop and fluff out slightly still have a long way to go I hope mine don't get any bigger now cause I'm happy with the size my boob greed is gone and over the Xmas period I have put on a lot of weight so that might be why they look too big as well I'm going to hit the gym and work on that in a month or so and hopefully I will be just right when I'm happier with my weight
  6. I have a couple of pics of my new boobs and also a picture of my left incision it's a bit red but no puss is coming out should I be worried ?
  7. Yeah your so right I will be happy even with a d and will defs have a look at some pre op pictures to bring me up lol thanks libby1
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that inde12 and I'm not trying to sound insensitive but everything happens for a reason and that spirit may come back to you another time cause it's just not ready yet ,that's what I believe .I can understand your pain and I wouldn't want to collect it either surely they can do other tests without you having to do that, my thoughts are with you and prayers xx lots of hugs xox be strong.
  9. I'm sorry for you're loss and hers I am from a side of the tracks and lost my 24 year old sister to the beast 6 years ago and I have been clean now for 4 years with 3 children , reading this story made me want to cry because life can literally go down the toilet that quickly it happened to me but I got out of it somehow. I understand why you don't want to go and I am with you 100% say your final goodbye your own way. She had a tragic ending and that's always so hard to live with I pray for my sister often I wasn't a big help for her because I was going down my own toilet when she died I am almost the one blame. At least you were there for her and didn't turn your back as most so called family and friends do especially when you need them the most. Your story couldn't have been at a more perfect time for me because the past 2 weeks or so I have been having waves of addiction coming back to me in my dreams and my day to day thinking, I don't want to think these thoughts but they're trying to get me to give in to old habits which I can't and won't let happen and you're story is just another reason to stay strong and not to ever look back. Once again I'm sorry for her struggle and your loss.
  10. I was a very deflated a cup so not much tissue at all ,copperhead I'm nearly 4 weeks post op and needing a revision phew that gives me hope thank you ladies cheering me up.
  11. Hi ladies I wanted to know what your opinion was about what size I will end up with, I started with a very flat AA cup and empty from breast feeding and had 520cc high profile textured implants under the muscle, what's your thoughts on what size will I end up with? I have seen ladies on here get way less cc's and end up with e cups, but at the moment my breasts look like they're barely going to make it into a D cup size . Donatella said they get bigger when they drop n fluff so I hope I can get to a DD cup bra I think I'll cry if I can't
  12. No I'm not worried just want to know when they will feel like real tits instead of semi hard lumps lol I want to be able to jiggle them I hope it doesn't take longer then 3 months
  13. i'm kind of joking but partly serious i only got 520cc lol and really wanted 550cc but was pushing it for 520cc i am happy but wish they were alittle fuller i cant wait until they drop n fluff so they look abit bigger and softer sorry for sooking lol
  14. ok i'm 3weeks post op and i got textured implants 520cc in both breasts they are softer then when i came out of surgery but they r still kinda hard why are they hard anyway?
  15. im 3weeks post op i had 520cc in both breasts and after a week of rest i started to pik up my little boys (2&1) and lift my arms up to hang out washing and ive been doin more things then i probably should but im feeling ok and my boobs r going really good
  16. im nearly 3weeks post op and i have given up on it. is that ok?
  17. I am about 2 weeks post op and my breasts have dropped slightly but are still very high and I wanted to know exactly the same question I got textured high profile 520cc under the muscle and they are a little bit hard I wanted to get smooth but my surgeon didn't use them because smooth can cause cc, but they are softer then the textured bit bummed there but I really hope they do soften a lot more then they have. settle babies settle .
  18. Hi ladies, I want to my local Gp today for my 1 week post op appointment and all is well and the Dr said that my incisions are healing up nicely and I should be very pleased and I am but when I went in to see the nurse to get her to re-dress new dressings she didn't clean my incisions with any of the stuff that was provided by my surgeon or any thing else for that matter the nurse also didn't put the steristrips on and just put on a regular cotton strip on my incisions so I dont think I can get them wet at all? Should the nurse have cleaned my incision ? She explained to me why she didn't do it but I think she should have cleaned it with the antiseptic stuff I was given. I think Im going to get my partner to do it again tonight after my shower and clean the incisions and re-dress them in the water proof steristrip just to make sure it keeps heeling well. But if anyone knows if maybe she did do the right thing and is trying to let the wound air out? hhhmmm not sure what to think.
  19. Hi I had my surgery through The cosmetic institute in Sydney and they are amazing! My surgeon was Dr Peter Val and he is just terrific I love what he has done for me. I am about 6 days post op I was going to go to Thailand but seen advertisements for TCI and couldn't go to Thailand after , there are so many things that could go wrong in Thailand why take the risk when you can get it done here for the same price and in a safer environment and I didn't know that you can't even drink the water over in Thailand so I dont know how clean the hospitals will be. I am so happy with my results Im still in a air bit of pain but that's normal cause I got a bigger implant. I also am in love with Dr Val ha ha ha he was awesome and so professional and very polite and made me feel good about myself and comfortable with him. All the staff are lovely and make the whole experience even more settling by being so friendly and talkative. I am very impressed to think that I have had a breast augmentation by an amazing surgeon in an accredited facility in Australia for only $6125. I cannot believe my results they are awesome. I am so grateful to Dr Peter Val for the great job he did on my boobs he he Thank you TCI Im one happy customer and there are so many others! Do not go to Thailand when you could go to the TCI! Best of luck
  20. Ha ha ha no you're not a loser honey!!!! I can totally see where you're coming from I would be a tad jealous too and literally 2 seconds before I read this post I looked down at my sore bigger boobs and thought "I don't know if they're big anough " lol I have no idea what they are going to look like and I have had a few discussions with my partner and he has said on two occasions that they're not very big and that they are only going to get smaller! On both occasions I have totally flipped out and said that I have went against the Dr's recommendations just to be this big and it's still not good enough rrrggghh!! he has apoligised but still he shouldn't have said that. I am in lots of pain and all he can do is be un-greateful about how big they are and I got as big as I could 520cc each so not tiny implants! anyways I guess all Im saying is that is normal to feel small and not happy i suppose . But Im glad that they're not too big as I don't like to draw too much attention to myself from the wrong kinds of people ie perverts.
  21. I 100% agree with grimas13 I know its a very personal thing but 270cc and 250cc is very very small. It might also be what you want to achieve so its hard to give you my opinion without sounding a bit rude they are very small implants. I went quite large though with 520cc implants in both breast and that is probably too large for most girls so of course I would recommend at least going 320cc or something in the 300cc range for a fuller but more natural look that doesn't look fake. 250cc is vey tiny hun but if you want that look by all means go for it but dooo remember that 300cc is kinda small too so it wouldn't hurt going that little bit extra. sorry if I sound rude Im not trying to be at all and hope you make the right decision that's best for you. good luck
  22. HA ha ha that makes perfect sense but the thought of it like that is even more ouch !lol ok so 7-10 days for the pain to be much better , I can't wait till then and I'll go to my GP and get some muscle relaxants too thanks Donatella and ladies its good to have some advice from real people instead of pieces of paper.
  23. I had my surgery on Tuesday and had 520cc implants put in and Im still very much in pain and so tight I have read a lot of posts about women not getting any pain at all and I am totally in pain Im sick in the stomach from all the paracetamol Should I go to the doctors for something a little stronger because my endone has run out and my codene with paracetamol has run out too?? Has anyone else experienced this much discomfort ? I think I already asked this question though,sorry just feeling like a sook in pain.
  24. Hi I just had 520cc put in yesterday Im huge tight and sore but very very happy Dr Val was my surgeon and am so thankful to him he was a great doctor and has done an amazing job although he didnt want me to go higher than 460cc I chose to go to 520cc because thats what I wanted he explained to me that there could be higher risks of complications and I still chose to go ahead with it. I think 520cc is a great size hun you will love it. nice and big.
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